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  • Thank you! I was trying so search from my phone, but wasn't having any luck.
  • How high is too high? IMO, MFP sets the protein goal entirely too low. I, personally, aim for 150g/ above posters said, 1g/pound of body weight on average. Protein is important.
  • ^^^ THIS ^^^ I am one of those women! :wink: I bust my *kitten* in the weight room (and kitchen) to build muscle. I want MUSCLE, not just to be "toned". And yes, I lift heavy. And while I've come along well, I am not "big and buff".... Some people could've responded in a different fashion, but whatever. I think the point…
  • Shoulders/Triceps Lateral Raise, Machine: 3 x 10, 35 lbs Overhead Press, Machine: 3 x 10, 65 lbs Drop sets: Standing Overhead Barbell Press: 3x 10, 40, 30, 20 lbs Lateral Shoulder, Machine: 3 x 10, 60, 40, 20 lbs Dumbbell Shrugs: 3 x 10, 30, 25, 30 lbs Cable Lateral Raise: 3 x 10, 5 lbs V-Tricep Extension: 3 x 10, 95 lbs…
  • I am right there with ya! I love squats and most other leg exercises, but lunges are the devil. We did drop set, walking lunges and I was fairly certain I would die.
  • I lift 3-days a week and on those days I do a 10-minute warm up (stairs, row, etc) to get my blood flowing and then I lift for an hour+. The other 2 days are cardio, but like you I think cardio can be so boring so we've changed it up and started doing a crossfit/tabata style workout and LOVE it. Keeps things changed up and…
  • I'm hanging out! I believe I'm a little less than a month away from 1000 days. I've been maintenance for about a year with a little gain since lifting. Counting calories is a part of my lifestyle and will continue to be -I do not want that weight back.
  • Frozen veggies are MUCH better than canned and as the above poster said, plain veggies (no sauce) are best. No, 4mg is not a lot. It sounds like you probably got plain steam fresh veggies...good choice.
  • Heavy is different for everyone. For example, I squat 145 lbs right now. To me that is heavy. I could go a little heavier, but our gym has just recently upgraded to a real squat rack rather than the Smith Machine I've been using so I'm working more on my form right now. I do barbell curls with 40 lbs., kickbacks with 20…
  • I think reps/sets depend on your goals. I personally do 3 sets/12 or 4 sets/15 depending on what I'm doing and to keep it changed up a little. I'm new to lifting (started in November) and have SO MUCH TO LEARN! has some excellent info and Jamie Eason has a Live Fit 12-week program on there that is…
  • Hey There! Just wanted to stop back in and let ya know that we're all still rooting for ya!! :smile: Hope things are going well -one day at a time!
  • Great article! Thank you!
  • My ultimate goal would be to finish -preferably without walking, but I would not be devastated if I walked a bit. I'm not a fast runner, so when I say "run" it's not like other people's "run". Thanks for the feedback everyone!
  • First.... I think it's awesome that you've made the decision to improve your health! :smile: Second.... Try to look at it as a healthy lifestyle and not a diet. It's about living life to it's fullest, not about restricting everything that you love. Start with small steps as the others have said. Cut back on something here…
  • Agreed. Think about your heart rate..... is it truly going to get elevated from strolling around and stopping every couple of feet to see a booth? For me, bonus would be the way to go. Enjoy the festival! :smile:
  • My personal opinion (and it's opinion only :smile: ) is that as long as they are healthy fats like you said, avocados and what not, it shouldn't be a problem. Things like avocados are clean, unprocessed foods.
  • Once upon a time it never slowed me down. Now..... I think twice. I still love Chick-Fil-A and Taco Bell on rare occasions, but the smell of McDonald's is horrid. I work two doors up from McDonald's and several coworkers live off of that ****. I hate coming down from my floor to be hit in the face with that smell. :sick:
  • Yes! Me! I have two cute tanks with sayings on them that I can sometimes pull off if I hike my yoga pants up over my muffin top! Haha! But normally it's shorts and a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off (probably my fav!). I don't like sleeves when I'm working out.
  • $100 - $150 every week for my husband and I. I feel like it's insane. But I haven't found a way around it. Coupons evidently don't exist for healthy choices (I won't start on this rant :mad: ) so I just go with it. However, if anyone has tips, I'm all ears because this cleaner lifestyle is taking a toll on my wallet! Edit:…
  • ^^ THIS ^^ History: Prone to migraines since childhood. Frequent (almost daily) headaches (not always migraines) for the last few years. I was fully against the whole diet cokes are bad for you spill and refused to stop drinking them until I hit a stand-still with my weight loss so I thought I would stop for a few weeks…
  • I would like for my past calorie budget to remain the same in my records when I change it. Say it's been 1700 for the past 3 months and today I'm changing it to 1800. I would like the past to stay accurate rather than change according to today. Better record keeping. The ability to add additional meal lines. And for my…
  • ^^ This ^^ I don't eat bars often, but I like to have one or two on hand just in case I need to grab and go and from what I've ready and researched, Quest Bars are the way to go.
  • I would be happy with losing a few more pounds, but no, I am not trying. I'm focusing on maintaining (as I am happy with my clothing size, etc) and building muscle. I'm not pointedly bulking, but maybe that's what I'm doing. The bulking and cutting are things that I don't have enough knowledge of....I need to get some…
  • Definition. I am happy with my size and frame -I don't want to be tiny. I want to be fit. I want to drop my body fat percent (my mid section is a huge problem).
  • Following for info. :smile: I lift and I lift heavy (heavy as I can at least). I'm building muscle, but I'm not getting the "definition". So I'm interested in what others will have to say. Edit: I've started clean eating through the week and I can tell a difference in how I feel through the week. And then the weekend hits…
  • The fajitas with no tortillas or corn tortillas are always my go to, but I can never stay away from the dang chips and salsa! My nutritionist always told me the fajitas were the way to go.
  • In my personal opinion, MFP sets the protein goal too low. From things I've read and been told by trainers & nutritionist, you should consume .5 to 1.5g per pound (depending on your goals). I shoot for 1.5g/pound.
  • Women are not going to get the "Hulk Look" without a lot of supplements and 'roids. It's not in our genetics.