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  • Hmm, the kind of healthy snacks I enjoy include: --apple slices sprinkled with cinnamon (no sugar) --whole wheat crackers or a mini salad topped with hummus --cucumber slices topped with a little bit of low-fat tuna salad and fresh dill --low fat/fat-free yogurt with berries and/or low fat granola --fruit salad
  • I actually just bought my very first mp3 player this past I have always been behind on technology. I am still in the process of building up a good workout playlist but I tend to like rock, heavy metal, and fast paced songs for workouts. When I do crunches I listen to Static X's song "Push It".
  • It varies, but I tend to spark conversation; I am very social.
  • That's amazing! Great job! Keep the great work :)
  • Sometimes I have to be realistic and only buy the fruits and veggies that are on sale/avoid the ones that are not...until they Are on sale. Also...I check the clearance section...sometimes they have riper fruit out for Very cheap. I know sometimes it's not desirable to eat an over-ripened fruit, but you can Definitely…
  • I don't believe that all guys cheat. I have been cheated on in the past and while, at the time, it was a devastating experience (because we had been together for a long time), I realized it was not related to his gender. It was due to who he was as a person/individual. I think all people enjoy and appreciate receiving…
  • Getting all of my school stuff together; e.g.-- purchasing all school supplies, textbooks, and necessary lab equipment. Also, getting organized for classes (printing out schedules/syllabi/other paperwork) and placing them in their corresponding folders/binders. I will also be cleaning and probably trying a new, healthy…
  • I wear whatever brand is within a reasonable price range. I have usually enjoyed Arizona brand jeans though :). I tend to go for jeans with a little bit of elastic material in them as my shape and size changes ever so slightly during different seasons/times of the month. I also don't purchase skinny jeans because I have…
  • Band geek Punk/Goth/Freak, lol
  • Thank you baldzach; people are interesting in that we are "books" with the capacity to control the "story's" content, quality, and even length (permitted we take good care of our health). :) It is unfortunate though, when people neglect to advance and enhance their story.
  • I think I know where you are coming from, and no, I don't see this as a cocky question at all. This is a legitimate problem that women and men face. People who are generally deemed attractive by others sometimes have the difficulty of gaining peoples' interest in anything other than their appearance. In addition to this,…
  • Omg, it's a toss up between two things: chocolate (my sweet craving) and pizza (my salty craving), lol. Those are both 2 foods that I Really like.
  • I wonder the same question! I am in my late 20s and am curious as to what experience in the 30s range is like. I mean...oddly, my 20s have not been super active in the stereotypical sense of partying and such. I have been continuing my education and will be for a long time until I finish my goal of medical school. I would…
  • I really appreciate when people point out my humor and intelligence. I guess people get thrown off by my pretty/small town girl appearance and really don't know what to expect but when I start talking and showing what I can do, people often compliment on how I am a class clown and can really get a crowd laughing. Parents…
  • I don't think I've ever done something like this. I think, when I experienced a breakup, whatever improvements occurred happened naturally because that prior relationship was an unhappy one. In unhappy relationships, I used to have the tendency to let myself go (cause the person had bad eating habits), dress in a not so…
  • Green; though, in the brightest of sunlight, when my pupil constricts to a pinpoint, you can see all of the colors--green is the central color, with a ring of blue, and then flecks of yellow and orange throughout. It's pretty neat :)
  • I love glitter and outer space. I decided to combine the two and imagine a supernova (explosion) of glitter in the air, lol. I love sparkles :).
  • I am still trying to decide which make-up I really like. I have been experimenting with various brands and probably haven't found all favorites yet due to the fact that I haven't dabbled much in the more expensive, probably higher quality products. So far, I know that I enjoy Maybelline's Ultra Liner Waterproof Liquid…
  • I totally agree with savage22hp. It is so refreshing to read this type of response, especially when you said "being tolerant of these ideas excludes calling anyone sad for feeling the way they do." *thumbs up*
  • I see a lot of...almost hypocritical replies to this post, lol. People are criticizing your "judgmental" behavior but in doing so are being quite judgmental themselves, lol. Everyone has an opinion on something. Not all of us will agree on everything. I respect your decision to post your feelings about this topic. I mean,…
  • I'm proud that I've been so much better about counting calories and staying within a healthy range. For a long time, I was eating uncontrollably without considering calories; I used to think counting calories was silly actually. I now realize that it has a huge impact on my weight and health. I have lost 5 lbs which makes…
  • 135....however, I would let that go higher if muscle contributes, lol. :)
  • I have never posted a photo/image on a topic I hope this attempt works, lol. I have always admired Shakira's shape as it is so close to my own; smaller on top but wide hips and a curvy bottom. I just need to work off any little bit of fat left and then tone.
  • I think a person should start in a manner that is realistic/not extreme. I find that a lot of people (myself included) have a hard time starting a new fitness plan because they cut out Everything at once and go cold turkey and/or they try to add every possible workout type within the beginning. Go with what feels…
  • My facial features (namely my nose, I have always liked my nose). My derriere, lol. My long legs. My neck/collarbone area (sounds weird, but I do like this area of my body). I mostly appreciate that I am generally healthy individual <3
  • Age: 26 Height: 5' 6 & 3/4 " SW: 155 CW: 152 GW: 135 Cals: 1300-1400 per day Burned cals: ~100-150 per day, but 3x per week b/c of a busy schedule. I will change/improve that soon. Goal: To be toned...I mean, I am certainly concerned with losing the extra 10 to 15 lbs I gained in my most recent semester in school...but my…
  • This is amazing! You have restored my faith in the ability to totally transform legs! My legs have been my toughest area to work out and I have (for a long time) lacked faith in the possibility of them getting totally toned...but I will just keep pushing myself and one day--I WILL MAKE IT! Thanks for this inspiration! :)
  • I usually enjoy a 2 egg omelette made with chopped green and red bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, ground black pepper, and a sprinkling of reduced fat cheese. That and/or Quaker quick oats with a little bit of coconut oil and cinnamon (I do not add sugar).
  • Bump! :) I am 5'7" and seeing these before and after results really motivates me to keep on going! You are all so inspiring! Anyone feel free to add me as a friend so we can help each other along the way/journey!! :)