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  • Hi Indygirl! It will be great to have you here!
  • Hello, I'm a little late to the game. I would really like to lose 1 pound per week. I have been losing a half pound per week, which is great (movement in the right direction is always great) but I'd really like to step it up. I've been seeing success with my half pound weekly weight loss by being at around 1600 calories…
  • I have been so busy that I have not had time to pop in to chat. I frequently log on my phone and it seems really difficult to do anything on groups that way. I really need to build up my friends list because that is how connecting would work best for me. I will go ahead and friend request each of you in the chat, please…
  • Hello😊 I was on Sparkpeople for years. Glad to have you over here. I have found that I really like all of the extras with tracking nutritional content.
  • Hello😊 I'm also moving over from SP. I have 2 kids as well and was using SP for years. I've utilized MFP before though so I know it's a good site.
  • Aw lured me in. I was gonna go to bed. Gorram it all!
  • Definitely freecycle. Especially if you live in a bigger city. Also craigslist. Check the free section often as well. I love goodwill because you can often get things half price. Target is also surprisingly an awesome place to go. Their clearance section is great and I have in the past found things for super cheap. Lately…
  • I'm 31 and have 2 kids ages 4 and 6. I know all about needing to lose baby weight! Adding you now.
  • Just read the article- that is an insane amount of food! I only ever eat like that on feast days- not every week!
  • I've often tried to stay around 2000 calories on Shabbat. Lately I haven't tracked- especially on Shabbat. I was getting very convicted about doing any form of work. Now that I am really trying to get back on track though I believe that I will pre track Friday morning/afternoon and then reconcile it on sundown Saturday.
  • I've always had problems with my weight. I once got down to a size 14 before I had kids. After kids I got all the way up to a 22/24 and am now a 16/18.
  • Fun! I'll look into it. For something else really good to pass the time try The Strain on FX. Its originally a comic too. TWD will always be my favorite, but this one is really good and a nice way to pass the weeks till TWD. October is right around the corner! Also, one of the non cable channels is going to start playing…
  • They can try, doesn't mean they'll succeed. There is always some business that is upset because another one took their revenue by coming up with a new invention/idea. The video rental places sure hated netflix and redbox, and I remember hearing about blockbuster or something-or-other trying to sue. In the end, netflix and…
  • Thanks everybody! Saved me some time on research that I didn't really care to do. Sounded like BS anyhow. I ended up being hungry right at the 3 hour mark so I ended up eating a snack. Seemed logical to eat after my workout anyhow. It'll probably depend on the day. Oh and fyi not my trainer...I work out at…
  • Stretching would be good during this time. You wouldn't be bringing your heart rate up much but your muscles would still be getting some flexibility. I have asthma, so I understand what you're going through. Been on prednisone and the like for bronichittis a few times. Never really gained much if anything during those 2…
  • I really need to do better, cuz lately I've not been pre-logging...just doing it anyhow during Shabbat. Naughty. Anyhow, I usually allow myself more calories on Shabbat- at least for Sat. Usually about 2000. I'm trying to eat about 1600 a day otherwise. Now, I don't exercise on Shabbat- its definitely a rest day in that…
  • Start the yoga now and then when you see that you are successful at it (I have done yoga even at the high weight of 260 lbs) tell her where to stick it. Although many people are saying to take this article with a grain of salt, I believe that it has helped you see truth in your life. I say call her out on her behavior. If…
  • I remember reading a study that said just the opposite last year...that diet soda proved to do more harm than good, especially in diabetics. That being said, I still have diet soda. I just try to have it in moderation...maybe one two liter per week if that. I'd like to not have it at all and just have regular soda once in…
  • Originally from WI here. Can verify. I am not one of these people, but know plenty of them!
  • I make turkey meatballs too. I always use oatmeal in place of the bread crumbs and it really helps the turkey stay moist. The other thing I use is fresh or dried parsley and red pepper flakes. They've always turned out wonderful.
  • I just started doing this last week. Last week I made homemade yogurt, homemade juice, and homemade granola. I took pre- portioned meals out of the freezer to last me the week, and portioned out some more stuff to go in the freezer. I also made bone broth to freeze and use for making beans or rice. I took the time to plan…
  • That is unbelievable! I would think that most people on here would respect vegetarianism for an ethical reasons, especially since most people on here think that being a vegetarian for health reasons is hokum. Its not like you said, "meat is evil, it will make you die!"
  • Oh and speaking of food prices, I'm sick of the Farm Fresh down the road forcing you to buy all of the items to get the deal. At Food Lion and Kroger you only have to buy one.
  • Organic anything. I really would like to eat organically (I know that is a hot button here...I have my own personal reasons for this though...not a huge belief that everybody should eat organic), but its so expensive.
  • Tons of good advice! I have a 6 year old and a 3 year old who will be 4 in September. I will say that from what I've seen with my kids and my best friend's 2 kids who have went through this stage that 3 is the worst. The good thing is that the closer they get to 4 the more it improves. I guess I feel like some melt downs…
  • Haha. I remember always hearing the phrase, "There is no dumb question." I always thought that phrase was pretty dumb.
  • I like the idea of eating minimally processed foods, but I am in no way a "clean" eater. I've never really researched the diet and didn't know that there were so many different versions of it.
  • I made the switch for SP to MFP in December and have been so happy about it! I still log in to SP every now and again, but I like the community aspect of MFP better. I do like the favorites list on SP better though, this one here on MFP really sucks in my opinion. As for the one person who suggested loseit, I disagree.…