Hi, was wondering what peoples go to breakfasts are? Need some inspiration 🥰


  • snowflake954
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    My favorites are overnite oats or coconut banana cranberry pancakes w forest fruits (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, etc). I make these pancakes, freeze them, and warm up 2 in the microwave with the frozen fruit.
  • boilerdawg2009
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    Bowl of cereal, smoothie and coffee
  • Walkywalkerson
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    I usually have eggs for breakfast because they full me up.
    Sometimes I'll have porridge with almonds and fruit or greek yoghurt with almonds and fruit but I'm hungry shortly after.
    Sometimes I have dinner leftovers - who says you have to eat 'breakfast foods' 😊
  • Lhenderson923
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    Either eggs or oatmeal! This morning was three eggs, with potato, cheese, orange pepper, onion, and avocado with a sausage patty on the side.
  • LiveOnceBeHappy
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    I'm boring. I eat 1/2 cup oatmeal cooked with water and 80-ish grams of blueberries and 1 tsp of sugar in it. Every. Single. Day! Oh, and coffee with 1 tsp of sugar. Good for fiber, filling, good for cholesterol, easy.
  • lmgoff232
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    I have a couple favorites for breakfast, both with plenty of coffee, lol. One is a breakfast sandwich - high fiber english muffin, steamed egg, slice of ham, and slice of cheese (about 260 calories). The other is a mini bagel, with a bit of cream cheese and some smoked salmon (about 240 calories). Both fill me up and have the right ratio of carbs-fat-protein to keep me sustained until lunch.
  • cwolfman13
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    During the work week pretty much Coach's Oats with some sliced strawberries and two hard boiled eggs (when it's warmer, like late spring and summer I often do a green smoothie in lieu of the oats). My mornings are pretty busy so I make 10 boiled eggs in my Instapot on Sunday and nuke my Coach's Oats in the morning and pack them up along with my lunch and snacks and off to work I go and I eat breakfast at my desk.

    On Saturday, I almost always make myself a toasted English muffin sandwich with a fried egg, sliced ham, and swiss cheese and cantaloupe on the side. Sunday is for "Sunday Breakfast"...basically a family sit down at the table breakfast and it just depends. Could be eggs, potatoes, and bacon (or sausage) or waffles or pancakes or whatever...followed by a nice family walk and then I'm off to yoga around 11.
  • AnnPT77
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    Maybe check out this thread, if you haven't already:

    Seventeen pages of people saying what they had for breakfast (mine is in there). 🙂

    Keep in mind that you needn't stick with "breakfast food" at breakfast. You can eat leftovers, or foods more commonly eaten at other meals.

    If you need make-ahead things, overnight oats, breakfast burritos, and egg muffins (really mini-quiches without crust) are some good options, lots of recipes on the web. The latter two can be made ahead, frozen, zapped in the microwave in the AM as a time-saver.
  • emmamcgarity
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    On work days I pack a variety of items in my lunch bag to eat at my desk. I find it hard to eat breakfast at home very early before work. I generally pack a piece of fruit (usually banana), a boiled egg, a yogurt cup, a string cheese, and a granola bar. I don’t eat it all in one sitting, and I often don’t end up eating the granola bar. It’s part of my “just in case I’m hungrier than usual” plan.

    At home in non work days, I’ll generally scramble one egg with one egg white with some mushrooms. I’ll add a fruit on the side (usually strawberries). And I’ll add a yogurt cup.

    In general, I’m looking to get 20ish or more grams of protein at each meal. And I’m also trying to include fruit or veggies and low-fat dairy throughout my day to meet my nutritional goals. I find that planning each meal around my nutritional goals early in the day helps me more easily meet those goals by the end of the day.
  • rwarren1969
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    Most of my breakfasts are toast with peanut butter, juice, tea, and fresh fruit. Up until last year, it also included a newspaper delivered to my door. [Since the home delivery got screwed up last year (partly due to construction next door and partly due to ineptitude at the newspaper), I now buy a paper at the store just 2x per week.] If I can get an avocado for under a dollar, I will treat myself to one and make avocado toast for 2-3 days.

    I will change it up by replacing the toast with muffins, Danishes, sourdough biscuits, bagels ("proper" bagels, this is Montreal after all -- with sesame seeds, not donut-shaped bread) or other pastry items. Preferably homemade, and if replaced the peanut butter will go away. If I am feeling especially daring, I'll warm up leftover pizza instead.

    Sometimes I add yogurt. I buy it once in a while, when it's got a discount sticker -- but if I eat too much of it, me and the bathroom are great friends.

    No eggs, ham, bacon, or "breakfast sausage" for me -- I gag on that stuff.

  • Rebexii
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    Thank you for all your ideas 🥰🥰 cant wait to give them all a try!

    Started with a fruit bowl with fat free Greek yoghurt 😋 was amazing!
  • mrmota70
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    M-F typically 5 oz 0% Fage, 3-5 oz fresh fruit mixed in. Grapes, mango, pineapple and when available cherries 🤤 also half oz of purely Elizabeth . I grind up some beans and brew up 20 oz of coffee. If a small croissant is laying around well he’s going down as well..
  • Idontcareyoupick
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    I must be the odd one out, but a mix of breakfast foods like pancakes, eggs and cream of wheat, but I also eat leftovers, chicken tenders, sausage links and eggrolls for breakfast.
  • The_Elephant_Man
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    2 eggs with 1 piece of turkey sausage or plain oatmeal with cinnamon and blueberries.
  • COGypsy
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    Usually it's dinner leftovers. On the off chance I don't have leftovers, I keep scrambled eggs in the freezer that I'll defrost and eat with toast or a tortilla, if I have either of those.