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  • I keep an eye on macros but mostly just to make sure I'm getting protein. I monitor my sodium and sugar, which tends to result in fewer processed foods.
  • I started taking a magnesium potassium aspartate supplement (I think the brand is Country Life) and also got the No Salt sodium free seasoning. My dr prescribed me spironolactone, so when I take that I don't use the supplements so the potassium levels don't get too high and damaging. I also add high-potassium foods like…
  • That seems to be the main cause. When I started tracking potassium I realized I was barely getting any in my regular diet. Sodium, alcohol, and dehydration are also issues for my weight fluctuations, but as soon as I added more potassium they shrank way down. Like before, if I ate out and had a couple drinks I would gain…
  • After dinner snacking is my biggest problem! I've finally realized it's better for me to just plan for it than to try to be disciplined, fail, and be disappointed in myself every night. So now I add an evening snack into my diary, and I also leave a couple hundred calories unaccounted for in my day just to accommodate any…
  • I have had the same extreme fluctuations for years, but it would sometimes take a week or two to get back to the original low weight. I found that increasing my potassium made them much steadier. After discussing with my doctor, he put me on a potassium sparing diuretic. He also said that while minor fluctuations were…
  • I understand how frustrating this can be! My weight loss has been really slow, primarily because any time I eat out, no matter what it is or if it fits into my calories for the day, my weight would spike 5-7 pounds overnight and take at least a couple weeks to come back off. I know it's water weight because obviously if I…
  • My asthma has never been too bad, but I get flare ups with activity/exercise, which always kept me from doing much. Having asthma plus being out of shape made it sooo hard to breathe when I was working out, which made it even harder to be motivated. I started using the inhaler before workouts, which was incredibly helpful.…
  • I'm in the same position. I am vegetarian, rarely eat anything "unhealthy" (I just eat too much in general). My doctor said it was primarily genetics, although losing weight and aerobic exercise helps. Even when I had dropped about 45 pounds it was still on the high end of ok, though.
  • Hey! I'm in Portland too :) I'll add you
  • I have the same problem! A couple things that help me: Pre-log your week as much as possible. I basically eat the same breakfast, lunch, and snack every day, so every Monday I log those for the week and then fill in dinner daily. It feels like you're already a step ahead each day, and know what your plan is Plan for snacks…
  • This is great - Especially appreciate the Zig-Zag and macro features!
  • I had a free month, and it was nice to have a planned workout, but after a couple days, it was pretty obvious I wasn't going to get much out of it. You can't really increase the difficulty of any of the workouts. So I'd say it's great for a beginner to feel comfortable in a gym and using equipment, good for people who need…
  • I am super new to running too, and was able to run a mile for one of the first times in my life yesterday. I've been getting regular vigorous walks in for the last few months, and felt like they weren't really challenging any more, so I felt like I was ready to move to the next level ( so that's my first advice, make sure…
  • I went through the same thing - lost almost 50 lbs, then gained it all back,and am starting over and hoping to get back to what I had already achieved. I know (basically) how to incorporate exercise, calorie counting, macros, all that stuff. But knowing how isn't the same as motivating to do it every day. When I was…
  • Ugh, same thing here! It can be really discouraging seeing those significant fluctuations. You work so hard to drop a couple pounds, and then it's all back and then some overnight. For some reason I feel like my body gets really sensitive to food/drinks when I'm trying to lose weight. It seems like the fluctuations get a…
  • Have you tried baked tofu? Delicious. I also love the Gardein products. They have crispy "chicken" and also grilled chicken. Good protein and pretty tasty. I've been adding black beans and avocado to my salad for the extra protein lately.
  • As a vegetarian, protein is the hardest for me to get. I have to really be intentional with every meal, because it's so easy to just overload on carbs and forget the protein. My protein goal is about 120g a day. For breakfast i do egg whites, Morningstar vegetarian sausage links, and Dave's Killler Bread thins (about 30g…
  • I'm just starting out with it also. I've been googling info on it, and I keep seeing advice that says to focus on just a few key moves, like deadlift, squat, bench press, rows, curls, and add in a couple more extras if you want. I also started using a tracking app to log workouts (I'm using Jefit, although there are tons).…
  • Me too! Having motivated people on here definitely rubs off and gets me all motivated too! Would love some new buddies :)
  • I agree! I feel like having a support system is really the only way to be fully successful.
  • Woo! Good for you!
  • Woohoo! Amazing job!
  • I'm looking for more friends who are actively using MFP. Love the accountability and motivation. Add me :)
  • I'm trying to get re-motivated on here too, and would love some more, active friends! Add me :)
  • Hey! I'm trying to start over again too, and having people on here doing the same is so motivating (and seriously helps keep me accountable). Go ahead and add me if you'd like!
  • Me! I've been doing better lately, but I really could use the accountability. I need some more active / motivating friends on here too!
  • I'm not on the success end yet, but I too was so close to my goal after losing about 45 pounds, then gained it all back. Starting over is frustrating when you know you were so close before, but I keep telling myself at least I know how to do it this time.
  • Doing a Zombie Apocalypse 5k in October - so excited (and it will be my first 5k)
  • I weight myself every morning, and usually in the evening. I like seeing how my weight fluctuates throughout the day and how I respond to different meals. It makes me feel more knowledgeable about what my body is doing, and also helps me to not freak out if I see a huge gain overnight. I always think it's a lot better to…