High fat, low carb, low protein meal?



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    Just eat some carbs, then you won't have to create threads asking people for ideas of what to eat because your diet is so restrictive. Just saying....

    Or....you could be helpful or just keep it moving.
    Just saying...
    Because low cal diets aren't at ALL restrictive

    Just saying...

    please excuse my snarky comment. it was uncalled for.
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    Caveman Keto has some great recipes.

    I breathe I'm Hungry

    The Keto Subreddit is full of recipes, knowledge, and motivating stories
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    Bump for the web site suggestions! Thanks y'all! Love LCHF!
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    Avocado and cheese, nuts too!
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    I just had another idea! What about making like fried cheese? Take a few string cheese cut them in half, dip it in egg, which has fat!... then roll them in breadcrumbs, Parmesan cheese and bake them! So don't get low fast string cheese lol.
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    Vegetable stir fry? Add some nuts if that's not too much protein.
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    bcattoes: A veggie stir fry doesn't have near enough fat.

    OP and anyone else in that situation should look for "fat bombs" which sounds dumb but it's awesome.

    i've been loving these (I call them mocha coffee cubes) and I use a milk frother for stirring it in, and sometimes add heavy whipping cream and a bit of stevia -- pictures and instructions: http://imgur.com/a/YYLwF

    Basically Kerrygold butter, coconut oil, and 100% unsweetened Cocoa.

    I halved the recipe since I didn't have 2 packages of Kerrygold.

    I also have 1oz silicone ice cube trays, which are perfectly square, except a little bevel at the bottom. Makes a better portion for my high-coffee diet!

    Yesterday I did a fat fast with them, and it went pretty darn good I think.


    My next recipe is English Toffee Fat Bombs, which are meant to just eat, rather than stick in coffee: http://ketogirlblog.wordpress.com/2013/11/18/english-toffee-fat-bombs/

    1 cup coconut oil
    2 tbs butter
    4 oz cream cheese
    3/4 Tbs cocoa powder
    1/2 cup of Natural Peanut Butter
    3 Tbs Davinci Gourmet Sugar Free English Toffee Syrup
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    Vegetable stir fry? Add some nuts if that's not too much protein.

    how is vegetable stir fry ever high fat low carb?!
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    I know I am late to this post but for what it is worth when I want something high fat, zero protein and zero carb I will make two things. First is something I call 'high fat coffee'. I make a cup of coffee and add heavy cream and butter. If you can, whip in a bullet. Its delicious. If I am really hungry I made a 'cheese sandwich'. Two slices of deli sliced sharp cheddar cheese with kerry gold butter in the middle. Put the slices together and instant food if you are starving. There is some protein in the cheese but the fat makes up for it and its not enough to put you in glucogenis. I am a diabetic and neither of these two foods will raise my blood sugar even one point. Good luck.
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    The famous state fair dish of deep fried butter

    What I was thinking
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    whipped cream right from the can!!!! Will give you some very yummy fat grams
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    Bump... because I want to look into all of this.
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    Heavy Cream -- whip it (whip it good...) add a little stevia and YUM

    Or Cream Cheese -- Soften, stir with Davinci sugar free syrup. Raspberry is delish!

    okay, I think I need to go on a fat fast!
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    Tagging for good ideas.
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    i'm away from the times i guess cause i've never heard of this diet... haha...
    i'm doing atkins.. it's hard cause i'm a carb junkie but it works.... anyone else doing this?? how's it going for you?

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    I follow Keto because my cardiologist put me on it. Bonus to it is that I no longer have fibromyalgia symptoms so hatters can hate all they want but you couldn't get me to change my way of eating EVER. Carbs=pain to me.
    I love smoked salmon and an avocado for breakfast. A little olive oil drizzled is a nice touch.
    Lunch is often a salad with cheese and high fat dressing.
    Supper is easiest and I often have butternut squash or scorn squash in place of a starch. Careful though, the carb count is high.
    I have found a fabulous high fat yogurt. Liberte mediteranee plain yogurt. Has 18 grams of fat and 5 carbs in a 3/4 cup serving. It's good with blueberries.
    There are plenty of great recipes on Pinterest that don't require you to add butter to your coffee. I use 35% cream instead of milk is sauces and when I need exfat
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    Broccoli Cheese Soup
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    Avacado, cheese, pork jowl (has a pretty high ratio of fat to protein), heck cook your bacon and use that fat.