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  • See now, if YOU knew how to lay the pipe properly, these women wouldn't be telling you their life drama and would be letting you work with their plumbing.
  • Friend Zone is an amazing place where you get put by being nice, or rather, friendly to somebody. Often you are in there because you never even asked her/him out. So you want them to start touching your private parts based on the fact that you are a nice person. And then you get angry at the fact that you are refused your…
  • I have never wondered that...
  • start weight lifting. Look into stronglifts 5x5. Its a good starter weight lifting program.
  • Please refer to a doctor if you feel that your pain isn't normal after a workout. We cannot diagnose you online.
  • This. When we log things regularly, after a while you get into the habit of stopping yourself if you are making terrible decisions. Stay persistent and you will get there!
  • I have given up many times. I started working out, lost a good amount of weight, gave up for a year, now I regret giving up because by now, I woulda been done had I continued. Keep persistent!
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  • As others would have undoubtedly mentioned, weight loss is mainly calories in and calories out. You can lose weight simply by eating little (but hopefully not dangerously little!) I am on a similar boat. I don't enjoy working out. At least not consistently. But I had to ask myself and these were the reasons that motivated…
  • Yes, some foods will fill you up and others will leave you wanting more. This is when you have to rely on logging your calories. On days when I eat junk food, I can easily eat 1.5k calories from KFC and still want more food. But when I am eating home cooked or something a bit light, I actual feel satisfied and full. I…
  • I have been a college student. Fast food is definitely NOT cheaper than home cooking. While I was living in Flint, MI I used to eat 6 meals a day averaging $0.80 or so per meal. Not gonna find fast food that is nutritious and filling for less than $6 a day. I suggest you look into ethnic foods. Start thinking ahead. Here's…
  • Its safe to assume most of it is water weight. It will slow down and will be steady weight loss after a few weeks. Keep on going, you are on the right track :smiley:
  • The best workout plan is one that you can stick with for a long time. I personally have done most types of workouts one time or another. They all get the job done of burning calories. Heres my input: 1) running/walking. Good for relaxing and you can let your mind wander. Walking is good for starters and easy and burns good…
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  • beans. They are very hearty and have a meaty texture to them. I like to make a bean salad or kidney beans curry (Super delicious btw). Lentils are another option. Lentil soups are always good.
  • Whats wrong with just eating an apple or some carrots...?
  • First off, no need to be angry with yourself. In time of need you had to turn to something that comforts you, in many of our cases, that is food. The way I was able to handle such situations, you will need patience and practice. Your daily diary logging is your best friend, in my humble opinion. When you daily log…
  • I think it is unwise to seek help on the forums since we cannot do tests or diagnose you properly. I am well aware the healthcare cost is high but this sounds like something serious and I would highly recommend you to visit your doctor.
  • Looking awesome. Nice work OP :)
  • Check the recipe. Most of them have serving size and nutrition information.
  • Here are some of the curry recipes from my family: Vegetarian: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/blog/taunto/view/eggplant-curry-449974 http://www.myfitnesspal.com/blog/taunto/view/bhindi-spiced-okra-curry-422688 http://www.myfitnesspal.com/blog/taunto/view/aloo-ki-subzi-indian-potato-curry-274866…
  • Wheres the "I don't like OP and every time I see his/her name I want to kill puppies like that scene in American Psycho, so I will just simply report him/her in hopes that (s)he disappears from this site that I have built my identity around because MFP is Love, MFP is live"?
  • This is great! I love that you took a potentially bad situation and turned it as motivation! Kudos to you :)
  • I am sure people have already given you the "just eat everything in moderation" speech. Its a good advice to follow. However, I also recognize that there are certain foods for people that we can't simply have "a little" and will often binge on it after the first bite. For sweets, such as chocolates/ice cream etc. I highly…
  • Have you guys met my ex?
  • Set more realiatic goals for yourself, which should include, raising your self esteem and insecurities. Self hate is a horrible thing. Hope you get some help. Good luck.
  • In her sleep, liberally pour NaOH on her head. No more hair in shower problem. You're welcome.
  • They changed how the forums work and how our posts shows up on our newsfeed. It used to be that when (for example) I replied to this thread, it would show on my newsfeed "taunto has replied to addicted to the community" which basically lets my friends know that this is a thread that I participated in and then they would be…
  • It will soon be 2 years since I made this thread. I would like to create a second thread in lieu of this thread and am asking the community if anyone is willing to step forward for second part If you have been inspired by this thread and/or the ladies of this thread, kindly contact me for showcasing your awesome results!