Weight loss

I’ve been trying to loose weight my entire life, I know everything about dieting, best foods to eat… all of it. I’m tired mentally, emotionally and physically. I had a nutritionist but she gave up on me, I’m pre-diabetic, there is always a health issue, I start great in the morning but by evening forget what I started and eat whatever I want. My family are tired too, sometimes it feel like I’m the one responsible for everyone’s diet in the house.
I need help.


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    I agree with the above poster. Therapy may help significantly for you. There are some that are well trained in diet and food issues. It is true that it is up to you. Not your nutritionist or your family. They can be there for support, but in the end it is about the decisions that you make. Remember that it is less about motivation (which can be super helpful to get started, but comes and goes), and more about discipline and dedication. You absolutely can do it!
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    You are in control... so take control. As you said, you know what to do and what to eat. How can you "forget" that in the evening. You just don't want to do what you know you should do. The first step in succeeding at anything is to own that you put yourself where you are.
    Myself? I understand how a young person under 30 has a lot to learn about calorie counting and dieting.. because many of them never had to think about weight gain. But.. as we get older.that excuse of "what's happening?" doesn't fly.
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    Hey S Murray, you sound like me.
    one amazing thing I have done for myself, is I just get my own food. I get what I eat, anyone else in my life can feed themselves.

    It surprised me how much of my eating came from feeding others; and how tired I was feeding others.

    I'm diabetic, and gone low carb, so that means high fat which is hard for everyone, including the doctors, to get their heads around. But high carb low fat is old science. High fat low carb is really helping me.
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    Is it possible you are making too many changes at once and it’s causing you to get overwhelmed? I’d suggest starting a little slower. Instead of worrying about your calorie target, just focus on tracking everything for the first week. Even if you have to guess at some items and even if you are consistently over the calorie goal on MyFitnessPal. Just track.

    Then after a week of tracking, focus on one small change for the next week. Nothing drastic. Just one small change each week until it gets easier for you. You pick the change each week that you want to make. Always small changes.

    It seems like tracking calories in an app should be simple, but that doesn’t make it easy. Change is hard. Changing too much at once is really hard.
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    What about rounding up the troops and getting everyone on board with eating healthier, prepping meals together, or at least sitting down with them to discuss the matter? Dh makes his own food because we eat so differently. If I ate what he did, I'd weigh 400 and be so unhealthy. :( It's entirely his choice what he eats, I don't go there with him because I know he won't budge(I've tried). So I worry about what I put in my own mouth and he does his own thing. Do you have children still in the house you have to feed? Are they capable of joining you in this adventure and you can support each other?

    Figure those 2 things out first. There is no written rule that says YOU need to be the only cook in the house. :) And if there is(at least in your house) then you have every right to cook what you want to cook and leave it up to them whether to eat it or not. Don't use it as an excuse to not eat healthier for yourself. I know, easier said than done. :/

    I graze a lot but when I do eat a meal, I pile on the veggies, green salads, that sort of thing. Then I think protein, mostly lean protein, nonfat yogurt, eggs. Very few grains(especially white starchy sort of things because I could eat my weight in noodles and breads) but I do like spinach wraps and oatmeal. Some fruits when they're in season and actually taste like what they're supposed to taste like. :/

    Just some thoughts I had. :) Be kind to yourself. This is the only body you'll ever have, it's up to you to take care of it. It can be tiring, mostly mentally for me. If I find myself focused on it for too long, it drains me. Make a simple plan to start, IMO it's easier to not stray and give up the ship. And don't be afraid to ask for your family's support, just maybe they'd be more than willing to help you!!

    ETA: Last thing....the best thing that works for me is the logging in of calories every day. If I get too far off that, I find myself doing the gain/lose pendulum swing again. :(
    It's not an easy thing but it's simple mathematics. Just find the way that works best for you and fits in with your lifestyle. Good luck!!
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    I also find that if I write out daily goals, I do better. There is a thread “Just for Today” in the support motivation section where I record it. Then the next day I come back and indicate how I did with a :smiley: or a :(.

    They are usually simple things, but include some things that easily get away from me like a night cap (or 3) and going to bed at a reasonable hour. Here is an example:

    JFT Wednesday
    - Up by 6:30 :smiley:
    - Weigh :smiley:
    - Work by 8:00 :(
    - Meeting/work stuff :smiley:
    - Home by 4:30
    - Log food
    - Stay within calories
    - No alcohol
    - Ride Peleton aka “damn bike”
    - No snacks after 8:00
    - Bed by 11:30

    Really nothing too fancy, but after a bad day at work, I often want to drown my sorrows. If I wrote down that I won’t, I have to make a conscious decision to alter my plans. There are also days, date nights, where I will simply plan on logging food, but not set a calorie goal and not limit drinking. I use the data to understand a blip on the scale. That isn’ta bad thing, but is something I decided to do. Being aware of our choices and mindful of the plan is important for me.

    I’ll tell you now, if I hadn’t committed to myself to ride the bike tonight and not to drink, I’d crash on the couch, turn on the TV, and have a beer. Instead I will most likely ride because I told myself I would. I’m only really accountable to me, but there is a support structure on the JFT thread.
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    Here are some tips to lose weight.
    Do not skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast will not help you lose weight.
    Eat regular meals.
    Eat plenty of fruit and veg.
    Get more active.
    Drink plenty of water.
    Eat high fiber foods.
    Read food labels.
    Use a smaller plate.
    Do regular exercise and yoga. They play a major role in our lives to stay healthy and fit.
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    You can do this tweak what your eating I am not dieting but I have cut down in my portion size and and added more fruit and protein in my diet and make sure I walk each day and exercise regularly, you can do this add me if you want.
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    My goodness there is a lot of wisdom posted here! Thanks to everyone that took the time to write such thoughtful and helpful replies. 😊 I hope OP benefits as much as I have.

    Small, sustainable changes are the way to go as long as you stay patient & don't get fed up with the pace or occasional plateau. That can be an issue for me since I have so much to lose, but I remind myself that a year from now will still happen (God willing) and I can be in a much better place or still bouncing around, wringing my hands, like I have for literally decades already.

    I agree small changes help as it's a life on going plan to be healthier.
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    Thank you all for all the wonderful support and wisdom, I am still trying to loose weight. I appreciate the advice on therapy (might be the way) My last child is about to leave the house (Joining the army) so it will just be my husband and I.
    I have had to change my diet drastically because I have become gluten intolerant, I'm not celiac but I will get awful diarrhea if I slip up. Having made this discovery the swelling and pain in my tummy has gone away (Unless I slip up). My husband and I are going to try smaller portions, long walks (While the the weather is good) and earlier nights.
    I look forward to your messages and I will post our result.

    Glad you're still here 4 months later, and have figured out one issue (gluten). Baby steps get us to our goals!