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  • You can add me for support. My total goal is to get to 150 but right now I will stick with 20 pounds by January. I have done this before with success but then I got lazy and quit logging my food. All my weight came back. So I am starting fresh today. And I need support as well.
  • I am 41 and looking to lose at least 60 pounds. I used MyFitnessPal back in 2012 and was able to lose 40 pounds. Then I got lazy and quit watching my food intake. I gained it all back. I am also looking for supportive friends.
  • Everyone I know. My family, my friends, even co workers. And myself of course. You aren't fat, why are you dieting, just have some you only live once. I have heard it all. And while I am in charge of what I eat I also struggle with will power so.....
    in SABOTAGE Comment by Nikki31104 June 2016
  • Cornstarch works just like flour as a thickener. I don't know how it compares nutritionally though.
  • I had mine removed a year ago. The pain from the surgery wasn't too bad. However I had intense pain in my right shoulder. When they do the surgery they pump you full of gas so they can get in there easier. The pain that the gas caused was pretty bad. I was also EXHAUSTED for the first 2 weeks. I would take a shower and…
  • I have the same problem. It is so hard to change everything when you get so much negative feedback from your family. No one in my family wants to eat healthy. They want everything fried. Or all the sugar they can get.
  • I have PCOS. I was diagnosed about 5 years ago. I was taking Metformin for it. Then I quit because I am a knucklehead. I gained 20 pounds in one month. The only thing I changed was the Metformin. So this week I started taking it again. I have at least 40 pounds to lose. I don't know a whole lot about PCOS. Just that it can…
  • In 2012 I lost 40 pounds and I never really noticed the change. Everyone else could see it but not me. I think I was in denial about how big I actually was when I started the weight loss. I didn't look in a full length mirror EVER so I never really saw myself. Now I have put all the weight back on so I am starting over.…
  • Most definitely. I was just using a high calorie food as an example.
  • Absolutely. You can have anything you want as long as you are under your calorie goal.
  • It doesn't even have to be healthy wholesome foods, you just have to eat at a calorie deficit. If you wanted to live on chocolate cake you could and still lose weight as long as you ate at a deficit. Granted you would be hungry a lot...
  • When I first started here in 2012 I lost 40 pounds JUST eating at a deficit. I didn't do any exercise. However when I am having a stressful day or I just feel down in the dumps I will go for a walk and I feel much better afterwards. I don't think walking is ever a bad idea but it isn't critical to weight loss.
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  • That is one thing I am worried about. I have a cousin who has it. I don't know how hereditary it is as far as cousin's go. All her kids have issues so I know it is hereditary from parent to child.
  • So I should probably start taking it again? I had my blood sugar checked today after a 12 hour fast and it was right where it should be. I will start the metformin again and see what happens. I am due for a physical in 2 months. If nothing changes in that time while back on the metformin then I will have a long talk with…
  • No new medications. I did recently STOP taking metformin. I was on it for PCOS but I was still having just as much pain if not more so I thought 'why am I wasting my money on this pill and it isn't doing anything'. JeromeBarry! you make me laugh....jammed 70,000 calories....thank you, I needed that today. I will admit that…
  • SezxyStef...definitely not pregnant. I know I have not changed my eating habits enough to gain 20 pounds in a month. I do believe a trip to the doctor is next on my to do list.
  • Great point Shanna. I think for me especially I go in 110% percent and change everything right away. Then I get frustrated when I don't see instant results.
  • I am kind of having the same problem. In 2014 I lost 40 pounds. I have since gained all but 7 pounds back. So I am starting again. I am 5'5" and 210 pounds. Unfortunately I don't have a butt or thighs so it is all in my stomach and boobs. I have a bunch of summer dresses that I want to get into but when I wear them I look…
  • You too!!
  • I have been trying to lose forever but unfortunately I know exactly what I am doing wrong and I still do it. I lost 40 pounds in the past just following the calorie guidelines that MFP gave me. I did exercise here and there but nothing drastic.
  • I am back on too. It has only been about a year for me but in that year I gained a lot of weight. I am looking to lose 40 pounds but I will be happy with 15 by August.
  • I contacted them and you are right...they are awesome. They are sending me a new Fitbit.
    in Fitbit ? Comment by Nikki31104 May 2016
  • My fitbit band is falling off after only having it for 4 months. I love having it but I am very disappointed in the quality.
  • I like what Alluminati said. Just have fun.
  • Inver Grove Heights
  • Derf you explained that way better than I did. :)
  • MFP automatically puts you at a deficit. What that means is even if you don't do any exercise and you stay under the calorie goal they set for you, you will still lose weight. When you exercise you burn calories. If you burn more calories than you are bringing in you will lose out on the healthy part of losing weight. You…
  • Any kind of Zumba is fun.
  • That happened to me after a long day at the state fair. My inner thighs were raw. It was so painful that I couldn't even let my thighs touch. And they were scabbed for a week.