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  • There must be something to taking garlic supplements. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease (my immune system attacks me), and the doctor told me to stay away from garlic because my immune system would be "revved up" by it.
  • ^^^ This! Where's the like button?? You look fantastic. Keep lifting!
  • Following! I'm 4'10" and 53 years old. I originally lost about 40 pounds on 1400 calories a day, that's eating back some of exercise. Have been in maintenance, or so I thought, at 1500 but a few pounds have crept back. I do believe I got sloppy with logging too. It really is important to be accurate! So I'm kicking up the…
  • It is a journey of adjustments. That's why you have a history here on MFP that you can look back at (Reports feature) and see what you have done and what happened because of that over a period of time. Also, accuracy in logging has been my number one help in getting the scale moving again when things slow down. I forget to…
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  • Ditto this^^^ I am ovo-vegetarian, no dairy. My carbs are often way over what I am aiming for.
  • Hi, I am not completely vegan, but rather ovo-vegetarian (out of necessity). It becomes a mindset -- the very first thing I do is reach for / plan for the highest protein foods in anything I make. Pick almost every ingredient that way from green vegetables to beans on through. There is also textured vegetable protein. Just…
  • Loved reading this thread. Exactly what I needed, and I'm sure so many others, too. Thank you.
  • Hi Swiftdogs, I read your post and replies with interest. Way to go on the lifting! I am 53, and just finishing up physical therapy for lower back, I have arthritis in the SI region and joints. As a note on the planks: PT has me doing them, great for core, but recommends 30 seconds and break, then repeat. Longer than that…
  • *rubberneckin'* to see replies
  • Another problem that happens is that your shoulder seams will gradually work their way from where they belong, to various positions moving down your upper arms!
  • In your Fitbit account, your sleep tracking can be set to normal or sensitive. You may need to change it to less sensitive? Go to settings, then device settings, then scroll down to see it.
  • *Rubbernecking*
  • Also interested in the reply. I have a Fitbit One and my totals are always lower than expected.
  • Awesome. No wonder my back hurts. My form stinks! :tongue: This is why I come here, so many people know so much more than me. :)
  • Streching is a must for me -- almost as soon as I get out of bed, especially the legs! Even my feet and ankles are stiff first thing. The creaking and popping? can't blame that on lifting. :tongue: Oh, and the more water I drink the better I feel.
  • I did a lot of lunges before-hand too. Honestly, with squats EVERY session, and deads in one, more does NOT feel necessary! My bet is you will only miss the stretch. :wink:
  • Score one for being LESS mature, with you there. It's a really good day when you have a TEENAGER tell you to "grow up!" :laugh:
  • Hi, and welcome. I am 52 and have been lifting since adout last Aug., and have seen all the classic improvements it can bring. I have not done any other programs, but this one is so straight forward, I think you'll enjoy it as a change. I have lifted through shoulder, knee and hip problems, and go more slowly on my…
  • While lifting gloves are good, for small hands the padding can further reduce your grip size. Other good choices are bicycle gloves or batting gloves w/ finger tips removed. Less padding, good grip.
  • <P.S. This is a sumo deadlift, which is fine to do actually, and a lot of women find themselves more naturally suited to it (I may actually switch to that myself after last week's back tweak incident):> I never have hit my legs before, until today when I decided to try the Sumo DL instead - hit the tops of my knees on the…
  • Hip? Hip?? Got my attention... If I may ask, what does your hip do? I am frustrated by creaky, cracking, sore hips at times so anything that will help is good.
  • Mine are def. hormone related - as is often the case in women. Women also carry more body fat than men as part of hormone management for their bodies. If you have lost body fat - indicated by decreasing measurements, then things could be a bit disrupted for now. Maybe enough to cause a headache or two? Just a thought.
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  • Yes! I do get migraines and I have a couple of thoughts. First, if you don't already track them, start doing it. It can help you see patterns and triggers. 2nd. drink MORE water, make sure that's not the issue. 3rd. are you straining/tensing your neck during lifting? I have found that when I bench press I was also pushing…
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  • No clue how self conscious you are, but the Eat, Train, Progress group will give you an estimate of your body fat (Sara and Patrick). There's a thread where you can post pictures, or you can PM them privately and send photos if you don't want to post them. If you're above 30%, it's harder for them to guestimate, but it…
  • I just did the spreadsheet. We'll see how it goes. I have been struggling to eat find maint.and eat just under, but I have gained over the past month so getting frustrated. A little means a lot on a small fram. Oh, and HORRORS! The spread sheet information is based on the highest of the 3 estimates, 45% BF - which is way…
  • [/quote] Im struggling with the spreadsheet lol cant figure out how to edit it :/ Make a copy isnt highlighted for me to choose and iv tried opening it in excel spreadsheet viewer but again, wont let me edit. im not very good with these types of things sadly :( [/quote] I just did the same thing. Its possible you have to…
  • Welcome, glad you checked in. As far as rotator cuffs go, I lift with a surgical repair on the left, and chronic problems on the right. You can still do this, just warm up properly, and ice when you need to. I also found this very useful:
  • @Doozer -- Go get a REAL, deep muscle massage. You will be a new man. My husb. got to the point of barely walking while on a business trip once, did that and it saved him! Worth every penny. Also write stuff down :)