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  • Ah great - thanks for all the responses. I'll check those out. There are so many dressings out there, it's great to get actual recommendations. I like sweet chilli on salads from time to time actually, that reminds me that we've run out.
  • I currently use balsamic and a light spray of olive oil if I feel I need something on my salad, but quite fancy a proper dressing and making my own isn't quite cutting it for me. :) Might try the Branston pickle (not keen on Picalili), that's an interesting idea. We tried the Newman's Own creamy caesar a while back and…
  • I don't like tomatoes, or salsa, but thanks for the suggestion...
  • I am - feel free to add me! I started back in May and have got on fantastically well with it, it fits seamlessly with my life. I fast daily, but do anything from 16:8 (16 fasted, 8 eating) to 24+ hours depending on my routine. Currently I am 18 hours into a 24 hour fast. Personally I have noticed a lot of good results.…
  • I've had it since I was a teen, and I've been all sort of sizes. My 4 year old also has it. I find exfoliating in the shower and moisturizing regularly helps approve the appearance, but ultimately it's always there.
  • Water. I'm fasting, so it's just water for most of today.
  • 12:33pm. It looks lovely outside with blue skies, but it actually a bit cold.
  • I'm in the UK so it may vary, but here hummus is kept with the refrigerated dips and sandwich fillings. Edamame can be found fresh with premade salads, or with the vegetables in the freezer section. Or dried in the international foods section.
  • I can't see it myself either, I think that's pretty common. Even looking at progress pictures I can't see much of a change, yet I know that I have lost inches and my clothes fit much better or in some cases I need to buy new ones.
  • My target is constantly evolving - I tend to just aim for 10lb, and see how I feel when I get there. :) How do I feel about the way my body looks? How do I feel health wise? How do I feel about losing another 10lb? My ultimate goal is to be on the higher end of a healthy BMI/low end of overweight as that's where I was the…
  • I've had a lot going on and had to duck out of July (or was it June?), so here goes again. Name: Hayley Age: 26 Height: 5'5 Start Weight (1st August): 179lb Goal Weight (1st September): 174lb 1st August: 179lb 8th August: 15th August: 22nd August: 29th August: 1st September: Weight lost/gained this week: 0lb Weight…
  • Generally the same as I did before just in smaller quantities, but I'm a bit more smart about it I'd say and try to justify foods to myself. When I want to eat something I look at whether I consider it worthwhile - will I feel like I've wasted calories after eating it? Is there something more nutritionally dense that would…
  • 5'5, 179lb. I'm a UK 16-18 (which I think is a US 14-16.) I don't particularly have a target weight, but would like to get to a UK 14-16 or dead 14. That was always my most comfortable size as a teen.
  • I want to be fit enough to run around with my 4 year old for a long time yet, and hopefully healthy enough to be around for her in later years.
  • Tough one... I'd have to say intermittent fasting, personally. I was struggling even with MFP as I would pretty much be grazing all day, I really struggled not to go over on calories even at 1700+. Fasting for a portion of the day has totally changed how I look at food and eating, so that even on days when I don't fast I…
  • By myself I am reading "The Shadow in the North" by Phillip Pullman alongside various Egyptology books, and with my daughter I am re-reading "Matilda" by Roald Dahl.
  • It's never really bothered me, but then he's far heavier than I am - he hasn't a clue what he weighs, but it's a good 20-25kg more than I do, so it wouldn't even occur to me to be bothered by my own weight. We're both obese. Maybe if he were slimmer it could bother me, I guess, but I can't imagine keeping it a secret. That…
  • Great job! I'm a couple of pounds shy of the same myself - I can't wait. :D
  • I have had the Zip for nearly a year and I'm still really happy with it. I opted for that one as I wasn't interested in the sleep, steps, or heart rate monitor - I haven't thought "oh, I wish I had gone for one with x function" at all. I also really like it clips on, so I can wear it wherever.
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  • £10.99 a month, which is roughly $17 I believe. That's cardio machines, free weights, weights machines, kettlebells, TRX, etc. Some classes but they aren't very good. I'm not interested in classes though, and it's open 24 hours, so suits me. ;)
  • I'm celebrating this too - I've been going through a rough patch recently for various reasons, and have been on holiday too, so logging has been patchy at best. Yet I maintained for a few weeks, and had lost this week. It's such a great feeling, isn't it?
  • My goals have always been clothing based ha. Recently I slimmed back into a pair of vintage-cut jeans and rocked those most days for weeks before I got bored ha - now I have a sweet little red polkadot dress that I'm working towards. I can't wait to wear that. :D
  • I have a baggy bum in my favourite work trousers! :/ Not a good look, guess it's time to buy some new ones.
  • I often have leftovers from dinner the night before - yesterday I had cabbage rolls with boiled potatoes. :) Or a tin of tuna mashed up with something like avocado, mayonnaise, hot sauce, whatever. I do also use dairy-free protein shakes and find they work well, sometimes I'll put a scoop of powder into a smoothie. Vanilla…
  • Dairy - I'm lactose intolerant! ;)
  • Weekly, but I'm looking to transition to daily and monitor the average. I measure every other week.
  • I used to be like this, absolutely. I would eat within half hour of waking without fail, else I would feel nauseous and dizzy. I decided to give IF a go on a day that I knew I would struggle to fit in breakfast, decided to just see how far I could push back my first meal. I didn't eat until lunch. It really surprised me. I…
  • I practice intermittent fasting and often eat my food within a small window towards the end of the day. I'm another who is hungry from starting to eat, whatever the time, so find if I don't start eating until 2-4pm I am less likely to overeat - I used to just graze all day and it was so hard to keep within my calorie…
  • I was quite fortunate that I already had a lot of clothes that were a bit too small and I've slimmed into, I find having a few bits that fit and can work with your too-big stuff works really well. Have a few things that fit you well, preferably second-hand or cheaply, and work out what you can do with things that are too…
  • Once a week (Wednesday) when I visit someone who has a digital scale ha. I keep saying I will buy myself one, but never get around to it. I think once I can weigh at home I'll start weighing daily for a while to monitor the fluctuations though, mostly just out of curiosity.