Kanye West

Did everyone see what Kanye did at the mtv awards?

He is such a jerk. He walked up while Taylor Swift was accepting her award and said that she didn't deserve to win that Beyonce deserved her award.

Thats just so awful!


  • nueta1922
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    ITA and if he is still allowed to be on Jay Leno tomorrow, everyone should boycott his show!
  • teridene
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    Thank you for posting that! We heard something happened but not what happened. Looked all over the internet and kept reading that what he did was terrible but no one would say what exactly happened! He is such a jerk. Most of my childrens friends don't care for him at all. No adults I know even know who he is but they know who Taylor Swift is! And it was not a fair thing for him to say about Beyonce either. I am sure she did not appreciate his "help".
  • teridene
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    Boycott Leno if Kanye is on!!
  • I had about 100 status updates on facebook within 5 minutes talking about this. I can't believe he did this. I love Taylor. Kanye has always been a complete jerk.
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    Kanye who ?
  • Lyn_Matthews
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    Kanye has always had a terrible attitude and poor "sportsmanship" when it comes to award shows. Honestly I don't know why they keep letting him in. That is just rude and disrespectful. Taylor has worked hard for her success. Kanye is just jealous....such a jerk!
  • BrendaLee
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    Kanye West is a real winner. Yep. I can't stand that little punk. Beyonce won an award later on, and actually called Taylor out so she could say her thank yous.
  • VballLeash
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    What a jerk! I love taylor swift and I love that song, I just watched the video, its cute, kinda reminds me of carrie underwood's american girl video but taylor earns what she gets thats for sure! Kanye is just an idiot...

    ~Leash :heart:
  • here's a link to what he did: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vi0qBotHkfk. he's such a jerk... i never liked him anyway but i like him even less now.
  • amymeenieminymo
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    I was just ranting earlier about how much I hated Kanye, but now this gives me even more reason. It's too bad I do like his music, but as a person I can't stand him. Good thing I don't ever buy CD's.
  • I love how everytime his name was mentioned he was booed. He just loves the attention, he became a performer for the wrong reasons.
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    what an *kitten*.
  • Beyonce later won Video of the Year and then, invited Taylor to come out and give her acceptance speech while receiving a standing ovation.

    What a class act Beyonce is. Beyonce was so gracious and stepped aside for Taylor to make her grand entrance. Loved their hugs on stage. Good for Taylor to get another chance to give acceptance speech. Coincidence or not, they both wore red for that. A show of solidarity.:drinker:

    Here's the clip below.


    Please copy and paste into your browser.

    Kanye West. He would be great friends with Serena Williams. Both should learn what the word "sportsmanship" means. No class. Not a role model for anyone. Please boycott whatever product they pitch. What trash!! Both of them.
  • Kayne is a terd, I can't belive he did that! But Beyonce showed REAL class!
  • leslie63
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    People like Kanye West are the ones the keep racism alive.
  • Now there is a huge Twitter contest between:

    #teamtaylor vs #teamkanye

    Seriously who would vote for Kanye. Loser!

    You gotta love Twitter
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    I, personally don't care for Taylor's Switf's music but she did not deserve to be treated that way.
    I have never like Kanye either and this is further proof of why. I always wondered if Beyonce was really nice or just all show and she proved that she really is nice. You could see in her face when the camera was turned on her as Kanye was saying all that she was so embarrassed.

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    Kanye who ?

    **bows** thank you:flowerforyou:
  • arewethereyet
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    what an *kitten*.

    What a butt, Marla.......Oh wait...........no you were right the first time:angry:
  • I have always loved Kanye's music, I try not to read the tabs or listen to anything having to do with celebrities personal lives. But Kanye keeps opening his mouth in public and it is sooooo hard to avoid the trash that spews from it!:frown:
    I think the baby lost his binky, :cry: hurry someone find it and stuff it back in his mouth!

    I think I'll stop listening to his music. I cannot support d-bags and a-holes and he qualifies in both categories!:laugh: