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  • I walked a full loop walk with my dogs and partner. I haven't gone with them that far in months :)
  • Where is your pain? Probably far too late to answer to this, but that sounds very similar to the level of pain I had with my gallstones (14 years ago). I thought it had to be on my right side, but it does not. Mine was directly in the center at the bottom of my ribs, severe pain that would have me writhing and vomitting.
  • I will intro myself. I am Christa, I live in New Brunswick in Canada and I am 36. I find that doing challenges like these is easier for me than just eating a small amount of sweets and I find it builds confidence in my own abilities. I feel like a month of lower sugar has to be great for my body as well. My biggest…
  • Yes, I don't limit it to candy either. It just gas a nice ring to it. I am glad you are here!
  • Weekly goal for me this week is to do a workout of some sort every single day, either at the gym, or at home.
  • I am in! Starting weight: 257.2 (yesterday) Goal weight: Eventually around 148lbs or lower. Current weight: 254.8 (today) Total weight lost: 2.4lbs (water!) This week's successes: I managed to stop my candy eating from the holidays. I have logged my food for the first time in months. This week's challenges: Getting back…
  • Well I am glad you are able to do that. From my personal experience only, I am not able to do such things. Whenever I give myself permission to "Eat whatever I want" during a special occasion or vacation, I have an extremely difficult time getting back on track after. Often it takes me months to get back on track and by…
  • If you have a lot to lose, be prepared for loose skin. You might not look as good as you had hoped without clothes, but with clothes on you won't be able to tell :)
  • Thank you both. I agree. I need to be more patient. I also subscribe to weighing each day and seeing my weight as a weight range rather than a single number. I think what happened is that I only restarted about 1.5 weeks ago, and in the past my first week has been crazy good, and very motivating to keep going. This time it…
  • I just started over again, and made nearly 40 mini goals, and 128 NSV to hit! Today I hit my goal for "No longer Morbidly Obese!" Which is super great! Next up is to hit my weight from the start of the summer before going on a long work trip where I gained a lot of weight, and then a more important 5% lost goal. Feeling…
  • How to be silly and not take life too seriously.
  • I also want to point out that government regulations for packaged foods allow for a 20% variance from the nutritionals stated. This is done because many foods are a mixture of ingredients and getting the exact same amount of a mixture into every item can be very difficult. So sometimes you could be eating 20% more than…
  • I read an interesting article that said some people are moderators and some people are abstainers. Basically for people who are able to eat moderate amounts of foods they crave, it works best for them NOT to cut out any foods (unless medically necessary) because doing so could lead to binging. In people like me however, we…
  • Great job!!
  • Highest: 260lbs (In 2005) Lowest: 148lbs (In 2006) Current: Not really willing to share that, but not my highest! Height: 5'6.5"
  • OMG YES!!! I am so happy someone else hates ketchup. Like, the smell of it makes me gag. I hate even touching anything that had it on it. I also really don't like many forms of onions, or mustard if it isn't mixed into something.
  • I took this for a short time (not for weight loss) and I did have a bit of issue finding correct words, but the weirdest side effect for me was that I couldn't taste bubbles (carbon dioxide maybe?). Like, I would drink a glass of pop or beer or whatever and even though I could SEE the bubbles, and I just opened it, it…
  • Yes, what they said above. Dietbet is a website/app where you join "bets" and pay money saying you bet you can lose a certain amount in a certain time. 4 week to lose 4% is their kickstarter game, and 6 months to lose 10% is their transformer game. I do from time to time to kickstart me back into doing well if I drift off…
  • I think the answer to this really depends on how close to your goal you are and how much you are looking to lose each week. If you are trying to make a lifestyle change and stay in moderation and aren't looking to drop super quickly, or if you are not having trouble losing, I think it is fine not to log every last little…
  • Agreed with those above. I have lost weight before, and it took about 30lbs or so to lose the first size, then 20lbs, then 15lbs, then about 10lbs each after that.
  • I weigh everyday because when I weigh in each day, I tend to lose weight or maintain. As soon as I start skipping days I start gaining weight because I don't see the impact of my choices or the slow creep upward. I agree with previous posters that it is important to understand that there will be fluctuations. I do think…
  • I wish someone had written back to you because I want to know too!
  • Maybe that is true of some people, but as someone who has gone from morbid obesity down to normal weight (and back up, on my way back down) my body shape actually stayed pretty constant, just smaller. The only difference might have been a slightly more defined waist, but my boobs stayed small for my size, my lower stomach…
  • I appreciate a good dose of the f-word. I tried to add you but there was no option!
  • I am trying to lose as much as possible by Christmas time (so close to the same time frame) because I'm going to see people who won't have seen me since early July at that time! I'm totally good to be in on this with you! (Yesterday I was 216.8, so I'd be going for below 200)
  • The first time I lost weight I felt this exact way. I just kept telling myself that I looked better with clothes on at least. There are some things on the net that suggest getting to a very low body fat % can help tighten skin, but mostly surgery is the route people take, after they have managed to maintain their loss for…
  • I am down some already, but I have about 100lbs left to go! Feel free to add me, but I babble a lot.
  • No. Don't workout to allow your eating. Eat to fuel your workouts. The idea presented flirts with disordered thinking surrounding exercise & food. Better not to even go down that road. [/quote] Yes, I didn't word that very well. I guess what I meant was that I set myself on sedentary, but I'm NOT sedentary, so as I workout…
  • I do what all the nutrition articles say is just "terrible" I don't eat breakfast so I can eat a larger supper. I drink coffee until lunch, eat a normal sized lunch, eat a normal sized supper, and I usually hit between 1250-1400 cal. If you want to eat more, work out more! It is hard to work out enough to make up for a…