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  • My mini goal is to have lost a stone by my birthday in July!! The main goal is to write a success story of my own, to motivate somebody else!! 😊
  • I am trying to start over too! I've regained 30lb and I am so cross with myself, I have had a major life change in the last year, and have had no motivation at all, and as I've moved to the other side of the country, all my supportive friends are a …
  • I am in! I am going to try again to lose 30 lbs I lost it once, but the sneaky sod found me again!!!!! 😳 so I could do with a kick up the proverbial! Some accountability might be just what I need!!
  • I did go on to say... I wish you all the best and hope you can find your inner strength to make all the right choices, and remember... you are worth it!!!!
  • Oh I wish I could wave a magic wind and help you, but I have been in exactly the same position I have 3.5lb to get to target, and no matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to get there, in the last two months I have bounced the same 1/2lb on and o…
  • I am with you all the way!! Through Him, all things are possible!!
  • Yea me!!!! The only trouble is, slimming world say eat as much as you want of free food, and MFP wants you to restrict your calories, so there is a danger that you don't eat all you could because you want to restrict your calories, the conflict can…
  • It seems so unfair, where you can be on top of it for a few weeks, and then that little self sabotage devil sneaks in, and once again you can't get to grips with a healthy lifestyle, it's as if it wants to destroy all your good work and effort!! Wel…
  • Hi I am also on slimming world, and tracking on MFP, do you find that they contradict each other? Cos SW says eat free foods, without weighing or measuring, and MFP says that you have to weigh and measure every meal!! Do you get confused?
  • (Quote)
    It sounds like being polite will not work with this one! Sadly he sounds like a non caring bully, I am so sorry, but you do have to be strong here, and put your own health and well being first, he really wants to belittle your effo…
  • I am doing both!! I have been at slimming world for 14 weeks, and decided to log everything on MFP it is working for me!!
  • Fantastic job!! It's great when it all just clicks!!!!
  • My Dad, who is in his mid eighties, even to this day greats me with a hug and "there's plenty there to grab hold of!" And " how much do you weigh now?" The problem being, he has dimentia, so throughout any visit, I am bombarded with the same questio…
  • This is a great quote!! I want to look back at March as a success, and not be an April fool!!!! Thanks for the motivation!!
  • Hi, I'm in Southend on sea, been on this journey for three and a half weeks, I have 2.5 stones to loose, my diary is open to friends, it does help if you get feedback and positive encouragement, please feel free to add me
  • I love my early morning workout, it's me time!! And definitely sets me up for the day, gym Monday Wednesday and Friday, swim Tuesday and Thursday, the swim days are most certainly the easiest days to get up, but I love the feeling of going to work, …
  • My diary is open to friends, the more encouragement the better, it's great to gee one another on!!! Feel free to add me.
  • Do not give up!!!!!! Quitting is not an option, and most definitely won't help your partner!!! He will get inspiration from you, being positive, and sticking with it, you have to tell yourself, that you are doing this for your health, and well bein…
  • Hello, I just found you all, and I am hoping to make ' accountability friends' I'm 54, have 35lbs to lose to get to a healthy happy weight for me, not my " ideal" according to the diet powers that be, I'd look scrawny at that weight!
    Please f…
  • I love this! so very true, we have to find that inner belief, that we can do it, we are worth it, nobody,but nobody can make you do it, without that inner voice of encouragement, it took a long time for me to get there but, thank God, it happened, b…
  • i mostly do cardio, fat burning in the gym three days, and swim a mile two days, I just started to add some weight training about three weeks ago, Do you think that will help?
  • Fantastic!!!! your post is inspiring, Your pic is too! well done, learning to love yourself, and veggies,is a great step to success! you are living proof!!!
  • I have been in exactly the same frame of mind for the last few weeks! i am driving myself nuts, I have lost the plot completely, I don't know if it is to do with the shorter days, but my get up and go definitely got up and went, so if you do get any…
  • Fantastic!!!!! what a great post, well done you,congratulations :drinker: and cheers!!
  • I read your post with a heavy heart it sounds to me as though you Father has kept you under his thumb for too long! It is time to step out and shine honey! You are now at college, and old enough to take responsibility for your own actions, Diet, …
  • It takes courage to admit that you missed it! But as you say the past has no place in your future!! you can change your destiny, and this is the place to do it, where you get honest feedback, and genuine support, We all have days when we just need …
  • I know it is hard to get your head around, but Yes you either have to cut back on exercise a little bit, or increase your calories, so that your Net reading is at 1200 cals. This is because if you are burning far more cals than you are eating your …
  • Just listen to your body You can not run on a deficit, It will do you no good in the long run, try to keep your net calories at 1200, and your body will thank you by shedding the excess. Good luck
  • By the way, I love your cat photo!! I have a pure white cat called Oliver who looks very like yours!!