Recommend a few things that make your life more awesome!



  • Amazon_Who
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    or this one? captain_jack_harkness.jpg
    ^that one^ and Captain Mal
  • glittersupernova
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    --Seeing and spending time with my family, boyfriend, and friends

    --Experiencing those, ow my abs hurt so bad and my eyes are tearing up I am laughing so hard, kind of moments, lol. The kind of gut laughter where you can barely even make a sound because you ran out of air to keep laughing, lol.

    --Progressing with my educational goals

    --Laying on the warm, sandy beach with the sun beaming and the sound of waves hitting the shoreline nearby

    --Warm hugs and cuddles and affection/kisses from the bf :)

    --A delicious hot or cold drink; e.g. vanilla chai

    --Home-cooked meals

    --Road trips/traveling/seeing the world/meeting new people in new places
  • MaraDiaz
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    Good music
    Good books
    Good movies and documentaries
    Everyone who has ever struggled to make the world better and humanity less crappy to each other