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  • Incredible!! Really happy for you :smile: Way to go!!
  • I swim laps 3-4 days per week for 30 mins each session (that is mostly due to covid-related restrictions on how long you can use the pool at my gym). I would like to add strength training before that to up my workout game/my strength. I might try for that today! My goal is to shed about 10-15 extra pounds (my weight isn’t…
  • Just started swimming laps again after waiting a long time—was hospitalized for a torn artery. My workout this time was 1400 yards in 30 minutes. My Apple Watch is a big motivator since it tracks my heart rate, lap number/style, etc. I love it!
  • Ending up in the ICU with a torn/dissected carotid artery at age 33.
  • 72 minutes on my recumbent bicycle = 500 cals burned. While on the bike, I used 5 lb dumbbells to get in some arm exercises simultaneously. These included: push presses, curls, and a boxing style of sorts 😊
  • My goal weight is 135. When I was an athlete years ago, at 17% body fat, I weighed around 150 from muscle. But now, I am looking to be leaner than I was then, though still toned. If it means weighing more to obtain the physique I want—then at the end of the day, I don’t really care if I end up in the 140s. :)
  • Congratulations, first of all, on reaching your goal weight! And a big thank you to you for taking care of elderly patients in need during such a difficult time. I think one of the most important things to do, when talking with your husband, is echoing how much these recent health/lifestyle changes have helped you to feel…
  • Scale hasn’t been budging recently and I know that can be for so many reasons :). But—when I measured myself today, it confirmed that I had lost 2.5” off of my waist, 2” off of my hips, 1” off of each thigh. 😃
  • I was recently hospitalized in ICU with a carotid artery dissection/tear and have been told to take things slow and to eat healthily. This greatly motivates me every day now! I want a long, happy, healthy life.
  • I am starting from square 1 again as well! Just went through a serious health complication and everything got put on hold. I’m not allowed to exercise right now, but I’d love to join this motivational journey to eat healthy again and lose my extra 15-20 lbs :).
  • I just started 16:8 IF three days ago. I have always struggled with food cravings, especially sugar. I was able to get away with this for many years being an athlete. When my athlete days were over, it certainly caught up with me. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s/hypo thyroidism last summer and I’m feeling the negative…
  • Your story is really inspirational to me! I am ~5’8”, and have recently been diagnosed (about 7 months ago) with hypothyroid/hashimoto’s. My weight and general wellness has been fluctuating as my endo and I try to find the right dose for medication. You have a very similar frame to mine and I look forward to achieving…
  • Waking up feeling well-rested and being able to look in the mirror and say “you truly look happy, healthy, and glowing.” It’s one thing (and appreciated) to hear it from others, but more than Anything, I can’t wait to feel that way about myself again :).
  • I also just started keto several days ago. I am doing it for my autoimmune disease and to drop my remaining stubborn weight that won’t go away as a result of the disease. Would love to make some keto friends!
  • You look amazing! Your progress/transformation is incredible :)
  • Hi there!! :) welcome and I wish you success and happiness along your journey. I am 5’7” and 150 lbs. I am looking to go down to 140-145 but purely by exchange to muscle. I have a lot of extra fluff in my lower body that drives me nuts, lol! I am up against my low metabolism from hashimoto’s but recently started treatment…
  • You look amazing!! I’m happy for you!! :)
  • I send you my thoughts! I really respect your strength as well as your commitment to helping yourself feel/get better through all of these challenges. Just know that you have support here and I wish you all the best—each and every day. I am only managing one chronic/autoimmune disease which interferes with much of my day…
  • Amazing! You look incredible :) you should be super proud!
  • Congratulations!! :) I’m so happy for you!
  • So freaking amazing!! I’m so happy for you—you look happy and glowing :) you should be so proud of all your hard work!
  • I do a mix of cardio (elliptical) for maybe 15 minutes max to get my heart rate up and then weight training exercises/machines a few days per week for now (e.g. lateral pull down machine, leg adductor/abductor, etc.). I’m hoping to bump it up to at least 4 days per week. Once per week, I also work with an athletics…
  • I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s this year in June after years of worsening symptoms. I am now on a highly restrictive diet but make sure it is balanced and nutritious. It is nice to know there are others on here who are navigating this path with me. I am currently in the phase of trying to find the right medication dose.…
  • Feeling confident in a swimsuit next summer!
  • I did swim for a little bit today :) Did 33 lengths (825 yards) freestyle in about 18 minutes. I'm trying to fit anywhere between 33 and 66 lengths each time I go.
  • I absolutely love swimming! I admit that I have been pretty bad logging my diet and exercise on my MyFitnessPal account; however, I am happy to say that I have continued swimming at least 4 days per week for the last one and a half months. I would love to connect with other swimmers on here and share swim routine ideas or…
  • My victories mirror yours! I have an extensive history of compulsive eating where I would eat an entire box of cookies or a whole bag of chips-- easily downing 1000+ calories in one snack. Now I stock my kitchen with healthy items and follow serving sizes--which is a very challenging but rewarding feat for me. :) I'm also…
  • I am 5' 6 & 3/4"..a little taller than requested...but, as of now, my stats are as follows: B: 34 W: 28 H: 42 (lol..I have always had wide hips/pronounced don't imagine this will change much as there isn't much fat on my hips and I don't lose much from the back.) Weight= ~150 lbs, though I haven't weighed…
  • I don't dye my hair like I used to. I started dying my hair at a very young age (in 6th grade). I did that because I liked being different and looking different. From that point on, I could not stop dying my hair until the end of college (I was pretty hooked, lol). I tried practically every color, even all the colors of…
  • --Seeing and spending time with my family, boyfriend, and friends --Experiencing those, ow my abs hurt so bad and my eyes are tearing up I am laughing so hard, kind of moments, lol. The kind of gut laughter where you can barely even make a sound because you ran out of air to keep laughing, lol. --Progressing with my…