Non-scale health victories

What are you non-scale victories?

I was getting a bit down about my weight loss and my lack of motivation to exercise over the winter but then I got thinking about how my lifestyle has changed in a lot of ways! Here are my non-scale victories:
I now no longer drink full fat coke or Pepsi
I drink 2-3 litres of water
I food prep for my lunches in work
I’ve more fruit and vegetables in the house
I am able to cook meals from scratch
I can have a treat without over indulging and making myself sick by eating too much chocolate

I know maybe these things aren’t major but they are things I never whould have done before and I could never go back now!

What are you proud of?

Trudy xxx


  • tflanagan1987
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    My victories mirror yours!

    I have an extensive history of compulsive eating where I would eat an entire box of cookies or a whole bag of chips-- easily downing 1000+ calories in one snack. Now I stock my kitchen with healthy items and follow serving sizes--which is a very challenging but rewarding feat for me. :)

    I'm also proud to say I go swimming 4-5 days per week, which is helping my adult-onset asthma (swimming improves my lung capacity). It has also been lowering my blood pressure which was previously at stage 1 hypertension for years.

    Amazing!!! Well that’s still something I need to improve on is serving sizes! And that’s actually a good idea for my next improvement :) thank you for that xx
  • tflanagan1987
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    Psalm1139 wrote: »
    The last two times I've checked my blood pressure (December and January) it was in the "prehypertension range". Checked it today and it's normal!

    That is fantastic!! Way to go! I am sure you are delighted!!
  • DebLaBounty
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    I lost 30 pounds. Now when I kick my legs up in Zumba, my knees don't hit a sagging stomach. In fact, they don't come into contact with my body at all!

    I also increased my speed and stamina after finishing the Couch to 5K program. I used to be able to jog about three minutes straight when I started. Now I can run about 15 minutes without stopping. I shaved three minutes off my mile run pace, too. I can climb stairs without losing my breath. I actually start feeling fidgety if I skip a workout, and at least go for a walk instead of sitting on the couch eating chips.
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