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  • I noticed on a different discussion you spoke about the issue prior to weight loss with your mom. Family is a lot harder to choose than friends. If friends talk to you like that, get new friends! This book helped me a lot with what to do about loved ones that sabotage efforts at living positive:…
  • kids didn't expect to be driven anywhere... walk or ride your bike OUTSIDE! was the expected place for children to dwell
  • that would be an opposite effect.. like bi-birthday, every other year?
  • I could not agree more. When I lost my 90lbs, it was all about none of this and lots of that and take this little pill and see the "coach" once a week. Most of the weight is still off, but it was creeping back. Now I am about better choices, eat when I am hungry, track what I eat, saying no when I feel like it, relaxing…
  • keeping up with my long legged friends during walks, without huffing and puffing
  • the problem with fast food is that it is manufactured to be addicting. Just the right taste to make you want more. It is like the country song about whiskey, "One is too many and two is never enough." I am speaking to myself right now, too. I am back on the "stop in for a little ice cream cone" loop. Then I don't have a…
  • Consider also the overall health gain in the loss of even 5% of your body fat. Wear and tear on joints ... the list goes on Clothes are fun, but a plan that you can stick to for the long run will serve you well for the longest period of time... and eventually your clothes will fall off. (no pun intended)
  • I am in wine country in California (North Bay) .. wine and cheese, fresh vegetables and fruits most of the year and a mortgage that is so high, I can't buy very much of it.. lol
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  • Dove squares I can stop at 3
  • My retirement party! June 9th
  • thinking about my new life that starts in July. Also, watching my job dwindle down as others take up bits and pieces. I have time for walks, and I have eaten lunch every single day for like 4 months. World's Greatest Employee becomes Worlds most okay employee, as I slide out the door!!! woo hoo
  • Love the suggestions above. Get things from the store that are easy to put together for lunch and dinner, but good for you. Face it, if you sit down and eat an entire bowl of vegetables, you are still going to consume less calories than one candy bar
  • I switched to champagne
  • I did use something (sorry I can't remember the name) for about a year. It made me a bit unfocused, and caused some stomach discomfort at times. I was under a doctor's care and they checked my blood pressure weekly, and then monthly. I lost about 70 lbs I have gained back 25 I have some still, but decided not to use it. I…
  • leg:keg
  • Chick flick outside or inside
  • yea.. it's not that it will make you fat.. it will clog your arteries and make you dead earlier
  • As a former principal of an American public elementary school, I can tell you that it is very hard to penetrate the culture of cupcakes and doughnuts for birthdays, even HALF birthdays. The few allowed parties were full of cookies to decorate .. cupcakes, candy, even soda! Luckily, the feds outlawed soda, so that was an…
  • yes.. eat more. Look at trends in weight loss. What is the relative low and high weight? Counting is what the diary is for.. and just set the automatic amount. It is a torture test, it is getting healthy in your own skin.
  • the consistency and the bitterness makes me a devil on halo
  • just enjoy the day .. mmm egg salad sounds good though
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  • you must feel so much better! Look at you, out in the wild hiking about!
  • I totally agree that trends matter. As my desk mate used to like to say, "I can crap 2lbs" Look at overall averages and highest/lowest over a longer period of time.
  • Right! I am so stoked. On the other side of it, we had devastating wildfires in October. This is one reason for so many wildflower walks and hikes. There will be some that are rarely seen, except after fire. My beautiful mountains are starting to green up in places, but the scars will be around for awhile. Still, great…
  • Yes, on outside. I am taking every opportunity. I live in wine country CA and we have so many lovely parks and trails here. I start a hiking class this weekend. I was surprised to find all of the outdoor activities, mostly free, but you have to sign up early, near me. Wildflower hikes, bird spotting hikes, kayaks.. all…
  • as a principal at an elementary school, the safety team and I came up with no soda, no cupcakes, no sugary treats for birthdays. It had gotten where everyone had a half birthday .. cupcakes and sodas at least once a week. I was dubbed the Cupcake Nazi, but we stuck by our commitment to nutrition and every grade level…
  • Carrots have crunch, rice cakes have crunch apples those are my favorite crunch snacks
  • I buy "lunchbox" apples and keep them about. I also normally have a small bag of nuts. I love rice cakes for when my nerves are at that.. "God, I want to crunch on something" level.
  • Everyone has a favorite food they rag on. I am not a nutritionist and frankly, not a lot of folks here with advice are a nutritionist. I do limit bananas because they have more sugar than some fruits. I tend to count carbs, and that works for me. I know a lot of people who are just calories in and calories out, and they do…