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  • Thanks! I was concerned that I may have done some damage to my metabolism from all the restrictive dieting and over exercising in the past (whish I obviously could not maintain) I feel completely dedicated and motivated and not one bit restricted at this point. especially since I cut carbs, it seems as if I get to eat…
  • that's my goal! but i am over weight, so I just want to make sure i'm making the right choice. I recently started to cut some carbs, i was eating "healthy" but my carb intake was ridiculously high i was feeling sluggish and tired all the time not to mention super BLOATED, so thats helped a bit but i still feel like theres…
  • Thanks! I am really happy with any loss, but it sometimes seem i'm putting more work into this without gett theing result i expected. The weight i am at right now i feel as though i should have at least a 2 lbs loss for a few weeks. I'm still happy with any loss though:)
  • Thank you for this. Great read:)
  • I have done lots of research and applying what i've read in the correct routine/ meal plan, doesn't seem to be working for me, and I feel like I could use my time more wisely with someone who has experience with weights/cardio/what to eat. and actually SEE results, instead of busting my butt without the results. I have the…
  • HI, i'm 5'5 and my goal weight is 125-130 lbs. lost 30lbs so far.... 60-65lbs left to go :) and I couldn't be more excited to have this to look forward too!!! GOOD LUCK everyone!
  • This is so very true, and a great way to look at things, no matter what i do in these 8 months time will pass, so if i keep working towards my goal i'll be closer to reaching it then if i just keep saying "tomorrow i'll work harder"...i'm going to work hard TODAY. thank-you:)
  • Thanks everyone, I'm really happy with all of the replies i've received!, so motivating and encouraging... Thank you all xo!!!!
  • Thanks! i have already lost 30 lbs using MFP and regular daily workout, but i think i'm going to strat up with the gym again to help mose pass this discouraging plateau. I get excited just thinking about it, that hard work will be so worth it!! thanks again:)
  • Thanks for the advice! I got to push myself a little harder to get through this plateau of 30 pounds, then i'll be on my way! thanks again:)
  • HI, I'm also aimin for 80 pounds, I have 50 more to go, it's definitely a struggle but so worth it. Good luck, and just keep on going you'll get there wiht hard work and dedication:smile:
  • I understand that:) it's still a success no matter how much you've loss and/or how long it takes! you never gave up and that success...way to go!
  • After reading this post, I just increased my calories to 1380 per day, from 1200. I lost 30 pound and every ten pounds I lost mfp decreased my calories. so I was down to 1200 calories per day and the scale has not moved in 4 weeks. so maybe this is what I needed to do. onyl time will tell. thanks for the post!
  • I haven't had any weight loss in almost 4 weeks either!!! I was doing so good and then all of a sudden it just stopped and stays around the same few pounds, and I know there's weight to come off. Could we all be consuming not enough calories although I don't fully understand that. and could a morning workout help? I'm so…
  • Thanks everyone!!!! How about under armour? does anyone know where I can order under armour online in canada, the under armour site does not have much selection for canada.
  • There's really no where to buy where I live, and it's for a team sport so we will have to order. just looking for some sites that ship to canada:) thanks though!
  • I'm interested in seeing what responses are posted for this topic, I was kinda wondering the same was, and I was thinking there must be some sort of solution for these issues. Thanks for posting!!!!
  • Wow, Thanks everyone, I can't wait to try some of the these interesting recipes! I was just getting so bored with the plain bake fish :( ....Keep them coming!! Thanks again!!!
  • Thanks everyone:) I'm so happy with all these responses. They have really picked up my spirits and it's so great everyone can sort of relate! I get so down, and feel so sick, when I have these "binge" days, i'm still a "work in prgoress" stage, of my weightloss journey, so i'm still learning how to deal with it all. SO…
  • I ordered the butt bible as well... will have it by the 18th! can't wait to start, I've only heard great things about it.....and yet another great thing that you seen results within the first week. i'm excitied:) Good Luck, and keep up the hard work!!!
  • I really love turbo fire, it's fun, you burn lots of calories and the music is great. I really enjoy these dvd's over all the others I have:)
  • Hey! thanks for all the responses:) I realize you cannot spot reduce. I was just wondering if there was anything that could help, I've lost 7 inches off my waist and only 3 off my hip as if there wasn't enough difference in my hip to waist ratio. I do alot of cardio, maybe not enough weight training.
  • Thanks for all the comments. I resally dont know hwat to be looking for but I came up with these 2 choices: 1. specialized hardrock sport disc (the recommended from above) 2. 2012 trek 4500 disc Anyone know which bike would be best for my price point. or in anyone has any other suggestions that would be great too. Thanks:)
  • Where I live, doesn't really have bike stores, just one store that sells some bike with a huge mark up because there are no other options to buy bikes. So I was thinking I could order one but then I really wouldn't be able to get fitted. Thanks for the reply though:)