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  • It's a problem for me if I'm not eating enough
  • Hi there! I'm not by any means local, (am in Australia) and I'm just getting back into running after an injury. I've missed it so much!
  • I've been drinking coffee black for a couple of months now, and I can't imagine having it any other way now. I appreciate good coffee on a whole new level ..
  • Not because I was cutting carbs - but because I forgot to buy potatoes, I made a mash from cauliflower and tinned cannelini beans....and it was fabulous!
  • They sound great :-)
  • My morning smoothie has 4 serves of veg, and a whole lot.of flavour: 120 gm spinach or kale, a small lebanese cucumber, cup chopped celery, 1 frozen banana, 1 mandarin, however much water you need to make it work + 30 grams of whatever protein powder you like
  • My breakfast bircher muesli: 5 grain porridge + seeds + nuts + grated apple + fresh ginger + cinnamon + almond milk, all soaked over night, dollop of coconut yoghurt in the morning. So yum
  • I used to be a soy latte person, but as I was drinking 3 a day the Kj added up, so I thought I'd try drinking it black. It took a couple of weeks before I honestly enjoyed it, but now I simply can't imagine it any other way. If you actually like coffee, it's nice to be able to taste it!
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  • Avocado soup : served at room temp. Pop an avocado and milk of your choice (I use unsweetened almond) in the blender, puree until smooth, then add very finely chopped red onion, salt and pepper to taste, serve with some herbs on top. It is a LOT more delicious than it sounds. Sometimes I throw in a dash of cooking sherry…
  • Hey there, also in Australia AND in the same situation as you!
  • I have experienced anxiety for most of my life, until recently I discovered running - a 5 km run every morning and I'm good for the day. It's fabulous and has noticeably changed my outlook
  • I think I'd be so hangry, I'd start eating people if I was restricted to 1200. That's really not very much food
  • Learning to love black coffee! I used to drink 3 soy lattes a day - there's 1500kj right there. I now love black coffee and couldn't imagine drinking it any other way
  • Ha, my mum was a TERRIBLE cook, and her ideas about school lunches, awful. I was about 7 years old, opened my lunch box to find: sandwiches with a filling of sheep brains and mashed pumpkin. This was truly formative...I'm vegan now
  • Hi all, am new to this whole running caper, but really enjoying it- working at increasing my distance, have an 8k planned for first weekend in may. I aim to run 150km in April
  • Green smoothie: banana, 1 Lebanese cucumber, 3 sticks celery 120 grams spinach, ginger, one orange - 4 serves veg, 2 served fruit Snack: pear Lunch: lentil dahl, tomatoes, roast veg - 3 serves veg Dinner: greek salad (2 serves veg), sweet potato wedges (1 serve veg) 10 serves veg, 3 serves fruit for the day
  • Eggs are great, they contain every nutrient except vitamin c. I like them a lot
  • I naturally run on the front of my foot, because that's the way my body runs best. I visited an exercise physiologist to show me how to run (took it up recently at 42) and he said anyone wanting to run and minimize injury should do so in a way that's comfortable for them, change it and you'll probably get hurt
  • I haven't used a weighted vest, but I did use a weighted pack to train for Everest base camp. It worked really well, I got really fit, strong and muscled legs. Do it!
  • I love planks. Ha, but I'm reading a novel where they're using planks as a form of military torture. At the 1:58 mark yesterday I realised how effective that would be!
  • I think it's a good workout if you increase the resistance to make it harder. Trust me, you'll feel it!
  • Have you tried using the eliptical? I'm a recent convert, really enjoy it and very low impact
  • First breakfast (straight after a run): green smoothie of OJ, cucumber, celery, leafy greens, banana, protein powder. 4 serves of veg! Second breakfast (usually about 3 hours later): bircher muesli variation of soaked grains/seeds with fruit, nuts and high protein yoghurt...keeps me going until about 2pm
  • So many great stories here and some really encouraging advice. Social media at it's best :-). I'm 42, I just took up running and I love it too. Just run to enjoy it and reap the benefits - any time is respectable because you're giving it a go
  • My current favourite: 30gm protein powder, cup of OJ, cup of coconut water, 1 small cucumber, 120grams (2 serves) of baby spinach leaves, thinly sliced ginger. Can also add honeydew melon or pineapple...yum
  • Dang I love that stuff! Yep, all of the above uses, mixed with protein powder it makes a good protein peanut icecream
  • Yes, they will shrink, hopefully for you, not as dramatically as mine! They kind deflated really, no other way to describe it. ..
  • Yesterday I ran my first 5k without stopping (then walked 5k home) today I did the same thing and it felt great. Each week I'm going to increase my distance by 10% until I'm running the whole way. I'm surprised at how much fun it is, and how good I feel afterwards
  • Me too. Keeps things interesting and I find I'll stay with it if I mix thing up a bit. It can also be fun to experiment on yourself :-)