How to explain this to hubby?

Long story short, I’ve been away from my husband since Feb due to COVID - taking care of elderly parents out of state. In that time, I have not only reached 2 pounds under my ultimate goal weight, but I’m aiming for another 2-3 lb loss.

I know when i head back home next week it will be like a mini-honeymoon, but I know the things he’s been wanting to do together I won’t want to do - wine, rum punches, fav restaurants (take out or delivery only) etc. These were always so much fun but I know now - having cooked my own food since Feb - they did not help with any weight loss efforts.

How do I say “thanks but not thanks” to 90% of what we wants to do together without zapping all the fun from finally enjoying summer - as best we can? Enjoy it all but stay under calories with very small portions (slippery slope)? Just tell him I only want to eat our cooked food - boring! He knows how important reaching this goal was for me - he just thought I looked great before.



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    Congrats great job! honestly tho I would just opt for honesty he loves you and will only want to support you the fact is he loved you just as much before so he will be just as supportive and loving as before don't sell him short equally now your weight loss journey chapter is almost at an end this now becomes both a maintenance as well as a staying on track chapter you won't go thro your whole life without an occasional takeaway or a cheeky drink the key is one don't sell yourself short you have worked hard and got here so it doesn't have to be a slippery slope find your balance and two occasional treats are fine this isn't just weight loss this is a fresh start life choice and the only way to find that is balance it's probably the trickiest part of weight loss and it is probably why the rest of us keep coming back here because we identify that we need to get back on it
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    Well done so far.

    Don't worry - be positive - go to him full of exciting plans that don't involve too many calories.

    Really of course, he wants to be with you and enjoy your company and your happiness.

    He is looking at things you used to do - by default- not because they are the best.

    Think about it - they probably aren't best anyway. Heavy food/drink is not romantic at all.

    New things could easily be even better.

    What lively -exciting -fun things can you come up with? It doesn't all have to be drinking/eating but some of it could be: What amazing special just-for-you-my-love-intimate-dinners could you prepare? (Take-outs can be really bland and boring. I've gone off them... and taken my family with me so far. The two of you could easily do better than you can buy. Especially if you use the same budget.)

    Yes! And what about picnics or romantic picnics, after a great hike, biking or long walk. Or create your own architectural walk or historic or sightseeing walk and then have a picnic.
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    You are going to be looking so amazing to him he will be keeping you on the diet well after the mini honeymoon phase! So I would not be worried about it. Now if he's the type to get jealous he might be trying to feed you back up to your pre-weight loss to keep all that non-hubby attention you'll be getting so watch out for that because my hub's said he subconsciously would do that by ordering pizza's and other very high carb and fried nummy's. I quit smoking years ago so I knew I could do this, and so can you. I used to be a skin-pin up to my mid 40's and my sudden menopause weight gain has been the most resistant ever to lose but as long as I have no more than 1100 cals a day I can eat what I want and make better choices to stretch the calories. I don't ever count my workout calories as meaning I can eat more that day, that's just chasing your own tail. Most important is how great I feel and having more energy is the best of all. Keep doing it!
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    Amazing - not only have you reached your goal, you did so while doing something truly noble! Fair play! I agree with Motorsheen and with a few others too - Cooking does not have to be boring you can cook together, find a recipe for a dish you would normally order in and get busy! Take-away is very often far duller than you recall! Also - enjoy the reunion ;)
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    Well I went to visit in-laws in Chicago for a month. True foodies that eat out every single night! No fast food just good restaurants including celebrity level. They truly loved taking us out and enjoying all the different neighborhood restaurants. After 2 nights I figured I just couldn't do it. So what I did was 1. ordered from the appetizer menu. My best appetizer was at an Italian place i had a 3 meatball dish, large meatballs almost the size of tennis balls with grated mozzarella and a glass of wine. 2. Other times I stuck to lean chicken dishes, no sauces just grill types. 3. Omelettes. The dishes tended to be large so I made it a point if it looked high calorie I ate half and took the other half home for my husband to have for lunch the next day. They also tended to buy fresh baked cookies every couple days. I tried to do a lot of walking to burn off calories. FYI they are all super thin if they gained 10-20 lbs they would still be in normal range! Difficult part was staying away from the bread basket. Remember food isn't the problem it's amount.
    Hope your husband appreciates your accomplishment.

    HOW???? If I ate like that I'd be dead!
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    Personally I'd go with an honest approach, leading up to it before your reunion, like others have said. Maybe ask him if there's some kind of thing he's always wanted to try that you could do together. I wouldn't cut out the fancy dinners, but I would plan ahead (like look up their menus online and pick some options that fit within your goals so you don't have to decide when the time comes) and choose restaurants that will have healthier options. It's what I used to do when my company took me out for a team lead/supervisor lunch. I'd pick some kind of rockin' ahi salad or something that I could box up half of.

    Letting him in on the process so he feels included, even opening up to him about your worries and asking for his help, will probably activate his protective side and have him bending over backwards to help you. Also, if you keep in mind that on a restaurant day you might eat a little more but it's important to get back on track right away, it doesn't have to become a slippery slope.

    Finally - when you do have that special night out, enjoy it for all it's worth even if it involves food! Focusing on the whole experience, including mindful eating, will help you feel more satisfied and also give you a better memory of the occasion. I think some of us become afraid of enjoying food because we've harmed ourselves with it.
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    I do go out to eat and to parties but I plan ahead and actually decide what I want.. Log it before I go and stick to it. Stick to light beers and hard seltzers if you want to have a drink .. or just diet soda or water. You don't have to drink to have a good time. Here is another idea. If your husband wants to order out use the half rule. Take half your dinner and put it in a container as soon as you get it. Eat half and have the other half for lunch the next day. I bought an air fryer toaster oven so I can make a lot of the favorite take out foods at home but much healthier. I love playing with the recipes and making them light. Tonight I made a Mexican meal that was less than 300 calories a serving and my son never noticed it was a diet dinner. It can be done.. You're doing great already just keep on doing what you're doing but you don't have to stop living just because you want to lose weight.
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    Super! Congrats on reaching your goal weight.

    I a lesson years ago when I gave up up smoking. Life around me went on the way it always did. People still smoked, they did not care that I didn't. It was me who had to adjust, not the people around me. "Permanent results, require permanent changes."

    Make a plan, accept the fact that you are not perfect (but damn close to it) and enjoy life to the fullest -in moderation of course.

    I have lost 156 pounds. I love(d) going out for dinner and very often asked the chef for help when I couldn't find anything that suited not just my taste, but also my health-based dietary restrictions. As for alcohol. Enjoy it in moderation.
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    Congrats on your success first of all. I had the same problems with my husband but we came into agreement that at meal times he will eat whatever he wishes to (this includes home cooked meals, takeouts, deliveries) and I will eat the meals i prepared ahead. When we do go out, I just order something that's within my calories allowance. This seems to work for us. You may want to try something like this out.Don't be afraid to tell him what is best for you, you be surprise how understanding he can be. Good luck and I hope you two will find a way to balance this out.
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    Congratulations on your success. I do sympathise with your situation. My husband and I were also apart for over three months. After a splurge after Easter, I managed to get into a really good routine of eating within my limits and exercising daily. Now we are back together he is plying me with wine and lovely cocktails! Also, although restaurants are still shut so that we cook a lot together, it is harder to weigh everything when we do, and his idea of a small portion and mine are often somewhat out of synch. Plus I still need to establish my exercise routine again. I have been refelcting on how hard it is to change the patterns of a relationship, and particularly of what defines a treat. I wish you luck!