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    Circuit training at work with added weight vest today. 10 chest to floor pushups, 10 reverse grip pullups, 10 body squats, 50 jump rope reps, 10 sit ups. Rest 1 minute repeat 4 sets. Then repeat with 25 pound weight vest on. Then took the vest off and repeated for a third set.
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    dsc84 wrote: »
    dsc84 wrote: »
    Leg Day :smile:
    5X5 Back Squat (80-85% max)
    4X8 RDL (75% Max)
    4X8 Forward Lunges
    4X8 Hack Squat (75% Max)
    4X20 Calf Raises (75% Max)
    3X20 Hip Adduction Machine
    3X12 Ab Crunches
    30 Minute Moderate Walk
    I just finished with a month of a 5X5 program that was whole body 3 days a week. Can say that this kicked my butt this morning given the focus, but feels great. Add in 20 min of mobility work and it was a solid day of work.

    Hi. Hopefully you can answer this for me, or someone else can. When I have a 'leg day' my legs are really sore about 2 days later. Same thing with my arms when I have an 'arm' focused day. I'm still trying to figure out how to break up my workouts if I go to the gym 5 days a week (hopefully I can keep this up). When my muscles get sore, they stay sore for about 2 or 3 days. So, what I was thinking of doing was doing legs on Mondays and Tuesdays, back to back and arms on Wednesdays and Thursdays. That way my muscles will have time to recover until the following week. Does this plan make sense or do any damage by doing it 2 days in a row? Not sure if you know, just thought I would ask.

    For me I'll be sore typically 2 days later too at least when I'm starting a new program like I am. DOMS is real. (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) However, after getting used to the movements it gets better for me typically. To alleviate the soreness I hydrate like crazy- water, water, water, more water, and still more water, and movement/stretching/foam rolling helps. The soreness is caused by the build up of lactic Acid. Water helps flush it, and the movement etc. helps break it up so that it leaves the body.

    I would say that you don't have to be concerned about damage by splitting up your leg or arm day. Prior to this program I was doing something legs everyday and had minimal to no soreness depending on how heavy I lifted/pushed myself. There may be more benefit for you to break it up. You could split up your program however you want, and if leg day is holding you back, then just do a leg exercise every time you workout. You'll still get the training in, and you won't have an intense focus on it which would help.

    I guess I would suggest that you decide on the exercises you want to do, and instead of focusing on a body part (legs, arms, back, chest, shoulders) I would pick 1 or 2 exercises for the body part for the daily routine. I used to train legs every day, but wanted a change recently. An example of one day when I did whole body would be:

    Back Squats (Legs)
    Seated Calf Raises (Legs)
    Overhead Press (SHoulders)
    Alternating Dumbbell curls (Biceps/Arms)
    Tricep pull downs (Triceps/Arms)
    Seated Cable Row (Back)
    Bench Press (Chest)
    Something Core

    Depending on the time you have you could cut/add exercises. But doing this if something is overly sore you can pinpoint what was the cause (bad form, over exertion, new movement, etc.) Unless your goal is to be a body builder (and even then it's not necessarily true) you don't have to focus on a body part/isolate. Either way you can break up your exercises however you want. I would suggest if you do one exercise that you don't repeat it the next day but either do a variation of it (example back squat vs. Front Squat) or do two totally different exercises on each of the days (Example Squats vs. Lunges).

    Personally I would split the arms/legs if you wouldn't do a whole body but split legs to two days and arms to two days I would do legs like Monday/Thursday and Arms Tuesday/Friday. Personally I like a rest in between my splits. You have to do what feels best for you. Whats key is that you are exercising. Either way you shouldn't be concerned about injury/damage, unless you are overexerting yourself. Listen to your body, and if you need a rest day take it.

    Hope that helps.

    Thank you so much!! I appreciate your detailed response. :)
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    72 minutes on my recumbent bicycle = 500 cals burned.
    While on the bike, I used 5 lb dumbbells to get in some arm exercises simultaneously. These included: push presses, curls, and a boxing style of sorts 😊
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    I finger boarded on Tuesday. I was shattered, so it was a relatively short session but not too bad. I got 6 seconds on a 12mm ledge, which is top-range for me.

    I did active recovery yesterday, as I was still shattered. I got a walk in, although I only ended up on 12,000 steps, so it was a pretty sedentary day.

    Today, I did an hour's yoga before breakfast. I had a no lunch meetings for a pleasant change, so got in a quick climb. I did a bunch of technique exercises -for example, the robot. You nominate one thing that can move (your body or a limb) and keep the other things completely locked in place whilst moving the nominated thing.
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    Took a rest day today. Didn't feel like working out the last 3 days -- classic symptom of need for a day off!

