tall girls...do they exist?



  • suddenbeth
    Just over 6 ft here. Glad to see someone else comment that it requires more weight loss to drop sizes, etc.

    Exactly why I wanted to find others.
  • All4Tris
    All4Tris Posts: 215 Member
    5'9" :)
  • donna_do_good
    I'm 5ft 10- currently 145lbs but i don't carry my weight v well. I'm all hips and tummy so am going to keep going until I'm happy. Always welcome friend requests, esp from my timeframe (UK)
  • jenjersnapco
    jenjersnapco Posts: 206 Member
    I am 5'9" and wish I were taller! It feels like I carry my length all in my torso and have short, stumpy legs. To be 5'9" with stumpy legs is tragic. ;-). Feel free to add me.
  • heytherestephy
    heytherestephy Posts: 356 Member
    I'm 6'0"! feel free to add me :)
  • CrystalDreams
    CrystalDreams Posts: 418 Member
    I am only 5' 8" =/ I have always wanted to be 6 feet lol. I have a stumpy torso lol
  • OhLibra
    OhLibra Posts: 221 Member
    I'm 5'9.5" - I always say I'm 5'10".
  • worldhurdler
    worldhurdler Posts: 153 Member
    Hi! I'm 6'0" and currently 162lbs (down from HW of 214lbs).
    I'm pretty happy where I am; focusing on weights and maybe getting down to around 155lbs.
    It'd also be nice to have a size 8 the largest size I wear (currently an 8/10).
    If anyone wants to be friends, just send me a message!
  • demitraknows
    demitraknows Posts: 82 Member
    I am 5'11 with thighs that are so hard to trim down. I'm not giving up though :)
  • fit4lifeUcan2
    fit4lifeUcan2 Posts: 1,458 Member
    I'm 5'11". You can add me as a friend if you like.
  • bleacheblonde
    I'm 5'11", which is why even at 230 lbs. I don't feel like I look THAT bad....but I certainly don't look that good either, lol. Thus why I'm here.
  • Kekibird
    Kekibird Posts: 1,122 Member
    I'm 5'9" although I feel pretty average due to my family all being tall, both the women and the men.
  • mminor77
    mminor77 Posts: 313
    5'10" Feel free to add me!!
  • Torill_D
    Torill_D Posts: 13
    I am 170 cm. (5'7)
    That's tall for where I grew up in the north since most the girls in my home town is around 160 cm (5'3).
    So I always felt like the tall, big elephant in the crowd.
    Then I moved down south and suddenly I was normal, even a bit shorter than some. :-)

    I started working out and eating better this year after ten years of lazy life.
    Planning to loose 25 kg. (55 lbs)
    Lost 12 kg so far. (26.5 lbs)
  • MizzouChick1985
    Add me too!!!! I'm 6'1 and would love some equally tall friends!!!!
  • Meggie_pooh
    Meggie_pooh Posts: 316 Member
    I was 6'1" last year, but have now shrunk down to 5'11"......Hello Pre-Menopause, MUST u take my height??? LOL But I have been at least 6' since high school (20+ years ago) so it's OK with me to shrink a bit :0)
  • pati76
    pati76 Posts: 1
    I am 5'11 and love my height especially because we can hide a bit our weight problem.....
  • Jkelly1221
    Jkelly1221 Posts: 91 Member
    I am 5'9". My starting weight was 224 lbs, currently I am at 168! I am shooting for about 145!
  • PoisonDartFrog
    PoisonDartFrog Posts: 220 Member
    I'm 5'8' also, and never considered myself short before today.
  • ellebish
    ellebish Posts: 50 Member
    Hey Ladies - I am 5'9 and would LOVE some more friends that are the same height with similiar goals. Makes it easy to relate to struggles, ect!!

    Please feel free to add me :wink: