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  • Ooh thats tempting - all crisps here are cooked in sunflower oil although rapeseed is becoming more common. Must admit I'm looking to do midwifery and once the kids have grown thinking of emigrating and canada is in the top 3 choices.
  • I have no choice to be both gluten and dairy free and still managed to pile on the pounds - and I don't use too many substitutes either. One thing you have to remember is that there are many vital nutrients in these food groups and you have to be very careful to make sure you get a balanced diet - you may need to take a…
  • I'm gluten, egg, soya, dairy, mustard and sunflower free and finding package stuff can be difficult. Still looking for crisps that i can eat.
  • Fellow pagan and game player here ( when i get the chance with four kids) and awaiting something decent for the PS4 although have been toying with WOW again .
  • I have a Garmin forerunner 10 and love it. Much more accurate than runkeeper etc. The other bonus is that I'm ofetn running alone and have found that having an app running on my phone means it can take a while to close down to being able to make a phonecall - in the case of an emergency time can make a difference.
  • Just to olet you know Brookes do 2 fittings and B and D. I have wide feet and seem to be ok on both.
  • I'm also a very sensitive coeliac and often foods are packaged in the same factory as good that have gluten. For example ham. If the normal ham is cut on the same slicer as the breaded ham there is risk of contamination. However I'm not like the OP mum - I have to eat gluten free but the kids have normal stuff. The only…
  • Another for too much too soon. Have a look at C25k programmes and do you have your shoes fitted after gait analysis? Wearting the wrong shoes can cause lots of problems.
  • It is everywhere unfortunately but corn does not have gluten and is safe to eat unless you are allergic/intolerant to corn.
  • Sorry should say bananas - stupid autocorrect - wont let me edit for some reason.
  • Hugs - cant offer much advice although I've been told babas can sometimes help ease the pain. Fingers crossed it clears up in asap.
  • Have they done blood tests/ biopsy to confirm coeliacs as it not a gluten allergy but an auto immune disorder and can cause lots of different problems? I would consider having your doctor run these tests before going gluten free. I'm also gluten fee, dairy and soya free among a few others things so feel free to add me if…
  • I got told by my pt that the maximum i should cut is 250 calories if i was training (1/2 lb a week) and eat all my exercise calories back - even then they pointed out that i may to lower the cut even more. Basically I had two choices train or lose weight - imagine your body is a car - would you be able to drive it 26 miles…
  • Its a hard one. The wrong form can cause all sorts of problems and can be hard for someone to see especially if they are new. I think in this case i would have had a word with a class leader. I know that i would want bad form pointed out but have also been at the end of unwanted advice from someone who did not know my…
  • I've lost over 60lbs but my overall goal was to get fitter so exercise came into that big time. Currently my weight loss has stalled because I'm training for half marathons but as I'm getting fitter I'm still hitting my goals.
  • Granted but only because Camille Leblanc-Bazinet is turned into a zombie and if you don't beat she will eat you. I wish for a ticket for the polar Marathon.
  • Granted but you end up with a massive body and tiny head. I wish that i could run a nine min mile.
  • Granted but you have to give birth to it. I wish for rain.
  • Granted but you will be one of those 'new' crew members that never return from an away trip. I wish my leg would stop hurting.
  • Another coeliac here and have been for over 20 years. I was also 100lb overweight when I joined the site so for me gluten free does not equate weight loss. Some people do lose weight especially if they don't replace bread etc with the gluten free options - we all should lose weight if we decided to replace 2 cookies with 2…
  • Just like to wish you good luck. I'm one of those people who aim high and although I take my time I finish.
  • But remember to log your bread and honey.
  • Catch them and bake them in a pie - you will need four and twenty tho.
  • I drink it - must admit the kids might not survive if i did not get my caffeine hit. However i can statically prove that 100% of all diet pop drinkers will die with 500 years of drinking the stuff.
  • Going Gluten free will make my weight drop off. Wish that was true as a coeliac and started ogg 100lbs overweight - been gluten free for over 20 years.
  • Looking at your diary your calorie goal is very low and you are filling it on chocolate and crisps which wont help fuel your body. You need to eat more and spend your calories better. Also some of the mood will be high in sodium such as the crisps and the soup.
  • 30lbs in 17 days? Do we get our leg/arm amputated or something?
  • Hi I've also got coeliacs and can't have dairy. Please feel free to add me.
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  • I use aldi sunblock. I dont normally burn but the amount of time i'm out running I'd rather be safe than sorry. Its cheap and cheerful but did a 2 hour race in 25 degrees and no burning.