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  • Get a Polar. They have lots of models so pick one with the functions you need.
  • I did 6.26 miles on the treadmill after work today. It felt pretty easy, for a change.
  • 2515 + 9 = 2524
  • Good morning! I got in 5.8 miles this morning!
  • I'm not signed up for anything until the Columbia Triathlon in May, but I'm thinking of doing a marathon or maybe a half marathon in March. I was training for the Big Sur marathon last year when I got a stress fracture, so I'm trying to take it easy. I was running 5 times a week, 35 miles a week at this point last year,…
  • Hello everyone. I ran 6.7 miles this morning on my treadmill. I had a stress fracture in February and I'm still a little nervous running too much on pavement.
  • Off today so I biked on the trainer for 1 hour 20 minutes instead. I'll run again tomorrow, I think.....
  • Did 17.8 miles on the bike trainer this morning after making the stuffing that I'll bring to my dad's house later today.
  • 6.3 miles on the treadmill.
  • I did 5.25 miles today on my treadmill.
  • 4.5 miles this morning.
  • Respect the distance but don't let it intimidate you.
  • There are a lot of triathlon training programs out there and what you will do depends on the course and what your personal goals are. I've done triathlons for 4 years now, from sprint to half-Ironman, and every training program that I have used has come from this website: www.beginnertriathlete.com Click on "programs" at…
  • Bob and I did 17.2 miles. It got to about 52 degrees and I was fine while we were moving but every time we stopped to decide which way to go next, I got cold. I'm hoping and I can continue to get outside once a week until Christmas. We shall see.....
  • I was supposed to run a 10K with my brother today but we woke up to wet and wind; plus it was COLD. So, I did a 10K on my treadmill instead.
  • It's a new week and I was going to bail on my ride today but then I talked to my 72-year-old riding partner who is planning on driving across the Bay Bridge just to get in a few miles with hills. So, even though it's only about 43 degrees out, he shamed me into it. I love having a biking partner!
  • Chocolate. Definitely chocolate. Although I LOVE dark chocolate, I've given each of these three things up for Lent at various times and chocolate was the easiest.
  • 2008 biking total (from February): 2347 I don't know how many of those are bike trainer miles, but I would say at least 2/3 if not more are outside miles. I did see the article about the 14 year old who did Chesapeake man. I read about him last year, too. Amazing.
  • It calculates the calories you burn based on your age, weight, height and heart rate. Look at different models and get the one with the most features that you will actually use. I recommend Polar. No, I odn't work for them but I've owned two and have been very pleased.
  • Yep: Columbia May 17 Eagleman (in Cambridge) 70.3 in June 14 New York City Triathlon July 26 Perhaps Irongirl in August. My brother had me talked into a full Ironman in August, but he decided not to do it so that's out for me, too.
  • Home. I have a treadmill in the basement so I'll use that or I'll run or bike from home. I have to drive to the pool, though. I try to fit that in on my way to or from work. I don't belong to a gym although having weights would be nice for strength training.
  • Four of us did 19.6 miles on Tuesday. First time since Sept. that I've ridden in some sunlight!
  • The only HRM I've ever used is a Polar. I love it. I used the F11 for 4 years and Polar was very good about fixing it for me but when it got all scratched up, I traded it in. Plus, I do more endurance stuff and really wanted something that would track my miles so I don't spend all of my time on map my run trying to figure…
  • I had a Polar F11 and just upgraded to a RS200. The downside to a Polar is you have to send it in to change the battery but when you are ready for a new one, you can trade in your old one and get a new one for up to 40% off. Also, if you swim, don't press any buttons under water of it won't last as long. You can probably…
  • I take two water bottles with me on long rides. I'll usually fill them with an electrolyte drink: I used to use Powerade but I had too many problems with it so I'm still looking for the perfect mix. Right now I'm using a Luna mix. I also do one gu every 45 to 60 minutes on the bike. For running, I haven't done a long run…
  • I did 20.3 miles on Monday and it was WINDY and Cold. I bought toewarmers to go over my biking shoes so I can get a few more rides in outside. I only biked twice in October and I do miss it.
  • Pet Sematary; the Shining; The Stand. All by Stephen King, of course. Salem's Lot was pretty creepy, too.
  • Congrats, Shore. Glad you did it and did it safely. After my Half-Ironman (which took me 7+ hours), I didn't stop being hungry for a week, so get used to that feeling. Loved the pictures; especially the ones with Accomac County landmarks in them. :happy:
  • Good luck on your century, shorerider.
  • I haven't ridden since Sunday. I'm not sure when I'm getting back on the bike. I'm not doing the Seagull Century on Saturday (although my mom is still going to do it, unless it rains). I need some down time with my husband and my son. So, my training is over until January when I gear up again for next year's triathlon…