Nutri bullet

juliaprenter Posts: 11 Member
they are awesome if u want to get all your fruit and veg in!


  • taunto
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    Whats wrong with just eating an apple or some carrots...?
  • chivalryder
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    crazyravr wrote: »
    Some people just hate the chew chew swallow function that your mouth provides lol :wink:

    Some girls prefer to just swallow.
  • bbarbush6
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    I absolutely hate carrots, beets, and most any root vegetable although I know they are all very important to eat. I tried juicing but then you end up throwing out so much fiber. I tried the Nutri bullet last summer and have been using it daily ever since. I now mix in some fruit with lots of veggies every day - fresh and raw - the whole thing. I wish I had one years ago.
  • ImmortalFire
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    Convenient if you work 80+ hours a week to get all your veg in