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  • I am just starting back and am glad to see your amazing progress!
  • After being inconsistent and losing a lot of fitness during the winter and spring (and gaining back some weight I'd lost), I'm doing two half marathons in September: Revel Big Cottonwood in SLC and Huntsville (Utah). I will find another fun event in October to keep me going!
  • I decided to get on the keto train since I have noticed I'd gained a bunch of the weight I lost earlier in 2018. That, and low carb eating seems to help me mentally. I stepped on the scale this morning and was shocked to see that I have gained about 8 pounds in the past two months! Yikes!
  • I just completed my first full marathon on Saturday. The Ogden Marathon in Utah. It was amazing. I'm going to sign up for another one (Huntsville, also in Utah) in September. I have a 7 mile trail race in July and a half marathon in western NY in August. I'll just focus on overall health and fitness during June. I think. :)
  • I haven't done that many races, but I love the Canyonlands Half Marathon in Moab, Utah. It was my first half. I've done it twice and really want to get back to do it again!
  • For me it depends on my activity level. Right now, I am doing a lot of running and working toward being able to complete a marathon in a month. Since I don't have metabolic issues, I am on the higher end most days lately (around 100g even more occasionally, but never over 150). The lower my activity level, the lower my…
  • Thanks for sharing, @slimbluehen!
  • Kidney stones are THE WORST pain I've ever had. I had a naturopath give me an herbal tincture called "Stone breaker" that worked. By the time I got the MRI my doctor ordered, the stones were broken up and had mostly passed.
  • @madwells1 - he used to drink beer and sometimes it would cause flares and sometimes not. He hadn't been drinking alcohol for a while when this flare started. He thinks it is because I was making too many paleo/low carb meals and it was the fat. But he drinks a ton of fruit juice and eats carb-y snacks (like granola bars…
  • On popcorn! It's more nutty to me than cheesey, but I like it. I also put it on top of lentil soup when I serve it
  • Endurance Planet and Man Bun Run. I also really love the Rich Roll podcast. Not always about sport, but a great pod whatever the guest and topic
  • Yes, that is me! I have been off the primal wagon for a couple of months. When I do cook primal/paleo/low carb meals, I'll usually cook some rice for my husband who feels that as a long-distance cyclist he needs carbs. He just eats a ton of food. So I buy him peanuts (his favorite snack) and other non-primal stuff for him.…
  • I strayed for a couple of months, and feel pretty icky. I am back on track too!
  • I've read a lot about it and have started paying more attention to my heart rate. As I work on getting back into fitness, I will incorporate more MAF training to see how it goes. Have you read Primal Endurance? It is on my to-read list.
  • @wanderinjack that post outlining your lifestyle according to primal blueprint is awesome and helpful for me as I work to get back on track after a month of being lazy, depressed, and having way too many starches, sweets, and junk.
  • I have depression and anxiety, and find the anxiety subsides quite a bit with low carb eating. Fats seem to help me a lot. I do occasional higher-carb days, though, too. Others have suggested upping your carbs. And definitely eat enough calories. If not hungry but feeling anxious, I've eaten a spoonful of coconut oil.
  • I wear the same shoes for treadmill workouts as for outdoor runs. Sometimes I'll wear cross trainers on the treadmill instead of running shoes, usually that's when I'm also going to lift weights.
  • Thanks for sharing your experiences. I am glad to know I'm not the only one who notices a huge difference with this WOE. I used to take meds for depression and anxiety, and always said that exercise made a bigger difference for me than meds. Now I know how big of an impact diet has on my moods as well. Amazing
  • FYI I just got one of the new Osprey hyrdration packs (the Dyna) and wore it with a tank and it was super comfortable. The men's version is called the Duro
  • What the Health touts bad science. Including something about sugar doesn't cause insulin resistance, meat does. Or something to that effect. Jimmy Moore just came out with a podcast (It's the Keto Talk podcast) dissecting the film. Then there's this hilarious video from a doctor in Las Vegas:…
  • OMG, me too. Or crackers like CheezIts. Seriously, if I have something like that, then I'm having them or something similar daily. And also seeking out pasta, bread, and booze. Starchy carbs are an issue for me. As soon as I eat some protein and fat, I'm all good.
  • Thanks for all the responses! I ended up not having the smoothie this morning, I'll have it for midafternoon snack. I had bone broth instead which keeps me full until lunch. @KnitOrMiss I have added coconut oil, and really like the addition, though sometimes it gives me a stomach upset (probably too much at once, lol). I…
  • I love the diet doctor website. I tend to think of "low carb" as anything under 150g carbs. I think the standard american diet is typically twice that! My understanding of keto is that it's anything below 50g carbs (like Jimmy Moore says on his site), but many people do 20g or less. I try to adjust my carb intake based on…
  • Just curious what pack did you get? I've never worn mine with a tank, always have sleeves on whether short or long
  • That's exactly what I did. I have had the mindset all along of just finishing (have my first full marathon in 3 weeks). I just enjoyed the scenery and listened to podcasts. I took walk breaks as needed. It took a really long time (3:40), but I finished and I actually feel pretty good today! My goal for the marathon is to…
  • I have a 30K this weekend and I'm really nervous. I've been sick a lot and have missed a lot of training. I ran 14.6 miles last weekend and it was rough the last couple of miles.
  • Yes, I just tried it recently and it is absolutely delicious!
  • That sounds awesome. I am going to try that
  • I'll try that! I had BPC for the first time this morning. Used unsalted butter, coconut oil and also added vanilla creme liquid stevia. I bet salted butter with caramel flavored stevia would taste really good
  • I'm making chicken wings (never made them before) and guacamole. I'll have celery and endive and carrots for dipping.