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Any one else trying to quit smoking & lose weight.....

and if so how did you do it??? I have to stop smoking I know its killing me but I just got to get a plan that will work and I wont go back to smoking.....


  • arsonsmom
    arsonsmom Posts: 234 Member
    Im not a smoker but I met one while I was walking... She said she walked and ran hills and she was breathing so hard it helped her to quit...Dont know if it will help but I guess every once in while being tortured is an
  • MeganLeddy
    MeganLeddy Posts: 3 Member
    Trust me, I was a smoker. And trust me again when I say working out and smoking don't mix!! AS I'm sure you know :) I really commited myself to working out and a whole lifestyle change. I tried not to focus on the fact that I was quitting smoking, as much as after I worked out, I couldn't justify having a smoke. Likewise, why would you smoke BEFORE going to workout? It just makes breathing so much harder! It was hard at first to quit during my "smoke out of habit" situations like being in the car and when I'm out having some drinks. However, if you really stick to a good workout routine and gradually decrease your cigarette intake, you will notice more and more it gets harder to smoke and your lungs will tell you so. I'm to the point now where I couldn't even make it through an entire cig if I tried! There is hope - it's just hard at the very beginning! good luck!
  • twitbffl
    twitbffl Posts: 24
    I quit 7 years ago, and yes, I put on a little weight. I have since taken that and more off. Once you realize you can jog or walk fast without gasping for air, you'll be so glad you quit! You can taste your food again, can be active, and eventually, be repelled by the smell of smoke. My husband quit with me and he'll tell you the same thing. I dealt with the cravings by going for a walk or playing sports with my kids/hubby. Anything to keep my mind off of smoking. It takes time, but you can quit!
  • jridgway49
    jridgway49 Posts: 79
    I'm a smoker but thought I would work on losing the weight first and than try to quit, it would be way to hard to eat good and not smoke at the same time... One thing at a time for me....
  • bluefox9er
    bluefox9er Posts: 2,917 Member
    yes..I have been losing weight and gave up 3 weeks ago..I had given up for 2 years but started again last year. I ignored people who tell me that quitting piles on the did when i quit the first time, but this time around, im exercising AND eating right. i havnt missed smoking nor had any cravings after day 2. its easy..its not difficult at all. you can do this!!!!
  • Meggie_pooh
    Meggie_pooh Posts: 316 Member
    i tried it...didn't work...gained back my weight, so unfortunately went back to smoking :0( I think i am gonna try acupuncture for quitting after I lose my weight :0)
  • tssa
    tssa Posts: 93 Member
    ::raises hand:: Oh, me me!!!

    It's sooo hard to quit smoking right now. Yes, I workout and while I'm huffing and puffing through my workouts I can't help but think, "I need to QUIT SMOKING"". But i light up afterwards, sad I know. I'm gonna talk to my doc about getting prescribed Chantix.
  • bubbaduts
    bubbaduts Posts: 196 Member
    I quit smoking cold turkey after years of smoking 4 months before i started this journey i knew myself and knew my limitations and one major thing at a time once i felt comfortable i wasnt going back i started losing weight and im now down 71 pounds and just 2 weeks ago had my 1 year anniversary of quitting smoking. Dont try to take on to much at once you are just setting yourself up for failure.
  • sicklittle
    sicklittle Posts: 21
    I smoke and I have for almost 14 years now =( I have been pushing myself to work out and eat right, while at the same time still smoking.....My workouts are brutal because I can barely breathe. So I am in the same boat as you. My doctor told me to try to cut back as much as possible and that she would start me on Chantix soon to help me quit. I would love LOVE to be able to breathe while working out and even just going for walks.

    Good luck on quitting!
  • 623Hernandez
    623Hernandez Posts: 458
    I smoked for 17 years. My last cigarette was April 30th. and I started MFP (again) on June 10th. I have lost 4 pounds since then. A lot of my friends smoke and it is VERY hard not to give in. I know I enjoy smoking and I miss smoking at social gatherings! So, I don't feel like I have quit smoking yet. I feel like I just don't do it. When I actually don't want a cigarette is when I will feel like I have quit.
  • amberdaniels
    No but I sure would not want to. I am praying for you.