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  • Metformin cannot send your blood sugar right down, as you stated. Only an insulin can do that, and only a fast acting insulin. Metformin is NOT insulin. It prohibits the liver from making glucose, which makes your blood sugar go up. But it has no effect on food that you are eating.
  • I know I am late to this post but for what it is worth when I want something high fat, zero protein and zero carb I will make two things. First is something I call 'high fat coffee'. I make a cup of coffee and add heavy cream and butter. If you can, whip in a bullet. Its delicious. If I am really hungry I made a 'cheese…
  • Here is a study by Duke University, just put out, that proves low carb is a superior, sustainable diet over a low glycemic or low fat/high carb diet. Take a look. Also Harvard just completed a similar study without using diabetics and they found the SAME results. That low carb/high fat/moderate protein was superior over…
  • This is a fantastic post! I worked as a cashier for 13 years and don't listen to anyone who says nonsense things like, "you don't have the temperment to work with the public". That person is most likely one of the nasty customers!! Working as a cashier is very hard work, or I should say working with the public is very hard…
  • This is great. Thank you! I have been looking for a pancake recipe but mine have all been to high in carbs. I have low carb baking mix, which makes the carb count even lower. I can't wait to try them. Thanks so much. I never thought about adding greek yogurt.
  • Elevated liver enzymes means that the liver is "leaking" because it has been damaged or is ill. Or because you took too much tylenol at some point. At any rate don't panic. I also had this when I was in my 20's, before I was married and had kids and it resolved itselt over time and no doctor ever could explain it. I was…
  • Oh that is so terrible. I am so sorry that happened to you! Clearly you did not deserve such treatment. Try not to let it get you down. Have a better day today! I think you are beautiful.
  • I am! Include me.
  • Hi there. My name is Teri and I have lost 70lbs eating low carb. I try to eat 100 carbs or less a DAY. Lots of protien and veggies! I also have a wonderful flax cracker recipe that I use all the time. Very few carbs in a flax seed! Lets me have a cracker without feeling bad. Good luck with your diet! teri
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  • Yes, I too could not lose weight on weight watchers. Then I found this website and discovered that I was eating WAY WAY too many carbs on WW. (I am a diabetic and carbs are very important to count!) So anyway, have been here since 1/10 and have lost 61lbs. Welcome!
  • Good to know. I am thinking of joining. I appreciate your input. Teri
  • I am so glad. I can't afford to gain. My doctor will disown me! Thanks everyone for your encouraging remarks!
  • Wii Fit erased me after I stepped on the board to be weighed. Said I was too fat. Too fat to be fit. Ha!
  • I am Teri and I am a food addict. I have started reading a book about addictions because I feel that my weight problem will never go away with just a diet. I do love food, and I love to eat food. I also feel that food is the enemy and I hate it! I think some people who are addicted to alchohol or cigs or drugs do it…
  • Please, I weighed 402lbs when I gave birth to my last child and non of my kids are obese. I have a masters degree and a great job. I never heard of anything so terrible in my life.
  • I think you should just start a new thread. Its so big now.
  • LOL! Well you can use as many jalepenos as you like! But I was able to find those pitas even at a Walmart in a very small town in Minnesota. They are very low carb (8 carbs for a large wrap) and they taste great. Look in the deli, they are never with the regular pitas or wraps! Thanks for trying them. They are so good.
  • Thank you everyone! You're comments were very kind! Have a great day. Teri
  • Hi! I have a 7 -13-and 17 year old and they all have their special music they like. I do not think 7 year olds like nursery rhymes anymore. Too old for that. My 7 likes High School Musical tunes, Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana music. She also finds the sponge bob songs hilarious too. He even has his own CD'S! Good luck!
  • Here are two things I have tried for my cravings, which are extreme. Vanilla yogurt with a tablespoon of dutch process cocoa stirred in . It helps with the chocolate cravings. Also the following smoothie helps too. 1/2 cup hot water 1 tablespoon instant coffee 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I use "energy first" brand) 1/4…
  • Hello. I am a diabetic too and would love to be a part of this group! I am 46 and was diagnosed with diabeties 3 years ago. I was also diagnosed with lung cancer on the same day. And let me tell you, I have over come lung cancer and it was easier than dealing with diabetes every day. I HATE THIS DISEASE. Which is why I am…
  • Boycott Leno if Kanye is on!!
  • Thank you for posting that! We heard something happened but not what happened. Looked all over the internet and kept reading that what he did was terrible but no one would say what exactly happened! He is such a jerk. Most of my childrens friends don't care for him at all. No adults I know even know who he is but they know…
  • To help me lose weight I consulted a nutritionist. I had the same question. She told me that if I am not hungary or if I am laying around and not doing much eat at least 30 carbs for a meal. No less than 30. The 30 carbs is not much and it keeps the pancreas working at "low" which keeps your metabolism from shutting down.…
  • Sorry, I guess I posted twice. I did not realize I had already left a post. Embarrassing!
  • Hi there! I too have only one lung having one removed in 2006 from lung cancer. You can run! silly doctors. I went camping and hiking 5 weeks after my surgery. I don't run because I am too fat but I feel I could if I was thinner. I have met a dancing instructor who is physically fit and has only one lung. Keep up the good…
  • thank you so much for sharing your story. I had looked at your photos this past weekend and wondered what you had done and now I know. AND I like reading that you did not eat excercise calories. I have been confused on that issue and lost more weight when I did not eat excercise calories. Thank you so much. I look forward…
  • Thank you for the reply. Clean eating is a book by Tosca Reno and there is also a magazine called "clean eating". Its about eating healthy food, no junk. Same as any diet I suppose. I like their menu ideas. The magazine is great.
  • Wow, you look so wonderful. What an inspiration!
  • well ladies I have had a terrible day so far! I got on the scale and have gained 10lbs since I started! They changed my insulin and I was told that the new insulin would cause weight gain. And I finally took my measurments and the tape measure would not go around my tummy. So I had to add a ruler. I am over 5 feet around!!…