Salmon in the Air Fryer

You can never go wrong cooking your Salmon in the Air Fryer. Keeps it so healthy, and seals in the flavors‼️
I put it in skin side down, season it and cook on 400 for 10 minutes. Turn it over and remove the skin add some more seasoning and cook again on 400 for another 8 minutes.dn8ak2n3k6yt.jpeg


  • ehju0901
    ehju0901 Posts: 350 Member
    Thanks! I was going to look up a recipe eventually to try this!
  • Lhenderson923
    Lhenderson923 Posts: 102 Member
    This looks great! I've been trying to eat salmon once a week and needed a new recipe.
  • perryc05
    perryc05 Posts: 203 Member
    Nice. The skin is good if you can crisp it up. It's like a chip. Airfriers do that well!