Terrible experince while shopping...I'm just trying to vent.



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    If there is a next time - remember that you might be fat now but they are ugly. You will NOT always be fat, but they will ALWAYS be ugly.

    Keep your chin up you dont need their opinions.

    agree! what freakin twits!! you have to wonder how ugly they are - inside and out.
  • That freaking *kitten* hole. Excuse my language. I'm so so very sorry that you had to go through that. Just be strong and keep pushing forward. I wish that I could find that idiot and b***h slap him a hundred times.
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    Ugh...that really stinks! I had an experience like this when I was out running once. A car of guys drove by and one said, "Get it girl," which I started to take as a compliment...until another guy yelled out "THUNDER THIGHS!!!!" Thankfully I used it as fuel in the moment and ran harder, but if I hadn't been at it for a while at that point I probably never would have run outside again!
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    Oh that is so terrible. I am so sorry that happened to you! Clearly you did not deserve such treatment. Try not to let it get you down. Have a better day today! I think you are beautiful.
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    Stay focused and keep doing what you're doing. For now, like the other person posted, these guys are jerks. You're working toward improving your life. You can lose the weight. These guys will always be jerks. You can get into better physical shape, but "you can't 'fix' stupid" as that comedian says, and these guys sound stupid.


    Other people have reached their goals, small goals at first, but goals all the same. You're already here on this site, which means you want to reach your goal.

    You're stronger than you think.

    You can do it.

    You WILL do it.


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    He will see you a year from now and hit on you and you can smack him down good, or someone else will get him. Just stay the course. Kharma works in crazy ways.
  • I went to the mall with some friends of mine. After that we went to some store. As we were walking out of the store some guys that were inside their car started shouting out to my friend "hey there" "hey miss" "excuse me miss" "hey beautiful" my friend was annoyed but I kinda wanted to defend her so I turned around and he shouted "not you fat *kitten*....ugly b-i-t-c-h" I just walked away. In the end he yelled out "I still love you.....not you fatty eww" :ohwell:

    Just some middle-school mentality cowardly prick who shouts out of cars because he's too cowardly to do it to your face.

    Pay them no mind.
  • Arrrrgh, I don't know you, but I want to give you a huge hug because I know how that feels. I've always been terrified of people for that reason. Nothing quite that bad has happened to me as an adult, only as a kid and from other kids. But I still remember that day.

    What someone said earlier is true... it sucks that it happened, but the type of people who shout things like that from cars are not really people you should let bother you anyway. They are very obviously crappy people who don't deserve a second thought. What young guys in groups will do/say to "impress" their friends is so ridiculous. You can't take anything they say seriously, they are living jokes.

    Hugs for you!! xx
  • That is terrible.! People that treat others in this manner are only insecure with themselves and need to put someone else down in order to make themselves feel better. Continue on your journey and hold your head up high. You and only you have the control right now...don't let anyone steal that control from you!
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    What a jerk. I'm sorry that happened to you. :frown:

    Screw that guy. You're improving yourself, but he'll always be an idiot.
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  • aw sweetheart!! this is the sort of thing I fear everyday, I wish I could give you a hug :( those guys are just complete jerks, like others have said, and the problem is totally to do with them and not you. You're doing a great thing for yourself at the moment, I hope you're feeling better now <3 xxx
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    you can't fix stupid! So sorry that happened to you.

    Your were great for not saying something nasty in return no matter how tempting it was. That would only bring you down to his level. I hope your friends didn't walk away from you and go over and talk to that jerk.

    You keep up the good work with your WL. Your doing great! We're all proud of you!
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    Well that had to feel awesome. I know that even though we try to shrug stuff off it hurts, and that's ok. Just cry to MFP and we will support and understand!
  • F**k them! People that go around insulting others like that are just trying to make themselves feel better because they're ugly on the inside. They obviously have some kind of issues. Think all of us mfp people here should hunt them down and beat the crap out of them. That being said you are a beautiful lady (I saw from your profile pics), try not to let losers like that bring you down. Keep your head up and your heart strong!
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    Okay, I have a lot of thoughts here so I hope they come out coherent. First, I am so sorry you had to deal with that rude behavior. Second, we all have the ability to change our external appearance, but changing an ugly soul would be much more difficult.

    And finally, think about what you would feel if a guy like that is yelling compliments at you. Do you see why some people find this kind of male attention disturbing? Because your friend was being treated as an object and she might be suspicious about his motivations. I know everyone on MFP thinks it's a taboo and attention-seeking topic, but can you see why his behavior to your friend could cause anxiety too?

    I guess my point is that some people are just jerks and it will always be a challenge to deal with them. No matter what you weigh, there will be something to deal with. Huge hugs.
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    I am so sorry this idiot had to come into your life (even briefly!). It's easier said than done but you honestly have to look at the source! This is a guy that thinks he can pick up a girl by yelling out of a car window and then being horribly mean and rude to her friend! He is a huge waste of space and perfectly good oxygen and is clearly not a very nice person! Continue on with your journey and ignore this *kitten*....what he did has nothing to do with you and everything to do with himself (you were just a target unfortunately).
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    Livvi Franc featuring Pitbull - Now I'm That *****
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    Sadly, there are mean people out there that get pleasure or amusement from degrading and insulting people in public places. They probably steal lunch money and rob the elderly too (or will in the future). These kinds of low life shallow dirtbags should be ignored at all times. I've seen way worse forms of this on subways here in NYC. Some women choose to ignore it, others go after these types with a fury (which is a gamble if the person is a nut case).

    By turning around and facing them, you acknowledged them - and only fueled their fire. I think it's great you stick up for your friends, but it is not worth the time or effort in this situation if you ask me. Turning around and giving them a glare isn't going to cut it. It will only encourage them to be complete tools, which is what they are.

    Let me ask you this: Did your friend stick up for you?
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    I am wondering : if you had walked TOWARDS them instead of away from - how fast would they have driven off?

    To reiterate others, overweight is just for now, stupidity is for life