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  • Anyone feel free to add me!!!! I need friends on here to keep me motivated. I usually do good for a few weeks and then fall into the same old pattern :neutral:
  • buy frozen fruit and place them in a jug of water....let sit over night in 3 or 4 different ones.....and voila! U got ur very own low cal fruit punch!
  • I was 6'1" last year, but have now shrunk down to 5'11"......Hello Pre-Menopause, MUST u take my height??? LOL But I have been at least 6' since high school (20+ years ago) so it's OK with me to shrink a bit :0)
  • .....I want to look svelt for my 20th yr High School reunion in 3 months and I have to.....HAVE TO lose this baby weight!!!! My son (born 6 weeks ago) set me back 9 months....but he was so worth it!
  • I drink 1/2 caff coffee and sometimes tea when it's cold out...but mostly water all day. Have to stop drinking by 8pm tho or I am running to the bathroom ALL NITE LONG!!!
  • m elliptical has done wonders for my mid section. I was finally able to wear shorts without feeling embarrassed about the cottage cheese effect on my legs...but i digress...the elliptical also helped me tone up my hips, but i only lost fat on one side. it looks a bit off, but i lost it so I am not complaining. Also speed…
  • I too, am a SAHM. I am here for ya! I already passed my pre baby weight and still have a big way to go! I was considered obese before i got preggers, so I wanna be in the healthy range. I had gestational diabetes while preggers too, so now I am pre-disposed to it :cry:
  • when u feel that type of craving coming on, grab a glass and fill it with cold water. keep drinking the water til the craving passes. the water will fill u up!
  • i tried it once...the lowest dose, and it made me feel like i have medicine head. I will just stick with my sleepytime tea!
  • i tried it...didn't work...gained back my weight, so unfortunately went back to smoking :0( I think i am gonna try acupuncture for quitting after I lose my weight :0)
  • when i started, I was at 237lbs....I have lost 29lbs as of this date! I notice that my clothes fit better, my butt haas gotten smaller, my boobs unfortunately have shrunk, and i can easily walk up stairs, whereas before, it was a chore to do so! I still have a LONG way to go b4 I reach my goal of 160, but it's the lil…
  • I made a kick *kitten* shake the other day with ice cream milk and swiss miss sugar free hot cocoa's my tom totally cured my craving :0)
  • last year, my hubby hurt his knee, had surgery, re injured it when he went back to work, and he still hasn't been the same since. I know u want to exercise, but u MUST get better first! Talk to ur doctor and see which exercises ar good for u that won't aggrivate the injury. I know it sux, I had to live with HIM for almost…
  • I can NEVER post pics cuz they never come out, but lemme tell ya what i got! I haave 7 total. On my right forearm I have a red heart outlined in black with a red rose thru it and it says Tazz (hubby's nickname). On my right upper arm, is a cresent moon with big puffy clouds and a big puffy red heart that says "Kiley Marae"…
  • My target weight is 160lbs. I chose that because it is the healthy weight for my height ( 6'0" ) and my age ( 37 ). If, when I reach it, I feel like I need to lose more, I will keep on going, but no less than 150 lbs :bigsmile:
  • I always save at least 150 cals of my daily cal count for my midnight snack. I just finished my yogurt (140 cals) and it's 11:35 pm here :wink:
  • YAY!!! :bigsmile: I have been doing wogging {water jogging} almost everyday for 2 weeks and arm exercises under water....and everything is fitting better and u can actually see arm muscles!!! Keep it up girl :wink:
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  • 1) When my daughter actually naps 2) Coupons.....I Heart Coupons :bigsmile: 3) I LOVE that my food stamps came in so I could put healthy food in my house this week!! 4) I like the fact that my daughter is the one who keeps me going, otherwise I would just be playing games on FB! AND.... 5) I have to say that I LOVE all my…
  • I do Zumba for my Wii, so I feel less 2 yr old likes to dance with me too! i felt stupid at first, but it has been working so far! II am 37 and totally UNCOORDINATED when it comes to dancing, but after a few days of it, u basically know all the moves!
  • I have to eat b4 bed, otherwise i wake up in the morning and eat EVERYTHING! But I'm still losing weight, so it must be ok :bigsmile:
  • the baby bullet is the exact same thing as the magic bullet which is made by the same company and is $40 at any Walmart! Go with the Magic Bullet, cuz then u can make super yummy smoothies for urself as well (like I do with mine) and save urself a bunch of $$$ :bigsmile:
  • I am HORRIBLE with Zumba and I was so discouraged, but I stuck with it, and now I can actually go to a bar and use the dance moves I have learned without looking like a total fool! Like with anything new, just stick with it, and eventually it will all fall into place :bigsmile:
  • I use the Crystal Light brand, 2 Packets are good for 2 quarts (9-8 oz glasses) and it's 5 cals per packet, not serving. It works out to a lil over 1 cal per glass, so I don't really care much about's all good!
  • I am in NH...I have been awake since 8am...not sure of the time difference, but that means I have been awake 2.5 hours. I am already on glass number 5. By noon, I will have already drank 12 glasses of water. Can u beat that? It's like that everyday for me :bigsmile:
  • CARBS ARE :devil: EVIL :devil:
  • photobucket doesnt like me. I will post the pic in my own pics :mad:
  • change ur workout routine too! I keep doing that so my body doesn't get used to the same ol' thing! U have to shock it sometimes! I plateaued about 2 months ago. I changed EVERYTHING. Workouts, goals, foods...the plateau broke. Now I naturallly do everything different every day just to keep my body guessing :0)
  • add me! I am 37. Mom of a 2&1/2 yr old. Going thru early menopause (which BTW makes it near impossible to lose weight) and I have about 52 more lbs to go b4 I hit my goal of 160lbs!
  • I hit a wall like that about 2 months ago, but then I remembered all the reasons why I wanted to lose weight and I got back on track. I think it happens to all of us! U have to just push thru and remember WHY u started in the first place. and u have all of us here for support, so feel free to add me :bigsmile:
  • :bigsmile: make a pasta salad with whole wheat pasta and lt mayo....thats how I make mine and it's super delish:bigsmile: