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  • I don't use the import recipe... its has so many glitches. I use the manual recipe option. Also try to post here http://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/categories/website-suggestions-feedback Maybe someone can help you there
  • Well welcome back!!! And congrats on getting back to your healthy self. Its hard, being a mom, wife, friend trying to be healthy. But you can do it!
  • Adding you now, Im very active :-)
  • Welcome to MFP . :-)
  • Wow ... I guess one advantage to working at Dominos. You will eventually grow tired of pizza. Good luck on your weight loss venture
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  • Totally doable Kathy! Just keep your vision as your motivation. When you want to give up, think about how you got to 300lbs and if you want to be 300lbs again. Take progress pictures and measurements along the way because the scale doesn't always tell the entire weight loss story Invest in a food scale and be sure to be…
  • Congrats on your NSV!!! Thats always motivation to keep going. You look fabulous! You'll get tons on responses, on how folks handle going out, the thing is every one is different. So pick what sounds like the closest to your mindset. Here how I handle outing (especially planned a head outings) I make sure that I work out…
  • Yes!!! it is an awesome workout.
  • Too busy of a weekend. Lots of steps, but no really workout. Back on track this morning with cardio and 30 minute CX Works class. The scale was not all that friendly to me for this weekends weigh in. Im just trying to get to 15lbs down. And it is taking forever to see that total.
  • Hi all, I turned 40 in July . Ive previously lost 60lbs in 2009. slowly gained it all back. Then over the past 3 years Ive been losing and gaining the same 15 lbs. I came back to MFP to get the lbs back off for good. I workout out 5-6 days a week. Today was 30 minute CX Work Class, with 20 minutes of Arc trainer intervals…
  • Awesome loss!! those last 5lbs can be hard. Keep on putting in the work , you'll get there
  • You can do this, and if you get on track now. 20 lbs in 6 months is totally doable. Try not set your weekly goal at 2 lbs a week. If you are trying to do this the right way, you don't want to feel restricted. There is a big difference with a lotted calories for 1lb a week and 2 lbs a week. As far as exercise, find…
  • Welcome Back Kiara!!
  • Morning, Kathryn ~ Wow your brother sounds like wonderful person. Hugs to you and your family, I have had plenty of deaths in my family and I can so relate to the back to back deaths and mental exhaustion . It really does effect you, be sure as Sarah says, look into grief counselor . And I'm so happy the scale was gentle…
  • Been there done that. Lost 60lbs, gained every pound back. Then I spent 3 years losing and gaining the same 15 lbs. Went the same with mu husband, although he never said it was my weight. I felt like crap, and had no self confidence so ultimately it effected our relationship. But we have been working on our relationship…
  • Is the 60 lbs related to a surgery? 60 lbs by Dec is very extreme. 1000 is drastic.. 1200 is better. Get a food scale, they run about $20.00. I actually have 2 (1 at home & 1 at work). Measure your food that way, measuring cups & spoons aren't accurate enough. Choose foods that have substance to them, try to make the most…
  • Ray!!! I am so excited for you. I read the original post and now all of your updates. This is awesome. Please keep up the hard work and efforts. Im sure you family is so proud of you.
  • yes prep = goals but bacon = <3 :D
  • Second the food scale, and just weighing the out the grams/ounces. So much easier and much more accurate.
  • Gem... hahahahahha! Mango!! So sorry to here about you wedding venue. I hope you find something soon. And I completely agree with the decision made, if you are going to forget about me now, what happens on my wedding day. Congrats on the pressure cooker score... Im super jealous. Ive been wanting one. And what type of…
  • Join the club sister. Ive known my husband since 1996 . He has never gained 1 pound . No matter what he eats.
  • Adding you
  • Hi and welcome to the community !
  • Morning All!! I hanging on by a wing and a prayer today. Even less sleep last night. I have no clue what the problem is. Im usually a sleeper and dont have any issues getting it. Trip to the dentist this morning, received some fillings, so I cant eat for a bit. And of course Im super hungry Mannins - A few years ago I made…
  • Hi and welcome. A few things: 1 - Purchase a food scale and learn how to weigh and practice portion control. This helps keeps you honest and consistent in your food diary. If the pack says 28 grams is 1 serving, weigh out 28 grams. 2- if you are drinking calories with out tracking, stop. Those calories count also, stack up…
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  • fitbit.com/user/2X639K
  • Feel Free to Add !! fitbit.com/user/2X639K
  • Hi All, Drowning, in work... **waves** someone save me My fitbit tells me I slept well, however I don't feel like it. My shoulders are so sore from my cx worx class. My scale was super nice to me, even though TOM was still sticking around. Down 1.4 lb Dinner last night and leftovers are ... delicious…
  • Preach Gurl! Been there and done that. I stress ate/ emotional ate through 3 years of my life. Then continued to lose and gain the same 15 lbs. Every time I gained, I'd be burdened with guilt.
  • Hi - You Click the name under the picture, then when the pop opens, you click the name again. Then find the add friend button .