Want to go coffee free, but not sure what to replace it with

Most mornings I am so tired and I feel the need to have some coffee. But coffee is horrible on my stomach, I wake up often with stomach aches. I've been finding that on the mornings I don't get a stomach ache that the previous day I did not drink coffee. I love coffee and the pick me up it gives me in the morning....so, what are some ways to stay off coffee but still get that pick up in the morning?


  • Brannock8
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    For about 95% of the time I've switched to Green Tea, and I throw Ginger syrup in there. It's worked pretty well and is way better on my stomach.
  • Tereztaylor07
    Strong hot tea? I don't really know though, I would hate to have to give my half a pot a day!
  • McKayMachina
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    I love the berry-flavored 5-hour energy. Seriously amazing.
  • melissa_leah
    tea with caffiene if your stomach can do that..?
  • EmilyAnn89
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    i alternate between coffee and green tea in the mornings
  • JenOman
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    I gave up all caffeine about 8 months ago. It SUCKED big time in the beginning (like 3 weeks) but then I felt better and didn't feel the need for a pick-me-up in the morning, unless I skipped breakfast (which I rarely do).

    So you could try that.

    OR maybe add more milk to your coffee, that should cut the acidity.
  • themommie
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    I drink chai tea instead, or I add about 1/4 of the cup or more skim milk this seems to help
  • jagh09
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    More sleep? :-)

    I find that tea with caffeine gives me just enough boost, and is much gentler on my stomach. And when I'm looking to taper off my caffeine addiction, tea is a good step down for me. Then I go to decaf or herbal tea, just because I like a hot drink in the morning.

    Other things that helped my get-up-and go in the mornings is taking a B Complex vitamin. My Gyn recommended it for my time of the month symptoms and stress. And my goodness, I notice a difference! When I take that at bed time I almost always wake up with a bit more pep in my step. I take sublingual drops.
  • SergeantSunshine_reused
    Strong hot tea? I don't really know though, I would hate to have to give my half a pot a day!

    you and me both! I find it hard to limit to 1 pot actually. Love the plain black sludge xD
  • czechsmate
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    For about 95% of the time I've switched to Green Tea, and I throw Ginger syrup in there. It's worked pretty well and is way better on my stomach.

    I have been considering ditching coffee and switching to green tea....where do you find ginger syrup, it sounds tasty!
  • rmartin72
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    I'm having the same problem and wanting to stop drinking coffee and tea, I'm drinking a lot of water about 167 oz .
  • Justjoshin
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    I quit Coffee cold turkey and switched to water.

    100+ ounces of water a day.
  • kristilovescake
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    I'm trying to go coffee free too, but it's a slow change.

    Black tea is great for the initial change since it has more caffeine than green tea, and then switching to green tea since it's healthier.

    Also, drink TONS of water and pop a B-complex in the afternoon and it helps with energy levels throughout the day.
  • dieselveins
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    Water the only way to go.. its proven the more water you drink the less tired you are in the morning
  • Meggie_pooh
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    I drink 1/2 caff coffee and sometimes tea when it's cold out...but mostly water all day. Have to stop drinking by 8pm tho or I am running to the bathroom ALL NITE LONG!!!
  • autumnridge
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    I'm a tea lover. I like black, green, chai. General Foods makes a sugar free chai mix. One cup of tea in the morning and I'm good to go! Also, I have bought Folger's 1/2 Caff coffee for my husband. He says it tastes better than caffeine free and isn't as hard on his stomach.
  • tammylwv
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    There is a product called Teechino...it is acid free and caffeine free. You can pick it up on their website or in a whole foods type store. It is very good. A friend of mine made some for me once and I like it. They have all sorts of flavors. I think the kind she made was the Vanilla Nut.
  • twilight5567
    Green tea worked for me when I gave up coffee, there's actually a good bit of caffeine in green tea....it's also helpful with weightloss.
  • cakemunch
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    I don't have a problem with coffee but I regularly replace it with matcha... It has got loads of claimed health benefits including helping weight loss. I'm not sure how much I believe all the claims but I find it gives me energy like coffee does.
  • michelegrayson
    I worked with a nutritionist a few years back and she suggested that my first drink of the day should be gentle like warm water or decaf green tea to gently get the system started. I've been following this and it really works. Later in the morning I have my cup of coffee and sometimes if I'm sluggish, some green tea with cafeine (I like Tazo's Ginger Green tea).

    Hope this helps get you started!