Chocolate alternatives

just ate a huge Hershey and almonds spread sandwich, and 3 kit kats! Feel like a failure have worked really hard, and barely lost 7lbs... What are some good alternatives?


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    Way to reach out for help. It really comes down to portion control for me. I drink chocolate Shakeology daily to help curb the cravings but I also keep dark chocolate Hershey kisses in the fridge and I allow 1 or 2 every so often. I make sure to account for them in my daily goals though and never have more than 2 or 3.
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    Optimum Gold Chocolate whey protein shake with some PB2 in it. Or for a more filling option make a full on smoothie with a cup of skim milk, table spoon of peanut butter, a banana, whey protein, and some ice cubes.
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    There is no substitute for real chocolate. Make space for a small amount in your calorie goals.

    Many people find that depriving themselves of the things they love will eventually lead to giving in and having a blow out.
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    Try Dark chocolate as alternative to regular chocolate; it is healthier. Also eat less of it a.k.a portion control.
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    abrashier1 wrote: »
    just ate a huge Hershey and almonds spread sandwich, and 3 kit kats! Feel like a failure have worked really hard, and barely lost 7lbs... What are some good alternatives?

    Did you weigh and accurately log everything and did you manage to eat it within your calorie defecit target across the week - if you did, then no biggie

    If by eating that you ended up being starving because you had no scope for real food then you should look at your portion sizes

    The trick is to incorporate foods you love within your calorie defecit - this sounds like a binge, perhaps brought on by self-denial (will power will only get you so far)

    So to replace chocolate .. I eat chocolate .. but I eat a really good quality 72% cocoa solids chocolate, I weigh out about 20g for 120 calories (or so), put a small piece on the centre of my tongue and let it slowly melt

    or sometimes I'll eat a choc-ice / chocolate coated ice cream because I can afford the under 230 calories it costs

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    lindt caramel with a touch of sea salt. 103 calories for 2 squares
    options has 60 calorie hot chocolate.
    muller chocolate fix is 99 calories.
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    One cup unsweetened coconut milk, banana, 2 tbsp cocoa, ice, blend.
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    eat chocolate! like most people I would say a little of what you fancy every day is better as it will stop you binging. If you can I would buy one large bar of good quality chocolate, (usually dark) and keep it in the fridge. Reward yourself at night with a chunk or two that you have made room for in your calorie count. I do however recommend kraft chocolate Philadelphia on toast when sometimes you really do have to have chocolate but don't want to do it at the expense of real food. the fact that you are binging on chocolate bars points to you not being full of other better foods.
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    I am sure people have already given you the "just eat everything in moderation" speech. Its a good advice to follow. However, I also recognize that there are certain foods for people that we can't simply have "a little" and will often binge on it after the first bite.

    For sweets, such as chocolates/ice cream etc. I highly suggest you try to learn what time you face the cravings. For me, its often at night time. And more often, its when I haven't eaten all day. Poor diet for me drives me towards sweets.

    Second, even with proper diet I often crave sweet. But I learned that after working out and sweating hard, I rarely get cravings. At which point instead of eating a pint of ice cream, I am content with a 120 calories candy and often, not even that.

    Hope this helps. Good luck in your future adventures.
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    I eat dark chocolate if I really want some... Or have a small cup of hot chocolate...
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    I've switched over to this:

    1 sliced, frozen banana, 2T. cocoa or cacao powder, dash vanilla, dash almond flavoring, maybe some cinnamon...Puree, adding about 1/4 c. of liquid--water is ok, but I've been using soymilk. It tastes a little health foody, but it's really good for you, and it has tamed my chocolate craving.
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    I eat one of the Quest bars with chocolate and that seems to do the trick. Then I'm getting protein and my "sweet" fix at the same time! :)
  • Chocolate is actually great for you and full of antioxidants! THAT IS as long as you're getting the right kind. Try dark organic chocolate (trader joe's is my go-to) So, don't cut chocolate out. Just make sure that you LIMIT how much you're having and keep in mind your planned sugars and whatnot for the day :)
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    I'm highly surprised I don't crave the sweets that much. However, I'm only 19 days into this diet. I think it's because of the chocolate protein shake each day. When I do crave a little something more, I'll put a teaspoon of apple butter on whole wheat bread. I've even drizzled a little honey on a lightly salted rice cake...taste like Kelloggs Honey Smacks cereal!! It's not chocolate but it does the trick for me.
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    I put chocolate protein powder in plain yogurt when I don't have the macros to allow just chocolate.
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    I keep a bag of dark chocolate chunks on hand. if I'm good throughout the day and have calories to spare, I get a few grams with my daily-allotted dessert. some days I can have 12 grams, some days I can only have 4. portion control and moderation are going to be your best friends. it takes time and effort, but it's worth it. (I'm reminded of this every time I DON'T have calories left for chocolate chunks. or even my dessert. just take it one day at a time.) best of luck!
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    Protein bars. I eat a protein bar a day. It keeps my chocolate cravings away, and helps build lean muscles and burn fat :smiley:
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    I find that Dove dark chocolate bites are the best transition to dark chocolate...still creamy and delicious. they are 50 calories each and individually wrapped...when I have a big chocolate craving they do the trick!
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    MAKE ROOM FOR YOUR CHOCOLATE in your calorie allotment for the day. You deserve it, and it deserves a place in your diet, if it is dark chocolate (antioxidants, minerals, fiber, good stuff!). But make it the best quality, tastiest dark chocolate (at least 70%) you can get your hands on. Expensive too. You won't wolf down a whole bar if you paid mad $$$$ for it, you'll want to ration it out (ok I'm still talking like $2.50 here even for the good stuff, haha). Something better than Hershey's/Dove/Nestle. Splurge on some Ghiradhelli, Perugina or some fancy organic, fair trade stuff and get some good karma too.

    I break off two pieces (a serving size) and eat it slowly every night for dessert. I look forward to it all day. If I have a super bad craving, migraine, or about to have a b!tchfit, I break off a square then too. Having a little extra calories doesn't destroy my goals and it's worth the stress relief. If I ignore the craving, I'll end up eating a bunch of other stuff to compensate and be miserable.
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    Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk! Best ever to make smoothie....I mix 1 large banana, 1/2 cup Silk Dark Choc Milk, 1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract. Makes about a 12 to 14oz. glass of smoothie that's about 125 cals. depending on the size of the banana.