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  • count me and hubbie in! :) We love south mtn. I am still nursing my knee, but can't wait to get back to hiking, ESPECIALLY south mtn:) Good for geocaching too:)
  • Are you on My husband and I are teamKizzle! Since the season (here in AZ ) is about to start... for hiking, we love travel bugs and such... once my husband knows that a bug has been put in one of our caches, he is bound and determined to go get it and put it somewhere else... LOL I <3 geochaching! :)
  • I try not to get cravings by eating several times a day. I at alot of protein (or try to), my cravings have pretty much subsided, but I have to admit, I give in sometimes LOL
  • OMG, i forgot about this one, only one ONE in my life in VA Beach on vacation, yea, that was enough, ewww
  • Yes, how old are they? I like what one poster said, give them each a set amount of money to buy THEIR OWN snacks/junk food, put their names on them, and when they are done, too bad until next time... like every other week or whatever. ORRRR.... Put a price tag on the food, and start charging them for what they eat. Then…
  • Jaeger Bomber.... ewwww or Car Bombs if you don't drink them fast enough, GROSS!
  • my kitchen is more colorful... with alot of different veggies and salads. I have a TON of salad dressings, not just Ranch and Thousand Island (in fact, I dont have any thousand island LOL) I thought I needed a bread box, but I don't, I don't eat bread (no flaming please) So instead of a white based kitchen (processed…
  • I like the elliptical. I have knee problems too, mine however ARE weight related, but this actually is very low impact. Or bike riding. I totally agree with water aerobics, even just walking in the water, there is always resistance, I try to run in my pool. I'm adding more activity to my day/ Good luck to you! Ronney
  • wow 10 years ago, i was 32. yea... thats about it LOL I don't know what else to say here, but if i think of anything, I will come back! haha
  • haha I guess I worded it wrong, what I meant was, I keep coming back to see what I do that people don't like, doesn't mean I'm gonna change it. Today I wore... GHASP... CHECK IT... A blue shirt with black pants AND a brightly colored blue, green and white flowery shoe!
  • OMG BECKY.... I saw the WORST WORST WORST fashion faux pas today... A rather large woman, and I SWEAR I am not making this up... her jeans were falling down so you could see her thong sticking out of the top... AND the reason you could see her thong sticking out of the top was because her shirt was too short and I could…
  • honestly though it would be flattering to be crushed on, but I don't know anyone here enough to have a crush.
  • OMFG hahahaha I totally remember now... My crush is Jake Ryan
  • I encountered this issue when I first joined, yes we have to learn quickly to ignore those that don't respect us. but I LOVE your statement... Thanks for sharing:) Ronney
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  • WTG!!!! ^5 Feels so good huh?
  • Christine - Christine
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  • Uhm no, that look is strictly for work. If you saw me at Mills I was wearing jeans and an authority zero shirt most likely
  • I am guilty of this LOL I have a tattoo on the back of my neck and sometimes have to wear my collar up to hide it, but it depends on how I wear my hair. But I don't wear polos... popped collars on polos drive me bonkers. haha anybody else coming back to this thread to see what faux pas they are making? LOL or is it just me?
  • Oh wait! My turn!!!??? Movie Charactors... Atticus Finch - To Kill a Mockingbird
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  • well, there ya go! I bet these "ladies" have the same problem with your bcw??? something to think about.
  • The doc actually put me on 1200 c/p/d... I feel alot better cutting out processed foods... eat alot "greener" or "purer" The doc also told me to cut wayyyy back on carbs (this is helping on so many levels, more energy, chronic pain, so no flaming please) When I eat salad, I usually don't log it, but I log everything else,…
  • Zealots (sp)
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  • Ask her when her surgery is... to remove the stick from her butt!!!!
  • I have 3... Son just turned 26, Daughter 24, and son 16. Sometimes I think "what the heck was I thinking?" having my youngest so far a part, poor guy had like 4 parents growing up. But yea as another poster said (the snipped guy) I wouldn't change it for the world. He has Aspergers and everyday is interesting in my house…
  • Katt Williams is effin hilarious! I can't watch this right now cuz I'm at work... LOL oh the irony... but I do know this bit! and "haters gonna hate..." (he also helped me feel better about my stretch marks! haha (if you haven't seen that one, go google it)... now that being said... Who is she to say whether or not other…
  • I think this is good advice too! And I am sorry for your losses. Just don't emotionally eat, still make good food choices, and don't work out if you don't wanna. Allow yourself time to greive!
  • Steppenwolf
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  • Nelson (excuse me, my age is showing hehe)
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  • Led Zepplin
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