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Hurt knee...exercise suggestions needed!

I hurt my knee four weeks ago and just now am able to walk (kinda). It's looking like significant ligament damage but I wont know until next week (MRI friday and going to see an orthopedic surgeon as soon as my referral goes through...yay military heath care lol) It still hurts to move at the hip. Any suggestions on exercises I can do...swimming isn't an option and crunches/sit-ups are limited to about 30-40 because my leg starts to ache...also cant really bend it....ANY suggestions would be great!


  • ccchapman
    ccchapman Posts: 5
    A hand cycle possibly. My gym has one I'm not sure about others though.
  • Flyntiggr
    Flyntiggr Posts: 898 Member
    When I tore my MCL, the only thing the ortho allowed me to do until after rehab was riding a stationary bike. Everything else was off limits.

    Good luck!
  • lc522
    lc522 Posts: 60 Member
    I would suggest talking to your doctor about this. You really don't want to damage your knees any more than they already are!
  • Meggie_pooh
    Meggie_pooh Posts: 316 Member
    last year, my hubby hurt his knee, had surgery, re injured it when he went back to work, and he still hasn't been the same since. I know u want to exercise, but u MUST get better first! Talk to ur doctor and see which exercises ar good for u that won't aggrivate the injury. I know it sux, I had to live with HIM for almost 2 months of no work!!!! LOL
  • Ree_Chatelain
    Ree_Chatelain Posts: 229 Member
    I used a glider for a long time when I started exercising because I have bad knees. It lets you keep your legs straight but you swing your legs so I'm not sure how that will work since you said it hurts at the hip. I'd try looking up knee therapy excercises, maybe there are some that will help stregthen it. Or check with the orthopedic dr about some suggestions. Good Luck!!
  • LaurenH2010
    punching, even if you have no bag. Jillian Michaels says it is a great way to get cardio if you have a lower body injury. If you want to really push it add hand weights.
  • Janie5605
    Janie5605 Posts: 182 Member
    Thanks everyone! I know i should take it easy and I am....I'm going to try only upper body exercises and keep up on my leg lifts to help strengthen the doctor back home was a lot more help then the doctor at the VA hospital here, hope going off base to the orthopedic surgeon proves more informational.