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The baby bullet

I know this has nothing to do with me losing weight. I want to start my 4 month old off right. I was researching baby food makers and came across The Baby Bullet I like everything about it but don't know if I can afford the machine. Has any mom ever used it? Did you like it/hate it? And is it worth $100? Is there something else I can do that will be cheaper. I want to make healthy food for my baby (4 months) and toddler (17 months). Any other ideas?


  • lcoreo5
    lcoreo5 Posts: 216 Member
    food processor? i havent heard of the baby bullet
  • BranMuffin21
    BranMuffin21 Posts: 157 Member
    Any chopper will do thw same. You can get a single shot and just store in containers. They just have fancy container and fun sizes but you can get simular style ziploc for storing
  • allycaturban
    hi I also have the baby bullet. My little guy is just 5 months old. We have not started using it. However, from the advice I have been given, it seems that you can save yourself the money and just buy a little food processor. Also, I heard that the food does not freeze well so you don't really need all those little containers. You can probably accomplish the same thing by spending alot less money with a simple little food processor at walmart or something. I would check that our before you spend the money. I wish I would have....
  • nicothepotato
    nicothepotato Posts: 306 Member
    My friend had this neat baby food grinder. She could grind up whatever food she wanted where ever she was. I just looked them up and they run around $20. Otherwise, I would just use a food processor or a blender. You don't need an expensive contraption for just one thing.
  • AZChatterB
    AZChatterB Posts: 248 Member
    I don't know specifically about the Baby Bullet, but I bought into the hype and bought the Bullet. It's okay, but I'm glad I got it for less than $40 (at a Macy's sale). The blades are not at all sharp. I actually use my Oster blender to crush ice and then put the crushed ice into the Bullet to mix a drink or what-not. I like the convenience of the individual glasses/cups, especially not having to use the blender for single servings, but it's really not worth the money. I think there are other bullet-type items on the market, again not sure about the Baby Bullet clones.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!
  • Meggie_pooh
    Meggie_pooh Posts: 316 Member
    the baby bullet is the exact same thing as the magic bullet which is made by the same company and is $40 at any Walmart! Go with the Magic Bullet, cuz then u can make super yummy smoothies for urself as well (like I do with mine) and save urself a bunch of $$$ :bigsmile:
  • Tzavush
    Tzavush Posts: 389 Member
    I use a $15 electric chopper and put the food into the generic store brand ziplock type hard containers.
    It does the same job and didn't cost a fortune.
  • AdAstra47
    AdAstra47 Posts: 823 Member
    Any time they add "baby" to the title it's just an excuse to jack up the price and use parental guilt as part of their marketing strategy. Just get a regular food processor, it'll work just as well & be a lot cheaper. For my younger siblings, I remember my mother just using an old metal hand-cranked food grinder; whatever she served to the older kids, she'd just grind up a bit for the baby too.

    Kudos on wanting to start them out right!
  • DawnA7230
    DawnA7230 Posts: 9 Member
    I just used my blender. It works fine. I made large batches of things, put the blended food into an ice cube tray and covered it with plastic wrap until it was frozen. Once the food cubes were frozen I moved them to a freezer bag. One cube is about one serving, depending on your child's appetite of course.

    If you don't have a blender or food processor, just get the regular Magic Bullet, it's much cheaper and will do the job.
  • Kekibird
    Kekibird Posts: 1,122 Member
    Ice trays and a food processor. Did the same for my son with just those two things.
  • Camarasaurus145
    I made all my son's food using a food processor, and it worked perfect. I used a cookbook (I looked on amazon, couldn't find the one I used, but there are PLENTY out there) that was meant for the whole family. So you can make a family meal that is baby friendly. Just take some of the meal, put it in the food processor, then I used small tupperwares (small, round circular ones) to store it in the freezer. Most recipes are good for 3 months in the freezer. But there is no sense in buying some fangled-fancy device. A food processor works perfecto!
  • maryd523
    maryd523 Posts: 661 Member
    Get a food processor at a garage sale. I got a great one last summer for $2. I use it all the time and love it. It's all 70's but works so great and I like vintage stuff. I see a ton of new ones all the time at garage sales.
  • jmom1984
    jmom1984 Posts: 5
    I just used my blender/food processor. For some things I used the regular blender pitcher and for others I used the food processor attachment that mine has. I put it in ice cube trays to freeze, then moved them to freezer ziploc bags that I labeled with the food type and date. Younger babies can start with one cube at a time, then as your baby grows and you have introduced individual foods, you can mix a cube of this and a cube of that for combos. Making you own is so fun. You wil save sooooo much money and your baby can have foods that you just don't find in jars, like avocado. I used jars for the diaper bag some days on the go, just for the convenience, but my baby preferred the homemade stuff! Rather than me explaining the whole process, I'll direct you to the site I used, it is very helpful.

    Good for you for considering this! Now if I can convince you to start cloth diapering... :)
  • redheadmommy
    redheadmommy Posts: 908 Member
    Some of my mommy frineds had it and loved it. I am a big cheapo and used a $10 kitchen handmixer to puree food for my baby. It had the job done, so it was fine for me. Honestly I barely ever use any other kitchen appliances anyway. I make everything with that thing. Small , cheap, always handy , no huge bowl and parts to wash.
    I just bought 3 sets of baby cubes, which was like$5 each and that was it. I did buy store bough food time to time, but I made my own baby food at least 80% of the time , and my son was refused to eat anything non-pureed until he was 16-17 months, so I pureed a LOT.
  • psyco75
    psyco75 Posts: 3
    or u could do what we do BLW baby led weaning but i would suggest not until 6 months do a search on it basically the baby eats what you eat .. worked great for us *my lil man is 8 months now*
  • Kayleesueann
    Kayleesueann Posts: 8 Member
    Hey I have the baby bullet and LOVE it! I make tons at a time and freeze it and it freezes perfect. I'm sure you can use any blender or processor though. I got mine as a gift!