ladies - 5ft 5/6 what are your measurements?



  • DawnieB1977
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    Did any of you start with 50 inch or so hips? If so what did you end up down to?

    Mine were 51" and now just under 41". I'm aiming to lose another couple of inches off them.

    I'm 5'6" and my waist is 30" and my boobs 38". As you can see in my pic i'm a bit of an hourglass. I'm aiming to lose 2-3" off hips/boobs/waist. I'm not entirely sure of my bra size at the moment as having kids has changed it, but i'm still wearing a variety of old bras and haven't been measured. I'm probably around a 34D (UK so possibly C in the US).
  • Betty_Canada
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    Well - lessee here... (chest is at ribcage)

    Started at about 44/48/55 at 236
    Presently down to about 42/43/50.5 at 200


    Still have another 50-60 lbs to lose (at least), but planning to get off my butt and start doing some strength training in 2013.

    The 42" chest with a B cup is annoying, but will probably take a long time to adjust as my ribs need to collapse back down. Mostly because bras that fit are expensive or ugly or both!

    Eventual goal is something like: 36/38, 34/36, 38/40, as that's about what I was in college at 140. May not be realistic, but I'll re-evaluate in April and see where I'm at.

    I have a little bit of an hourglass from the front or back, but from the sides I'm pretty much a cube. *shrug* Always was, even "skinny" - my nickname as a child was "the Fridge", mostly on account of the giant manly shoulders and the vaguely male figure. (Hips? What hips? I had a 34" waist and 37" hips....)

    Hang in there. At the end of the day, everybody's awesome and beautiful. You just have to find your unique awesome.

  • igottaworkout
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    I have two scales that don't agree so here are my weights :) 128 or 123
    H: 36
    W: 27
    B: 36

    I've been going with my lower weight as that's the scale I started on and bought the other one to measure my BF which is currently at 22.9%. I feel like I've lost enough weight and want to start toning up instead.
  • CocoEliot
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    I don't know my measurements, but I was wondering if anyone want's to be my weight loss partner?

    I weigh 132lbs, and it just doesn't fit my frame at all. I want to get down to 110lbs, maybe lower.

    I feel like my thin female flatmate is judging me all the time, I just wanna be thin and healthy.

    Please help someone!

    Cathy :)
  • gmallan
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    I'm 167cm (5'5 3/4") 60kgs (132ish). I'm reasonably muscular

    Bust (under) - 30 (77cm)
    Waist (narrowest part not belly button) - 26 (67cm)
    Hips (hip bone) - 32 (82cm)

    This is just to clarify where these measurements come from. Some of the differences we see here in this thread might be because some people measure above or on but. Some people measure belly button for waist and soem people probably measure different parts of their hips. I basically just picked good points for consistency for comparison purposes.
  • cleotherio
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    148 lbs
    B - 37
    W - 30
    H- 38 (below my hipbones around the widest part of my butt)

    LOL. I just realized I had replied a month ago and my measurements are now an inch or so smaller than they were then.:happy:
  • glittersupernova
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    I am 5' 6 & 3/4"..a little taller than requested...but, as of now, my stats are as follows:

    B: 34

    W: 28

    H: 42 (lol..I have always had wide hips/pronounced don't imagine this will change much as there isn't much fat on my hips and I don't lose much from the back.)

    Weight= ~150 lbs, though I haven't weighed in a little while because I don't have a scale at my apartment atm.
  • onyxgirl17
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    Fluctuating currently, but about 146lbs.
    I haven't taken measurements lately, but last was:
    bust: 34"
    waist: 31"
    hips: 39.5"

    I want to lose 3" from my waist and hips. I currently wear a size 8. I carry most of my weight on low belly/hips. which was not the case before kids! lol. dangit.

    A size 8 in what brand?
  • Jennifer_Lynn_1982
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    130 lbs
  • cgrah246
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    Bust: 35
    Waist 28
    Hips 39
    Weight 138
  • Height- a little over 5'5
    Weight- between 130 and 135
    Hips- 37"
    Waist- 25.5"
    Bust- 35.5"

    Looking to tone the abs and slim those hips a little
  • berthabunny
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    Height: 5'6"
    Current Weight: 150 lb
    Bust: 38"
    Waist: 26"
    Hips: 40"

    Obviously I liked to lose some off the hips! that's where most of my fat goes, and it is nigh-on impossible to get rid of, and actually impossible to find pants that fit and are at all stylish for an 18 year-old :(
    I'd like to get down to 130-135 lb over the next three to four months.
  • emilydumarce
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    116 lbs
  • DawnieB1977
    DawnieB1977 Posts: 4,248 Member
    153 pounds.
    36 - 29 - 37

    I'm amazed that my measurements are the same as those of women that are twenty pounds lighter than me.

    Interesting. Just for comparison, when I was 153 my measurements were 37 - 30.75 - 40.5. Now at 130, they are 33.5 - 27 - 36.5. And I have a decent amount of muscle and 22% BF. I am guessing you have lower body fat and a lot more muscle?

    That's interesting. I'm currently 163 and my measurements are the same as yours at 153. 38-30-40. I'm 5'6".

    People always think I weigh less than I actually do. My aim is 150 anyway.
  • Nike13
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    5'6" @ 176lbs right now

    Bust: 40
    Waist: 31
    Hips: 44

    Want all three measurements to go down, I like the ratio between them all - just want less of them.
  • Errrica91
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    height: 5'6
    weight: 123.6lbs
    measurements: 34-25-37
  • fuzzieme
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    I've never measured anything other than my height and feet my entire life, ha! Suppose I should buy some measuring tape. So, to measure your bust, you go round your fullest part? Waist is just above your belly button and hips the widest bit of your hip bone? I'm 5ft 4.5, 144lbs
  • I'm also 5'6". But after reading all those tiny measurements, I'm certainly not going to put my measurements down. I'm too ashamed!!!!

    That's what I was thinking, too!!
  • 5'6 1/2"
    118 lbs
  • tinak33
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    I am 5' 5.5".

    Bust - 37 inches

    Waist - 32 inches

    Hips - 42 inches

    Weight 165.5 lbs (as of this morning :smile: )

    ^^^Pear shaped all the way. haha

    I actually haven't done my measurements in a while, so I'm hoping my waist went down an inch.
    Pretty sure my hips haven't changed though! They are the last to go.... :grumble:

    I wear a pants size 10/12.

    Hoping to get to a nice size 6. And I'm also hoping to have a 26 in waist!
    hahaha :bigsmile:
    And to have hips that aren't in the 40s.....