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  • Thanks for the critiques - but I seriously cannot figure out the tuck thing. Should they be coming closer to my body, or pointed more towards my feet? I have tried to figure it out several times, but the only thing that seems to happen is I lose all control of the bar path.
  • This article was super helpful - thank you so much. My grip was much too narrow, and I wasn't squeezing the bar at all. I've found that since I've widened my grip out, my bar path is significantly better and more consistent. @SideSteel and @jmule24 - I was finally able to get some video tonight - I did both my setup and a…
  • Hi All - Thanks for the feedback. I will try to get a video this weekend - the videos I have are pretty old. SS: I think I do a neutral grip. It's definitely not wide. I've actually been trying to get it a little bit wider as it felt pretty narrow and was killing my triceps.
  • I have not - will start working on these. Thanks!
  • I would recommend a beginner's program first. I ran 5x5 for a year before switching to 5/3/1. 5/3/1 won't let you fully take advantage of newbie gains. I've been on 5/3/1 for two years now, and am still making progress. I add about 5 lbs to each of lifts every month, which is pretty solid considering I'm in a deficit. I…
  • 9 for 9! All white lights.
  • First powerlifting meet completed. Totaled 738.3. Big thanks to @SideSteel and everyone who answered questions from me over the last couple of months. 270 lb squat: https://www.instagram.com/p/-7p3kIEBb2/?taken-by=jtick08 143.3 lb bench: https://www.instagram.com/p/-7qCI2kBcG/?taken-by=jtick08 325 lb deadlift:…
  • I have had one for 3.5 years now, and no weight gain or problems with losing. My biggest complaints are the acne it has caused and occasional cramping/stabbing pains when I sneeze or bend the wrong way.
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  • I wear Chucks. I have to replace them pretty often because I deadlift sumo, and it's a lot of stress on the sides of the shoe. Once they're too broken for deadlifts, they become squat only shoes.
  • I pre-log breakfast and lunch the day before so that I can pack what I need. I normally decide dinner during work, and have a plan before I get home. I find that I overeat if I wing it.
  • Well, maybe if you squat wrong. I squat one and a half times my weight with no problems. OP: I started with an empty bar, and it was heavy to me.
  • LOL no it's not. And 1 gram = 1 ml only when you are working with water - other liquids have a different specific gravity. OP: How many servings are supposed to be in the container? I would weigh the entire container, divide by the numbers of servings, and use that gram weight for each serving. It's going to be a bit off,…
  • Why does it matter? Not everyone wants low calorie food.
  • How does the warm-up process work at a powerlifting meet?
  • This will vary widely based on the person. It will be trial and error - believe me, you'll learn quickly which foods to avoid. ;)
  • Where do you grip the bar? Taking a wider grip might help stabilize the bar a bit more on your back. Also - what do you mean you can't get them over your head? Do you mean they are too short for the squat rack?
  • How is it "not healthy"? Looks like a good source of fat, carbs, and protein to me. OP: I prefer the Clif bars, and eat one of those every morning. Hasn't killed me yet.
  • I wear mine for my top two sets on deadlift and squat - so ~80% and up. I did have to change the way I breathe when I first started wearing it, but I'm used to it now. I do wish I had a second belt for squats - I love my lever, but it's too tight for squats and does make me feel like I want to puke. Have you tried letting…
  • I've been on this program about 2 years. I have everything plugged into an Excel sheet, and it rounds to nearest 5 lbs. After every cycle I add 5/10 lbs to ORM, and it spits out my numbers for the next cycle. I just print it out and keep it in my gym bag. I don't deload often anymore. I used to deload every 4 weeks, but…
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  • I eat them occasionally, especially when I'm craving something that's hard to make in a single serving. For instance - Stouffer's lasagna.
  • @zorahgail - I'm doing the Kentucky State Championships in Lexington in December. I emailed the director and he said it's open to first time competitors - I'm excited because I think I'll get to see some pretty great lifters there! @CarlKRobbo - I'm cutting in general. If I don't make the weight class I hope to, I'm okay…
  • Thanks all - definitely some thoughts here for me to keep in mind as I move forward!
  • Thanks SideSteel. I am still considered obese, so I would like to continue dropping weight. I didn't want to put it on hold for a meet. I currently plan on getting out of a deficit at least a month before the meet - so wherever my weight is then, that is where it will have to stay until after I compete. I am losing on 1900…
  • This was my 1+ week on 5/3/1, so at 95% effort. LOL I've been really struggling with hitting depth - I thought I had it, and every time I'd watch a video I'd see I was just an inch or two short. She's my lifting buddy, and my depth spotter for squats.
  • Squat 225x2 form check please: https://instagram.com/p/2W0DzwkBdF/
  • B) Nope, I had a tank top on, but leaning over the handlebars just left too much open to the outside world. Either I need a higher tank top or smaller boobs.
  • I did a study just last week of number of miles to biked to number of bugs caught in my bra. It was a 20mile:34bug ratio.
  • The adrenaline on race day will help more than you realize. I had some health problems this winter/spring, and as I was gearing up for my first half of the season every other run was just AWFUL. As in, I couldn't complete them, I was puking almost every time I ran, and I had to call it quits many times. My half still went…
  • Carbs don't lead to fat gain. Building muscle requires gaining at least a little fat. The way to minimize this is with a smaller surplus.