Wii Fit?

So, my husband bought us a Wii Fit... and I'm just wondering... Is this really a good thing? I mean, I played one or two of the little mini games and at the end, it tells you you've burned 13 calories. Ok, so if I do that particular mini game 10x, I will have burned 130 calories, right? Is it silly to burn up your calories in short little bursts like that? Possibly never breaking a real sweat? I mean, I still intend to do my other excercises, too, but... well, I guess my real question is, does the Wii Fit get results? Anybody?


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    I don't know about the Wii Fit. But to answer your question about burning calories in small bursts: In order to burn fat you need to keep you're heart rate up for at least 20 minutes. Yes you are burning calories with the small bursts, but in order to really lose fat, you need to actually work out so that your HR is at about 60-65%. Anything higher than that and your body goes into cardio mode and starts to burn glucose instead of fat. This is why circuit traning is best because it keeps you're heart rate up, but you're adding weights and working multiple muscle groups at a time, helping you burn that fat.

    Hope this helps! :happy:
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    Hula hoop and running burns calories, but the balance games I wouldn't play for weight loss. I enjoy the yoga also. I use it as a tool for shaking things up every now and then, but I wouldn't call it a wonderful exercise regimen everyday.
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    I have a Wii Fit which I got in May. I've lost 20 pounds this year so far and it is one of my main source of excercises. At the begining you have the short bursts of excercise while you get all the different activities opened up, but I have several 30-40 minute routines I do.

    We have a Wii Fit forum going. Here is the link in case you'd like to join us:


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    Wii Fit erased me after I stepped on the board to be weighed. Said I was too fat. Too fat to be fit. Ha!
  • I LOVEEEEE my wii fit (and I just got the plus!!) The Wii Plus is even BETTER! I work out for 30 mins and am sweating by the time I'm done.. So it all depends on how hard you try, what you do and how you do it. The boxing, hula hoops and step are definitely the best! And yoga... o how I LOVE my yoga!! It really does help you stay stretched, keeps you flexible and helps reduce stress! I'm a big girl and I get down on my wii!!

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    I love the Wii it is fun-
    I wouldn't believe the calories burned though. Wear a HRM if you have one.

    The Wii Sports games are alot of fun too and trust me you can become very sore.