Medical conditions.... invisible illnesses... buddy system

Hi 👋
I suffer from chronic migraines with aura for the past 7 years. Chronic fatigue and endometriosis for the past 5 years. Anxiety and depression that come with these. I’ve changed up my diet so many times and I’ve come to notice that hormone fluctuations affect me the most. Along with my neck pain so I’ve been seeing an upper cervical chiropractor who has actually helped me the most.
Gotten to the point I can’t work anymore.
I’ve gained 40lbs since getting sick.
Today I’m doing the best I can. Counting calories. Eating better. And trying my best to at least walk 30 min a day.

Anyone out there like me that struggle to make it out of bed every day but are sick of gaining weight and need the motivation? Lets help each other out. Please feel free to add me❤️


  • ShayCarver89
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    Hello there! I have bipolar disorder, panic disorder, depression, and PTSD. I also suffer from a spinal disease. All invisible illnesses. Feel free to add me!
  • glittersupernova
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    I send you my thoughts! I really respect your strength as well as your commitment to helping yourself feel/get better through all of these challenges.

    Just know that you have support here and I wish you all the best—each and every day.

    I am only managing one chronic/autoimmune disease which interferes with much of my day to day and just how I feel inside and out. I can only imagine how difficult it is to try and balance multiple health challenges as you do.

    Again, sending my thoughts and support. You have the MFP community here if you need anything :)
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