106 pounds lost... My Story

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I Posted some before and after pictures in this thread
a few poeple have messaged me and asked me to make a thread with my story
from the start...i was going to wait and do it at my goal but i guess i will go ahead and do it now

starting weight was 259pounds size 20 or 22

so august 20th 2008 was when i got serious
i had been here on mfp since jan or feb under a differnt name
and had fun on the chats and message boards with "the gutter gang" lol
we would sit here and chat for what feels like hours and hours out of our day
i wasnt losing weight...i cheated everyday and would eat whatever i wanted
and tam (tamtastic) was just metling away thoes pounds
when she hit 50 something pounds down i was like omg what am i doing wrong???
tam is losing weight like crazy!!! and so were all the others but i really wanted to be like tam!
we had simiulair starting weights and goals and she totally inspired me
anyways life happened and i took a little maybe a loooong break from mfp
i was at 254 and by the time i came back i was 259
i came back for awhile and still wasnt as motivated and serious
but i started back here at mtp in early NOV and i was still over 200 pounds
i was close to 199 which was my original goal and i needed some help from MFP
so i came back

also at 199 is when i started hitting the gym like a manaic
1 hour of cardio and 1 hour of lifting weights 4-5 days a week and still eating 1200 clean calories and not eating exercise calories
i went from 199 jan 1st to 152 pounds today
i started in august at 1600 calories and slowly went down to 1200
i started eating mostly raw and clean (this took off SO much weight)
(fruits veggies nuts gronola and yogart and cheese and wheat crackers)
at around 190 pounds i started hydroxy cut and did that for 2-3 months and i hit 175

my gym routne was
stairmaster half hour
elliptical half hour
run a mile on the treadmill
bike for 10-15mins
lift weights
strech on the floor
200 crunchs on each side (right, left, front)
50 reverse crunchs
this was monday-friday
slowly i mived 3 days a week
and now im back up to 6days a week and also taking a fat burner called ADRENALEAN

my goals were
im trying to get to 125 because i am still very unhappy with my self

anyways im not too sure what else to include
but thats my story in short
when i reach my goal
ill post a full story

edit: i really was debating on sharing this or not but i feel like i need to be 100% honest and warn others not to become too obsessed

i was recently informed that i have "an eating disorder not otherwise specified"
but i think my routine and eating might be safe with balance
and that is something i lack

i wont go into deatil about my unhealthy habits but just wanted to be honest


  • LeanLioness
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    You look fantastic!!!!

    You are also a very beautiful woman. Both before and after.
  • teridene
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    thank you so much for sharing your story. I had looked at your photos this past weekend and wondered what you had done and now I know. AND I like reading that you did not eat excercise calories. I have been confused on that issue and lost more weight when I did not eat excercise calories. Thank you so much. I look forward to seeing your 125 picture!! :heart:
  • onfleur
    onfleur Posts: 159 Member
    Congrats on your loss:smile: You are indeed a beautiful woman. I imagine you are as beautiful on the inside as you are the outside. I have 100 pounds to go myself. The work is difficult but so worth it. Physical and mental health is so important and I just want to be as healthy as I can inside and out.

    My best to you and thank you for sharing. You go girl!!:flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:
  • eriny
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    congrats you look great !!!!
    on the hydroxycut then you took was that part of the recall ? just asking if so you might want to go see a doctor . again you did an awesome job !!
  • samantha115
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    You look great. I want to have your story, and tams and everyone elses on here that has lost 100 pounds. Great Job!:drinker:
  • Johnnyswife
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    Wow your tranformation is amazing! You were beautiful when you had more weight on you as well as your thinner you. :flowerforyou:
    I can't wait to post my own sucess story! Everyone here is an inspiration!
  • denitchy
    denitchy Posts: 445
    That is incredible! Very inspirational :flowerforyou:
  • nopogal
    nopogal Posts: 162
    I appreciate your honesty about the journey. Balance takes time--you're doing great. Keep it up!
  • julesandrad
    julesandrad Posts: 10 Member
    You are looking great
    U said still dnt feel happy yet, but look what u have done!!U can do so much more!!!
    Keep going girl
  • arewethereyet
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    congratulations on your loss. Keep up the good work:flowerforyou:
  • TamTastic
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    Congrats! You have done an amazing job and look great! :):flowerforyou: :drinker:

    And I am so happy to have inspired you to keep going! :flowerforyou: Hearing that always makes my success that much sweeter! :smile:

  • DanaHolmes
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    First of all great job you look so good. but I have a couple ?'s for ya. I asked a question earlier about eating excercise cals and most people said eat half back, but you said you don't eat yours so will I lose more if I don't? and raw and clean foods are those just pretty much what you listed? (no meats?)
  • Jamie_W
    Jamie_W Posts: 157 Member
    once again congratulations to you and to all your success!!! :flowerforyou:

    ?? for you - you have lost the same amount of weight that I plan to loose (by this time next year!!) but do you have any excess skin? expecially in you tummy area. I am concerned about this, I am afraid that after doing all this hard work I will have flabby skin....

    thanks for your help
  • slimmingmom
    slimmingmom Posts: 297
    Wow...thanks for the THINspiration!!!
  • MissGorgeous
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    I don't eat. Eat so no meats on my clean food diet I did!
    And um yes it was during the recall but I stopped the day it recalled
    ummm no no excess skin...thank god!
    I'll post my bikini pic in my profile tomrrow
  • NurseMisty
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    Can I ask a personal question?? I have a large bust as you did when you started. But I noticed that you are a bit smaller now....how much of cup size change did you have? I can't wait to lose some weight up top!!!!