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  • Planks are great but can be hard at first. Maybe you need to do a bit more core work before working too hard on the planks. Maybe try bird dogs? Concentrate really hard on doing them slowly and not allowing your trunk to rotate as you extend your arm and leg. Yes, anything is better than nothing. Breaking a slight sweat…
  • I agree with the advice given by ahoy_m8. But also, unless your calorie allowance is very low, I think you may need to start looking at your food choices and what you have available to eat. I find it hard to believe that somebody could eat their entire day's calorie allowance for breakfast if they were choosing to eat,…
  • A significant unintentional weight loss is a big red flag for cancer, so she was right to check.
  • It took me ages - I mean over a year - to get my first (this time last year, as it happens). Now I can do 10 in a set and 37 if I'm pushing to max over 4 sets. Apart from what you are doing, what is your core strength like? That needs to be good. My PT had me do plenty of planks. We worked a lot on chest and tricep…
  • The straps you wear around the top of your forearm for tennis elbow pain might help you. You might also benefit from someone taking a look at your form - the lying extension is pretty easy to misjudge and then the elbow will be more prone to play up. Also, if it hurts - STOP and do something else that doesn't hurt.…
  • You've been hitting the gym, but what have you been doing in the gym? I spun my wheels in the gym for some 10 years. To change your physique you need to undertake resistance training and push for progression. I agree with the advice not to eat in a surplus. If you don't want to lose weight then as well as proper training…
  • It gives very similar readings to those taken by my watch and a wrist strap HR monitor. So I think it is reliable enough.
  • I usually wake once during the night, sometimes more frequently. And sometimes it takes an age to get to sleep. What I do not do is get up, read, make a cup of tea or whatever. If I need to get up for the bathroom I keep the lights as dim as possible and go straight back to bed. I may check the time once, but don't keep…
  • Turmeric powder??? So your legs just turn yellow instead?
  • High waisted workout leggings, sports bra, fairly slim-fit T shirt, long sleeved T shirt underneath if it's chilly, socks, Metcons.
  • Well, if you have access to a personal trainer s/he would be my first port of call. That said, burning 6k calories per week through exercise is a really tough ask. My TDEE per day is 2300. I am a 5'10" female weighing 75kg. I exercise every day. A tough weight lifting session 4 times per week for an hour (plus another 45…
  • I'm 5'10" and am slap bang in the healthy BMI range. My TDEE is currently 2300 calories even with a fairly high body fat percentage (around 33/34%), which I would like to reduce a little.
  • Sounds fine to me. I start eating around 2pm and always exercise fasted. I then tend to eat 25% of calories around 2pm, another 25% (max) around 5pm and the bulk for dinner at around 8pm.
  • Sounds like you may need a deload. I have days when I don't much feel like it but I have a programme to complete and my coach will check what I have done, so that makes me do it and I am always glad I went. But with fatigue and lack of sleep I think discretion is the better part of valour.
  • If the squat rack curlers cross breed with the equipment hoggers we are all doomed.
  • Crazy fluctuations are not unusual, especially in conjunction with any significant changes (in your case having to stop exercising for a while) so I wouldn't worry about it unless the drastic loss carries on and becomes regular. I also think 1500 is on the low side but as you're not exercising right now, and not feeling…
  • Not sure where you are but I use PhD Diet Whey. It's a bit pricey but it's easy for me to obtain and I like it.
  • Thanks for the update. All sounds positive.
  • I tried for 2 years and got nowhere. After 6 months with a PT I got my first one. Not a pretty one, but a full one. We did loads of core, delt and tricep work, plus knee push ups. Now (10 months on) I can do 9 before my form breaks down.
  • 16:8 IF, calorie counting to a deficit of around 300 to 500 calories per day max, taking exercise into account, fairly low carb (basically no sugar or refined carbs) but protein and fat on the high side as that helps me feel full. Getting as many calories as possible from good quality food rather than drinks.
  • A bit of general swinging about of the legs, knees up to chest etc. If I have the massage gun handy I might attack legs with that for a couple of minutes too. One set of 5 bodyweight squats, 5 bodyweight lunges each leg, two sets of 5 squats bar only interspersed with 5 bodyweight lunges each leg. Then I'm good to go and I…
  • I would see a physiotherapist rather than a chiropractor or osteopath. Not sure where you are, but here in the UK you are more likely to get suitable exercise suggestions from a physio, whereas the others (at any rate any that I have ever seen) do their work on you at the appointment and that's that. Having ruled out…
  • I am 5'10" and have this Reehut mat. It is very good quality and nice to use. I also have some puzzle mats but I only use them to protect my floor from my barbell - I don't use them for floor work.
  • I read it and found it very interesting. Toyed with the idea of implementing some of the ideas but to be honest I'm happy with my current diet, health, weight and recomp programme, so it was not worth the bother.
  • This. Also, if you were losing weight at an unhealthily fast rate your body was probably very stressed. Cortisol can cause bloating, especially around the belly, so this may have contributed to your shape back then.
  • Never used Snap. Was a member of AF for a while. Only stopped because it was a second gym membership for convenience of location and equipment which I now have in my home.
  • You could try the new Macro Factor app. It does not tell you what to eat but you put in your goals and log your food. It gives you a calorie and macro recommendation based on that. What you don't have to do is worry about how many exercise calories you are expending. It calculates your calories out from your scale weight…
  • It depends on the cut of the clothes and how you lose the final weight. Bear in mind, too, that your body shape might continue to change even when your weight stabilises, particularly if you have an exercise habit. I've just had to get rid of a lot of clothes that were on the big side but wearable a year ago. I haven't…
  • Yes. I went "cold turkey" on sugar some while back and cut it out from everywhere I possibly could. I now find that many things I used to think of as treats are not any more. I am quite capable of ordering a dessert, taking a mouthful or two and leaving the rest because it simply isn't worth the calories and in some cases…
  • I honestly thought that "the person who bicep curls in the squat rack" was a gym meme. But no. For two days running someone was curling in the squat rack at our gym. A different person on each occasion. We have ONE squat rack in the entire gym. They weren't even using the bar - they had taken a preloaded bar over to the…