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5 Things you like this week

sillygoose1977 Posts: 2,151 Member
I just had a conversation last night about negativity and what do I do first thing? I post on the dislike thread. I suck. So here are my 5 likes.

First backpacking trip of the season this weekend. Yay!
Internet radio
My muscular legs and developing abs
My daughter is a tough Colorado kid. She rocks!
Payday is tomorrow, thank god


  • BranMuffin21
    BranMuffin21 Posts: 157 Member
    Actually starting a training session for running
    Trying new foods
    Pay day for me tomorrow too
    watching a guy run backwards of a tredmil and he didn't fall
    my positive outlook that I've had all week.
  • MsP90X
    MsP90X Posts: 1,053 Member
    Thanks for asking:

    1 - We booked our trip to Disney last night (9 months to get my body back :-)
    2 - Worked out with a friend last night
    3 - celebrated my 13th wedding anniversary
    4 - Planning our summer camping getaway
    5 - My oldest daughter surprised me yesterday and cleaned the house

    Oh, and one last thing... that same oldest child gets her first paycheck today and I am taking her to the bank to deposit it. :D So proud of her

    Make it a great day!
  • taldie01
    taldie01 Posts: 378
    1. going to see the Royals tomorrow!
    2. Stamped week
    3. the sass that my 2 year old has been given me
    4. Got tix to City and Color
    5. coffee
  • lindsaylove07
    lindsaylove07 Posts: 444 Member
    1) Payday is TODAY!
    2) My paycheck was 75 dollars more than I was expecting
    3) I might be getting a new roommate, which means the bills will be split by 5 instead of 4
    4) Comfortably wearing size 8 jeans!!!!!!
    5) Getting rid of the 3 foot pile of too-big clothes :)
  • ArchyJill
    ArchyJill Posts: 548 Member
    1. Starting to look more pregnant and less "fat"
    2. Fresh veggies from my garden
    3. FRUIT!!!
    4. Getting home equity loan so we can fix up the nursery
    5. MFP :)
  • EmBlazes
    EmBlazes Posts: 374 Member
    Great post!!!

    1) Someone noticing I lost weight
    2) My new top looking HOT
    3) Finding Monday morning spin "easy"
    4) Finally finding the perfect gift for my best friend
    5) My son saying he still loves his mummy (and he is 13)

  • Mariposa187
    Mariposa187 Posts: 344 Member
    OOOO you must have read my mind! I am trying to have a more positive outlook on life so my five likes are;

    fitting into a dress I haven't worn in over a year
    getting to spend quality time with my husband's family
    feeling truly happy these past two days
    that my husband is the awesomest man in the world!
    having support from all my pal on this site to motivate me to stay on track
  • noexcuses1218
    noexcuses1218 Posts: 332 Member
    Being able to borrow exercise DVDs from the library
    The unconditional and active support of my husband and daughter
    Having friends here on MFP who are every bit as obsessed as I am about nutrition and exercise
    The discovery that eliminating the carb portion of my dinner also cuts sugar cravings at night
    Half a toasted Thomas' Hearty Whole-Grain bagel, real butter, and 1/2 tbsp of honey is WAY better than candy.
  • Moriarty_697
    Moriarty_697 Posts: 226 Member
    Very nice.

    Here goes:

    My bicycle
    The Weakerthans
    Baggier clothes
    Afternoon naps
    My plane ticket to Chicago (11 more days)
  • jrueckert
    jrueckert Posts: 355 Member
    1. I'm having Salmon (my fave!) for lunch in about 20 minutes
    2. I get to spend time with my hubby this weekend :)
    3. Running
    4. It's a 4 day work week thanks to the 4th
    5. Briday Shower tonight for my first sister-in-law
  • courtneylwatson
    courtneylwatson Posts: 260 Member
    1. Today is Payday!
    2. Start Level 2 of 30 Day Shred today!
    3. The kids woke up in a good mood today.
    4. My husband gets his new car today. No more car sharing!
    5. The weather is nice,
  • tandroes
    tandroes Posts: 163 Member
    1. Bought lots of new clothes yesterday (size xs skirt!)
    2. 2nd anniversary is this weekend
    3. Nieces are coming to visit
    4. Trip to Seattle last weekend
    5. getting my nails filled today (after 4 weeks!)
  • Meggie_pooh
    Meggie_pooh Posts: 316 Member
    1) When my daughter actually naps
    2) Coupons.....I Heart Coupons :bigsmile:
    3) I LOVE that my food stamps came in so I could put healthy food in my house this week!!
    4) I like the fact that my daughter is the one who keeps me going, otherwise I would just be playing games on FB!
    5) I have to say that I LOVE all my MFP friends for keeping me going this week....I almost gave up!
  • Temporalia
    Temporalia Posts: 1,151 Member
    The sunny and warm days
    Getting a nice haircut and color
    Having a gazebo
    That it is Thursday, which means Friday is near
    Getting my first ready tomato from my garden :)
  • RockinHorseRanch
    1. I like how clear my complexion is looking after eating healthier.
    2. I like that my life if getting more and more stress free, mainly due to choices I made.
    3. I like the way my love bird "Peeps" gives kisses even thru his cage.
    4 .I like my John Deer riding mower and garden cart.
    5. I like dreaming about how I'm going to feel when I can wear my "small' clothes.
  • rubyrenga
    rubyrenga Posts: 402 Member
    Great thread!:happy:

    1. That I am madly in love with my boyfriend.
    2. That our pool is up and running, and we have finished fixing up our newly amazing yard and deck.
    3. Tomorrow is Friday!
    4. That a coworker has mentioned for 2 days in a row how slim and slender I look now!!!
    5. That we are going to have a great weekend, with a nice dinner out and hanging in our aforementioned yard with friends.

  • wdwghettogirl
    wdwghettogirl Posts: 559 Member
    Oooh, it's like Polyanna's Glad Game! I wanna play! :)

    *Spent time with the fam for the 4th
    *Got a foot rub from hubby last night
    *A few quiet days while my upstairs neighbors were gone
    *Surviving my first week of month 2 Insanity
    *The anticipation of a promotion talk with my boss today *eeep!*
  • dawnrenee567
    dawnrenee567 Posts: 292 Member
    The fact that I bought clothes from Old Navy and they fit
    Get to go back to Zumba tonight
    a date Fri
    My hilarious family and looking at pictures from my cousin's wedding 2 weeks ago
    wearing a shirt that I haven't worn in forever today and it fits!
  • Mkleder
    Mkleder Posts: 289
    Great thread!

    1) Being the woman in the office always huddled under a sweater instead of the chubby one turning up the A/C.
    2) That, in the age of blackberries and iPods, flirting is as simple as making eye contact and smiliing.
    3) Having natural fingernails I can tap on the counter....I've never had healthy nails before.
    4) Burning off the excess calories consumed over the holiday in only two "a little extra" workouts.
    5) Daring to wear summer clothes like white pants and tank tops that I never considered wearing before.
  • auntiebabs
    auntiebabs Posts: 1,754 Member
    5 cooperative brothers & sisters who did a lot of the pre-pack
    Mom's move to assisted living went smoothy
    It's great to feel physically capable again
    Calorie splurge at great-nephew's 1st B'day party was evened out by moving boxes all day Monday & Tuesday.
    A flexible job which enables me to help out my Mom