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  • Are you diligently measuring / weighing / logging everything that you eat?
  • Here's an article I found on the topic... You may also want to try what Galen Rupp did..... as pollen counts were insanely high and he has asthma Galen wore a mask at the 2011 USA Track & Field Championships (and won). I understand that hs mask was…
  • Were you able to synch before? I've been using both Garmin Connect & MFP for years and it's pretty much worked flawlessly.
  • I've been riding with cameras fore & aft for years and they've saved me from a few altercations with drivers (amazing how their attitudes change when you point out that you got their close pass or right hook on video). The reviews for the Garmin seem pretty interesting but I don't normally ride with a computer or my phone…
  • Cycling indoors you're not moving anything, you're making the wheel go around. To really get a handle on the calories expended you need to know the wattage, anything else is guesswork.
  • Citation? You do realize that a higher RHR does not mean a higher metabolic rate......
  • As the others have mentioned a 6 mile ride is very doable. We don't have quite the temperatures that you do but we have horrific humidity in the summer. I just wanted to expand a little on the safety side of things.....I have been riding for years with a blinking while LED light showing to the front & a very bright bling…
  • I'm pretty sure that the VO2 Max that my Garmin estimates isn't entirely accurate but it certainly is a good ego boost having it tell you that your fitness is just over half your chronological age (or else the average 34 year old these days is in horrible shape). I still have a ways to go to reach the "elite" levels.....
  • Watching what I eat has had the opposite effect for me. I should, for the sake of full disclosure, say that no food is off limits to me but counting calories has made me appreciate the foods that I really enjoy even more. I think of it as being akin to enjoying a very fine scotch, you don't need to drink a lot to…
  • Zwift can be a lot of fun but you may also want to check out TrainerRoad, it's very useful if you want programmed rides (with the paid version it will set up training plans for you and adjust them as you go & it's also got a reasonably accurate ladder test if you're trying to determine your approximate FTP)
  • I'm a fan of whatever is on sale at the time I need to replace something. For my triathlon kit most of it is Champion (they make my club's official kit)
  • In the before times when I went to a gym I found that the 6AM crowd was the more get in and get out (and typically older) than the after work crowd but I also suspect that may have been a time constraint with getting the workout completed and getting to work vs a little more leisurely approach after school / work.…
  • Slow down and then slow down some more. I'm a big fan of running on perceived effort (especially if you haven't really established your zones yet (I'm the same age as AnnPT77 and my max HR after over a decade of running, is quite a bit higher than the 220 - your age model). If you're relatively new to running don't worry…
  • No one, male or female, gets "bulky" by accident.
  • Depending on how long of a break you've taken you may find that your running fitness comes back fairly quickly. Assuming that your goal is finishing upright & smiling rather than an ambitious finish time I think it's doable. I slacked off from my running terribly during the pandemic, I seemed to have lost my motivation…
  • Run a half marathon again in May and bench press my body weight by the end of the year. Like many I've slacked off over the past couple of years with no in-person racing but now that it's back. The good part is that the running is going well, my longest runs so far this year are, compared to my old training volume, pretty…
  • Weight loss is all about energy balance, consume fewer calories that you expend and you'll lose fat (preferably a modest/sustainable calorie deficit) As to improving cardiovascular fitness walking is a great way to do it. I'm 66 and very fortunate that I started running / biking / swimming / rowing etc consistently more…
  • If you're still within your calories for the day eat whatever your heart desires.
  • It looks like bike time counts hour for hour, I may reconsider and go for the long haul as one of the Strava challenges I signed up for is 400 km on the bike in January.
  • Made it, final distance 202,094 metres.
  • 6,314 m this morning for a cumulative 196,759 with one day to close but so far away!
  • I was just looking on my log and they seem to have upped it to $70k this year (they're showing $56,000 raised so far so keep logging those metres!
  • I was a highly accomplished couch potato and at 5'8" / 235 lbs overweight & severely out of shape. Like many others I started out with walking. I lost some weight and felt pretty good until I started playing soccer again at which point I learned that wlaking wasn't going to give me the level of fitness that I needed to…
  • 12,273 m today, 152,210 to date. No days off between now & Christmas Eve.
  • Another vote for a horse stall mat, I use one in my garage for deadlifting.
  • 10,000 m today, hit 103,714 with 10 days to go. I'll have to step it up a bit if I'm going to make 200,000 m.
  • 25/11 - 6,336 27/11 - 10,000 28/11 - 5,000 29/11 - 10,000 30/11 - 5,000 01/12 - 6,262 02/12 - 7,337 03/12 - 6,340 (56,275 cumulative - halfway to level 1)
  • 25/11 - 6,336 27/11 - 10,000 28/11 - 5,000 29/11 - 10,000 30/11 - 5,000 01/12 - 6,262 (42,598 to date)
  • 26/11 - 10,000 m (16,336)
  • 25/11 - 6,336m