• I am in this challenge because I want to change my ways. I am hoping to continue with a healthy lifestyle change. Good luck to everyone
  • I have a friend who is newly married, husband travels alot. She moved to his hometown and is having some tough times adjusting to life in a new area. I just let her vent and get it all out then we spent a bit of time just laughing and making her day a bit brighter.
  • Hi All my name is Tara and I am from South Jersey. I am a single woman with two jobs and going to school. My life is crazy busy but I am enjoying all my new found friends on MFP and all the motivation/encouragement they provide daily. My goal is to be healthy and if I could get the scale to read a nice number I would be…
  • Thank you! this was an awesome way to keep going all month. i loved it. looking forward to may!
  • so how do you figure how what is the right amount for you?
  • Personally I just purchased the FOK book and just started reading. I haven't figured out my settings for carbs/fat/protein (how do you figure that out for yourself?) My trainer told me to eat 9 grams of protein with every meal. that is what I have been doing - is that wrong? Your post has me worried about myself.
  • Team Dante My favorite quote - I have no idea who said it but I love it “Life isn't about surviving the storm; it's about learning how to dance in the rain.” Did 3 miles today and was under calorie goal.
  • Hi - I tend to eat string cheese has a mid day snack with almonds. t's crazy but it's the only thing I really find that I'm struggling to give up. I will have to look into Daiya cheese. Thanks for the idea everyone!
  • Count me in as a soldier thanks!
  • mission accomplished!
  • Hi Everyone - I joined because I needed the motivation to do something everyday. Some of the challenges have been tough for me but that's the whole point. I'm loving the daily challenges and the amazing people I am meeting.
  • Ok, so this week I am visiting my parents who live in Florida. I have a friend from high school who lives about an hour from my parents. Last night I drove to her house, picked up her and her kids (1, 4, and 6 years old) and we went to Chili's. Her husband was recently deployed overseas and she has been doing it all for…
  • Your an inspiration to so many. Myself included - I just joined MFP and you have totally motivated me to continue with both challenges on a daily basis. I didn't know your personal story, now I do and it's truelly inspiring.
  • 5 miles done for Dante!
  • under calorie goal for Dante and walked 3 miles this eve
  • 100 done for Dante
  • 100 done for Dante!
  • I weigh myself every Sunday so I will just give you that weight on Friday's. Hope your feeling better
  • starting weight is 271
  • I watched the video - she looks amazing. I think converting entirely is going to be hard for me. I am going to do it but it may take me a bit. I have already started making changes I just never realized how much I eat that is not plant based. For instance cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese etc. these are my go to snacks.
  • I burned 934 this morning at Kickboxing class then cleaned my house for Easter tomorrow. I say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
  • I'm here on Dante - ready to start!
  • Soldier (button) for me - I'm excited for this challenge.
  • I can do this! 137 ounces of water daily -
  • I made this recipe last week - I got it off the blog - Recipe: Granola Bars / Cereal (the perfect substitute for all those boxed cereals) Serves: makes 3 lbs Recipe adapted from Anson Mills Ingredients •3½ cups rolled oats (if you want bars use steel cut oats so it will stick together better) •1 cup…
    in cereal Comment by mocatinho March 2013
  • I was introduced to the Clean Eating magazine by a friend and was amazing at how much food I could get for little calories. I try to keep things simple during the week because I work full time and go to school. I have found when I prepare on the weekends I am better off. I have learned to keep raw nuts on hand, string…
  • I haven't tried the challenged entirely. I am trying to cut as mush processed food out of my diet as possible but I do eat out alot and it get's difficult at times. However I found the site had some great points of reference and the recommended readings are great. I did make the granola ceral and I love it. I have it with…
  • I still haven't watched the movie, however I do have the book and have started reading it. Truthfully I kinda just stumbled into wanting to try plant based. I am finally showing up for my life after years of eating and I want to make healthy changes. I have organic produce delivered to my house and crazy as it is it's…
  • I lost 4 pounds this week! So excited to see the number going down and knowing that all the little things I have been trying to do daily are working!