    On a brighter note, Zwift CEO announced that they will add in rowing in the next few weeks. Not rowing on Zwift as a biker, but rowing on Zwift as a rower. So stoked for that!
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    Yesterday we finished spreading 83 bags of mulch!

    Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we hit the road on our bikes (when it’s not raining😬)! This morning was a shorter ride! Three months ago I went from 1st to 3rd gear by mistake and realized it was a much better workout now I really push it!

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    Three rounds (65 minutes total) of high intensity song sets in the supernatural workout game on the oculus quest, and three planks on my plank board for 3 minutes each.

    ...I like games. It makes exercise a ton better.
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    Three rounds (65 minutes total) of high intensity song sets in the supernatural workout game on the oculus quest, and three planks on my plank board for 3 minutes each.

    ...I like games. It makes exercise a ton better.

    There's a plank game I've thought about buying. You put your phone into it and then you play video games on it while you're planking, but it's like $100. Haven't wanted to drop $100 (yet) on a plank game, but it sounds fun.

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    @BrownSugar174 - that's a ton of mulch! Nice job on the bike too! I moved from Ohio to Tucson last year. Haven't had to do the mulch thing here but we have all gravel in the back. Next Spring I'm going to have to put a few ton down. That should be fun in the AZ sun!

    Today did 4 X 8 minute intervals at lunch. Too hot again this AM to row so did my workout at my old time @ lunch hour. First two intervals on the LateralX and last two on the AD Pro.

    Goal is to get the HR up close to 90% max on these but not too far above that. Was mostly only able to push to 85% on the elliptical but got to 92% on the last two. Roughly 750 calories in 52 minutes total.

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    So two days ago I did the Reddit RR again, doing kettlebell split squats. I'm still sore, but my bum looks cool! That was a total success. I'm also able to do a few pushups and hanging scapular shrugs now. There's certainly progress. I'm workout out every three days because I need the time to recover. As long as I'm still progressing that's fine with me.

    Went to a concert yesterday and did not dance. Instead I sat in a stairwell with another 20 or so people, watching some fab musicians jam and improvise together at middle height. This totally worked.

    Today I did my stretching routine and somehow managed to nearly get to the ground in front splits. Mostly been massaging my tight hamstring lately instead of stretching, thus I'm super surprised by this.
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    Workout today was a 13k run. But I find that after a run my leg need walking as if to stretch a few hours after my run So there was another 5k walk after that
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    Friday was leg day.

    I did an hour's yoga in the morning.

    I squatted 75 kgs, deadlifted 110 kgs, upright rowed 65 kgs. All for 3 sets of 5.

    On Saturday, I climbed. It was a decent session, around 3 hours in total if you include the warm up and warm down (which was weighted core and finger curls).

    Today, I did an hour's yoga in the morning.

    Then I climbed. It was another decent session. I sent most of the things I tried, so I probably need to set myself some harder routes. Stuff I found hard a month ago now gets sent first of second go.

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    My usual 1 1/4 hr walk. I preceded to fall and most like break my finger because I need to be wrapped in bubble wrap when I leave the house. No weights today, I guess. :(
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    Did a 3.75 mile walk today, and was feeling good so I did Core de Force MMA Shred. It was a solid workout day!
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    Did 30 minutes on the LateralX and then 30 minutes on the AD Pro (Assault Bike). Worked on the pool and swam a bit, then worked on my pushups and pressups (try to get in over 100 of each on Sundays). Probably pushed too hard on the hour as the HR got up to 80% of max. Got carried away listening to music -- around 800 calories for the hour.
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    Yesterday I cycled a nice round across a couple of villages and towns. Not a lot. Just 40km on my everyday bike. I wasn't quite sure if I could go through the centre of the final town with my bike and hence left the race bike at home as it doesn't have a lock. Trip involved a 4km sprint when I realized I'd forgotten my backpack at a place I took a break.
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    Did 30 minutes on the rower this AM at 5. Was 84 degrees, but it had just rained. Not a drizzle either, a hard rain. So I wanted to sit on the patio on the rower and watch the action if there was any. 30% humidity too! That's terrible for here in AZ!

    Just did 30 minutes as I got carried away with HR a bit (let it get up over 150). I try to keep it at 140 and under for easy days. I'll likely pay the price tomorrow when I do my hard intervals.
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    I ran hills and did some sprints with my wife and kids (Hills sucked) for some HIIT, and then proceeded to my leg day training- Squats, Hack Squats, Lunges, RDL's, ab crunches calf raises. My legs are DEAD! :smiley:
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    Well spent an active weekend with my parents, including biking 10 miles in one day! my legs were like lead. spent yesterday and most of today resting so i can teach my class tonight (bodypump). first time teaching since march!!
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    3 miles running, 50+ push-ups, 20+ chin-ups, and a nice walk with the wife!