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Target tales - why is your target what it is?

Mine is a round number near my wedding weight of nearly 14 years ago. What about the rest of you?


  • DesireeLovesOrganic
    DesireeLovesOrganic Posts: 456 Member
    Mine was what I felt good at a couple of years ago.
  • nomnomgal
    nomnomgal Posts: 84
    Mine is a nice even number that pretty much just takes me into normal BMI.
  • mark03264
    mark03264 Posts: 334 Member
    I'm shooting for 10% body fat (between 11% and 12% right now) and I'm looking for abs for the first time in my life. I'm currently 32 pounds less than I was when I graduated from high school. (that was 29 years ago)
  • Bethany28
    Bethany28 Posts: 263
    I have several targets. The first one shows on my ticker and takes me from overweight to normal. My ultimate target will put me on the lower side of my normal bmi range.
  • McKayMachina
    McKayMachina Posts: 2,670 Member
    I'm 5'2". I was 115-125 in high school and I looked like a twig but I have to weigh less than 140 to enlist in the USAF (my goal). My goal is 135.
  • watermelonstarfish
    watermelonstarfish Posts: 195 Member
    it's the weight in between the weight from MEPS (118) and graduating Basic training (125). I felt the fittest in my life then. I hope to get back there.
  • ocampbell3
    The adult weight I felt best at. Plus, it's just 20-30 pounds, and I can probably get there. But if I don't, it's ok, as long as I pay attention and let my body tell me when it's healthy.
  • ocampbell3
    164 is the highest "normal" for my height.
  • Panda86
    Panda86 Posts: 873
    My target weight is the weight I was before having my first child (125). I liked how I looked then, and I think I could look even better at that weight now that I am a lot more muscular. I'm only 4 lbs away! But even if I don't reach that exact number, that is ok. I am on the leaner side of my recommended body fat percentage bracket, and that really means more than a certain weight to me.
  • LMorrison1009
    LMorrison1009 Posts: 114 Member
    Mine is a) a lower weight than I've ever been as an adult. b) 100 pounds lower than my starting weight. And c) a number that seems attainable. Once I reach it (and I'm sure that day will come) I will still be considered "overweight" according to bmi but I can reassess and decide how much lower I want to go. I truly have no idea what I will look like because I have nothing to compare it to. I'm 30 years old. I've been overweight my whole life and obese probably since high-school.
  • TopazCarey
    TopazCarey Posts: 263
    Mine is the weight I was two years ago when I was a freshman and felt comfortable in my skin. (and could fit a small tee and 28 waist jeans...)
  • kunibob
    kunibob Posts: 608 Member
    Using my approximate lean body mass, I calculated how much I'd have to weigh to hit 20% body fat, assuming very little to no muscle loss. I picked 20% because it's just on the border between fitness/athletic according to body fat standards, and I want to look soft-but-strong. That goal may change as I get closer to that point.
  • KMcBandit
    KMcBandit Posts: 65
    My weight loss goal is 140 because I have had 5 kid's and saved a pair of pre FIRST pregnancy levi's I want to fit in them again and get back in shape :)
  • pauljsolie
    pauljsolie Posts: 1,024 Member
    I figured it would be good to weigh the same as I was in 6th grade. 165 pounds.
  • Meggie_pooh
    Meggie_pooh Posts: 316 Member
    My target weight is 160lbs. I chose that because it is the healthy weight for my height ( 6'0" ) and my age ( 37 ). If, when I reach it, I feel like I need to lose more, I will keep on going, but no less than 150 lbs :bigsmile:
  • Kelly_Wilson1990
    Kelly_Wilson1990 Posts: 3,245 Member
    Mine is 165, which my goal weight before having a tummy tuck after my weight loss of 188 pounds. The tummy tuck will take off about 20 more pounds making my weight about 145.
  • LeelaLosing
    LeelaLosing Posts: 237 Member
    I'm not sure yet, but my first goal is 125 (i'm 5'0.25"), which would be the top end of my weight range and then i'll decide from there, i'm going to start seriously working on my body fat percentage when i lose another 10 lbs....then i'll be about 10 lbs from this goal.
  • helloiloveukitty
    helloiloveukitty Posts: 448 Member
    Mine is 135, I've never weighed that in my adult life but I'm 5'7.5" and have a smallish to medium frame. I don't consider 135 tiny at all, I'd still like to have curves and not look hardbodied. Going for the Kim Kardashian look. So 135 sounds reasonable to me, as long as its under 140 I'll be happy.