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Not enough sleep. Anyone try melatonin?

I've been running short on sleep lately and was wondering if anyone has had any luck with melatonin. I have heard it can help, but that may be just falling asleep in the first place rather than staying asleep for 7-8 hours.

My main issue is waking up early no matter when I go to bed. The sun comes up so early in the summer. In theory I could go to bed earlier, but it's hard to do that consistently with a family of night owls during summer. The kids are off school, so up later than normal. They are teens, so they mostly choose when to go to bed. I usually get to bed between 11 and midnight, but sometimes will be up later. Last night was very late due to trying to give some sourdough bread time to rise. Mostly it works wonderfully, but this batch just never rose up much. I finally just baked it anyway, and was up past 1am.

I have thought about trying a sleeping mask, or melatonin. I will take one benadryl every now and then, which does make me groggy enough to go back to sleep in the morning. Other sleep aids scare me with their weird side effects. Lunesta can (rarely) cause people to eat or drive while sleeping, because your brain isn't entirely asleep. Freaky!


  • MadeToCraveHIM
    MadeToCraveHIM Posts: 213 Member
    Yes, I have tried melatonin and love it. When my sleep schedule gets thrown off or I'm stressed out and can't sleep I'll take one. It helps me sleep, but doesn't make me drowsy feeling the next day. It's worth a try if you're having trouble sleeping for sure.
  • Monica_has_a_goal
    Monica_has_a_goal Posts: 694 Member
    My sister uses it in an oil form near he bedside. She swears it works really well to relax her and lets her sleep all she needs.
  • dointime
    dointime Posts: 103 Member
    I have tried melatonin and I did not like it. It's not supposed to make you feel groggy, but I always did the next day. I tried it several times, and with several different dosages, and it was always the same result. On the other hand, my mom tried it and loved it. I hope you find something that helps, I know what it's like to have sleep issues, so I feel for you.
  • abbigail_r
    abbigail_r Posts: 283 Member
    I used it years ago and loved it because I did not have the groggy effect either when waking up. And it wasnt me.
  • jessilea53
    jessilea53 Posts: 87 Member
    I work night shift different times thoughout the year. I take melatonin and I like it. Its always worked. I dont take it unless I have at least 8 hours to sleep. Because its not regulated by the FDA, its not guaranteed that what you buy is what you get. It works for some and not for others.
  • mistyb47711
    mistyb47711 Posts: 861 Member
    i havent tried it but I think im going schedule is crazy with my night owls also...didnt get to seep til nearly 6am this morning ....Im going to research it and then try it if it checks out ok.
  • McKayMachina
    McKayMachina Posts: 2,670 Member
    Sounds like, sure, you COULD take sleeping aids if you wanted to but you already identified your problem. You need to go to bed a little earlier. You're just going to have to change your habits.
  • blpope
    blpope Posts: 163
    I use it. I think it's mainly supposed to help regulate your sleep pattern (I had trouble adjusting from my college schedule to home/work schedule), so I'm not sure if it'll help keep you asleep. But I think it's worth a try--I haven't noticed any side-effects.
  • littlemount
    littlemount Posts: 223
    I feel I am the queen of insomnia. Took melatonin was not very effective, took valerian not bad but felt groggy in the am,then tried nightynight lavender balm no tat all effective, then did lavender epsom salt soaks little effective.Now currently on tart cherry juice at nighttime. Well I did like melatonin but the sleep was fragmented not a deep continuous sleep.
  • Brandon74
    Brandon74 Posts: 453 Member
    I have been thinking of trying it myself, since I saw a bottle of it at Costco. I have been taking OTC sleeping pills which seem to work as well, but I often feel tired the next day.
  • brattyworm
    brattyworm Posts: 2,137 Member
    i take melatonin occasionally... Dosage affects results though. The 10 mg will put me out for at least 8 hours and make me kind slow moving the entire next day. Kinda makes the brain all fuzzy so you can sleep and stay that way.
  • Meggie_pooh
    Meggie_pooh Posts: 316 Member
    i tried it once...the lowest dose, and it made me feel like i have medicine head. I will just stick with my sleepytime tea!
  • GaveUp
    GaveUp Posts: 308
    They work great. I like the 5mg ones I get at walmart. They don't affect me at all the next day. Start out with the 3mg ones
  • roxiedo
    roxiedo Posts: 154
    I use melatonin. My doctor told me the effects are the equivalent of a cup of warm milk. Helps me sleep - do not have any of those menopausal sleepless nights
  • dHowe4406
    dHowe4406 Posts: 114
    I used to take Melatonin all the time, and it did work to help me sleep better.
  • JeffGDDG
    JeffGDDG Posts: 252 Member
    Its safe so go ahead and try it. Sometimes the problem with melatonin is it can leave you feeling drowsy the next day. I'd start with the lower dose of 1mg and see how it goes before you try the 3mg. Good luck!
  • suzycreamcheese
    suzycreamcheese Posts: 1,766 Member
    i didnt find it really worked for me, but my insomnia is usually stress and anxiety based rather than just not being sleepy
  • cmriverside
    cmriverside Posts: 34,156 Member
    I live in the Pacific NW with 16 hours of sunlight this time of year. I used to have the problem of sleeping, especially in the summer. Melatonin caused hallucinations for me - scary dreams. But I'm super sensitive to drugs. You shouldn't have Melatonin issues if you aren't a senior citizen, though. Your body should be producing all you need. My go-to-sleep-stay-asleep remedy consisted of this:

    Blackout curtains.
    Don't read or watch TV in bed - sleep only in bed. (Well, unless you are in a relationship :blushing)
    No caffeine for eight hours before bedtime.
    Get into a set routine. Up at a certain hour and to bed at a certain hour.
    Start your routine early - turn off the TV and Computer, dim the lights, get into your bed clothes, drink chamomile tea.
    If there is noise in your living area, get some type of white noise to cancel it out.

    If you are under a lot of stress right now and can't stop your brain when you are suposed to be sleeping, start a journal and learn to spend no more than 15 minutes a day worrying - write it down and then don't revisit the issue again that day.
  • trixie5059
    trixie5059 Posts: 45 Member
    Melatonin works really well. It is a safe and natural sleep aid, and is regulated in Canada. My son takes 6mg every night and has for several years. It was recommended by his doctor to aid with sleep. (He was taking concerta, and sleep meds, and I wanted to change to natural methods as he was coming off the concerta).
    He takes it just before bed, and sleeps the whole night through.
  • Ajontheguitar
    I am a big fan of melatonin, but not for taking it every night. I recommend a melatonin with a half a banana. Melatonin for the mind, banana to relax the muscles.