Water Intake App

Does anyone use a fun water intake app? I love the encouragement I get when I close my circles on my watch and get fireworks. Let me know if you have any inspiring ones. Thanks.


  • Jennliftsandspins
    Jennliftsandspins Posts: 150 Member
    I used to use Daily Water - Drink Reminder. It would make a satisfying little sound to remind and glugglug noises and has glasses on the screen that fill up. You can customize the times, amounts etc.

    I found I wasn’t using it much though. I’m a good water drinker so I didn’t need it.
  • Chanlon67
    Chanlon67 Posts: 31 Member
    Thank you.
  • I Use Water Reminder in the App Store. I wish MFP would incorporate this feature as to have one app to track both
  • Lhenderson923
    Lhenderson923 Posts: 102 Member
    Plant nanny!
  • LaBellaHarris
    LaBellaHarris Posts: 63 Member
    I like Water Llama! You can track hydration through things other than water (including getting negatives for drinking alcohol!), and the little animal icons you can collect are cute.